Thursday, January 19, 2017

what to eat?

With so many do's and dont's .. there stands a contradiction .,, what's good for health ..are we left with any options ?? lets filter options..
Totally confused ...
Sugar .. bad for health and increases weight .. one gets prone to diabetes
salt ..excess salt or extra salt leads to Blood pressure ..keep salt low it keeps away water retention.
Oil : don't use lot of oil in cooking .. less oil ..or oil-less cooking (the best)
Butter :no no A BIG NO.,, its not good for health .. leads to cholesterol
Veggies : vegetables if cooked right with little crispness is the best .. raw veggies are the best form of vitamins and nutrients ..saute them.. don't let them loose color. (who eats that raw crap?)
 Wheat flour/refined flour : wheat flour has lot of sugar .. so one gets a wheat belly,, so try not eating wheat ..Also said  its not required if we have less of physical activity ..
Rice: white rice is bad .. brown rice is fine but in moderation.
Refined flour :absolutely No its bad for health .
Meat /chicken :less or no meat is best .. one gets healthier and has more active life style..Vegans stands for purity .
Milk : well, milk has cholesterol .. drink 0% fat free milk or try Soya a healthier option.
so no milk too
Yogurt :its good but less intake as its pure cholesterol build up.. though  a good source of calcium.
Cheese : no cheese, its not good for health ..increases weight ..for people with higher cholesterol should be a big NO
Water is good ?  YES its excellent drink (drink water only on water)
tea/coffee: one cup only caffeine not good... for health
These are necessities of life ..GOOD FOOD

Luxuries in food
Ice-cream: no its tasty but lots of sugar cream .. not good try less or a spoon,(why a spoon and crave for more ..dont't eat)
sweets : its like slow poisoning Indian sweets or chocolates ..forget that too

so ..basically this is what  the health journals say all the time ..
jus keep up with mobility ,exercise ..gym  ,, when it comes to food .. eat raw stuff ..
.. a person will die in both ways .. why not jus eat everything but in moderation...
take a plunge , indulge and live life in a healthy way ,exercise ,sleep well  and never crave for good food again !!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Beautiful Eyes

People .. blessed by God or good genes .. with beautiful eyes .. not everyone can get that special look and exterior unless God willing..

rest .. I always believe .. its you fate and destiny with hard work thats important not just looks ..cause nothing works when it gets in competitive world of fashion or work or even academic background ..

sometimes best dont get that opportunity where as an  average swings ahead ..

.. key is hard work and climbing the right wall :)