Thursday, December 28, 2017

honesty is not always the best policy

..Honesty does not always help.. people who are honest like me have to bear a lot.. you must be thinking why? there are many a times when I'm totally shattered after an honest opinion.... telling people if they are rude..or lying or show them proven facts or even to the extent that I found them cheating with partners. 
I don't know how far we go with this honesty ..but somewhere inside me I feel if I'm not honest to myself I'm cheating myself .. a constant dilemma so whatever the consequences might be , be honest in life and lead a care free life.. 
  I have seen people changing their behaviors , attitudes and lifestyle with money, even with your own relatives .. seeing them grow is good but seeing their attitudes change for no apparent reason is something very obnoxious ... and socially abusive is something hard to understand.. generally I have seen everything gets evvolved left are memories and remnants .. some come out of those worst situations others go deep .. 
  The price I paid is hard to put on words here .. people think its better to stay away from her "ME"as she will rip my ass if she came to know about the truth or the real fact .. and to me ,its like ..who the hell wants to be in that envoirnment  I try to mingle with people ...where you get positive vibes.
.. there might be times when not many people are around you ..but I always think end of the day every one has to show their face to God .. and lying getting into harmful activities is no good.. its ok not to have many friends but few good ones 
  Honesty ,loyalty ,love , kindness and above all gratitude is something we all have in our personalities some use those as qualities others don't .. at times they try to sabotage others image ...
good bad or ugly..nothing changes if its truth .. sooner or later everything shows up crystal clear.
truth is pure .. nothing can change will always remain and exist .. 
people respect those who speak TRUTH .


Renu said...

It happens to all honest peopl, but i still believe that one shouldnt change just beccause others dont value us.Our values ar what we are going to leave as inheritance and good qualities are always good wheter people like you or not.
Dont worry about others, remain true to yourself.

harman singh said...

thanks ,,,,
The fact is I m happy inner conscience doesn't bother me its alright.

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

you said it right... world is becoming messy

How are you doing Harman.. a very happy new year to you and family ...

Bikram's said...

Thanks, Bikram..all good.