Friday, February 5, 2016

being punjabi,,

.. Sometimes I feel being an indian and then a punjabi is deadly combination , an action to a reaction ..n then finally there is some melodrama ,,, 
Kids when they grow up and understand the language its always fun to see how they react to an indian phrase n specially punjabi,,,
last night both my boys are jumping around ..and my little one 8 yrs ,, did a somersault from bed and landed on floor out of the blue,,,totally shaken ..n scared I said immediately.. "dimaag ch nuks hai"? (mental disorder).. older one 13 yrs laughed so loudly .. actually banging the floor in his delight,,  like Mom you are a real punjabi instead of being sympathetic that child might get hurt .. .. you are yelling!!I m like ,, what made you do that? sitting quietly n playing .. that was an instant ,, action ,,,!!
after a while I felt .. what made me say that??
I get annoyed by loud music ,running in house .... lots of people .. its not me..
quite n poised and reading books at the most jus some music at times to my ears only..thats more of me .This little kid of mine might be like his dad :P but I looked at my hubby ,, who hardly talks very quite ,, n rarely see him yelling..he is different too .. it must be my little boys age n all that energy .. makes these kids jumping like monkeys..
but I felt what if  I had said same phrase in an Indian crowd it would be definitely funny or somebody would be laughing at me.. embarrassing !!.
reactions are instant as actions
but then ,, we learn from kids .. n can analyze our-self better... 
.. Keeping it to yourself and handling situation very well needs lot of patience,.. which one learns with age .. so..may be I m not in that age..n will learn gradually.
made me happy n guilt free, yo