Tuesday, February 7, 2017

yet to digest !

Sometimes I think I get to meet all kinds of people...some are really hard to believe.... they have different opinion  when we talk about the modern world ..less work , simplify life ..add meaning to your living..
This American women I met at work shared her personal stuff  and I was astonished ..
A Super mom I would say .. mother to 11 kids :)
I'm like really ?? she was like "I love my house n my kids" ..youngest being nine months and oldest 18 yrs ..
I said you are a super mom .. she was like ,No my mom is a super mom we are 22 siblings...
I was like Wow !!what an effort ;-) she was like..my mom is fit, drives  back and fourth says,you should be fit and active , look at me I raised 22 kids and still going strong and very
happy to visit each one of you.
& you lazy bones ..jus 11 kids and drained out .. I'm like really? I have two and my hands are full. 
she like really just two?
yep ..I'm I not super women ;-) 

me :how do you manage your earnings with 11 kids?
she :its not hard God has made way and food for everybody .. Church helps a lot and most of our stuff even groceries are taken care .. older kids take care of younger one 's 
me :do you work?
she :part time, my husband is a mechanic . 
.. me : you are happy? 
She :yes .. these kids are my world :-)

people who have no Kids or people who have many kids are ones stand out among us. 
I salute these moms who raise 11 kids in today's world and love to share their stories with me .

no I'm not inspired to have more kids ..


Renu said...

I dont think people who have too many children are inspiration to anyone..atleast not to me:)..increasing population indiscriminately is also a disservice in general.

harman singh said...

true !
less but well raised and professionals ..
my Goal ..