Wednesday, November 18, 2015


 all we all need to do is PLEAD of God 

..what happened in pairs is yet to be digested ,, what happened in USA is never forgotten ..what happened in India is still bleeding ..what happened in Syria people are still crying  ..
I m really surprised who is breeding all this ??
we cannot say its a religion or community or country..
everyone ..every religion every race has lost their life.. 
its evil minds n thoughts or I can say need for food or money .. its always said .. "please don't breed if you cant feed"
I mean its getting worse day by day ..every now n then you hear a blast hundreds of people killed
fear sits in everyone's heart .. bad to ugly n then ugly to worse .. n nothing can be done .. 
you killed ours we will kill yours .. innocent people are also killed..
many widows , many orphans .. God please .. we need your help .. please .. come n see why demons are more then humans .. we need help !! 
Best creation of God is human .. every religion say that.. did he make us like this? 
what exactly are they fighting for? religion? which religion is supreme ? money? revenge? 
let me jus give you my thought .. its always taught .. best part of humanity is providing a helping hand .. being courteous helping down trodden .... to make your life a blessing. 
Messengers of GOd always taught humanity ..every holy book says same .. ideology is same ..
but that hatred .. that killing is different .. its a nexus made .. made by evil , demons who want to rule the world.. 
people please who can see all this ,, raise your kids very well spend time on them  keep a reality check.. strong nations n humans are built on strong foundations.. 
and also every religion should take up preaching own community their effects n after effects of this evil avoid further damage .. show them what holy book says also post stuff on internet which shows where we are wrong in religion in guidance as per our thoughts its an awareness an enlightenment all share bring some light .. 
every little step will bring success n stop this bloodshed  

.." fresh flowers are like fresh thoughts they bloom bring smile ,happines , and a fresh start to a season." 


Bikram said...

such monstorarity exists in our world.. my prayers for all , lets hope that one day this all will stop for the sake of humanity


Haddock said...

From what I see, there are some vested interests who want to remain in power and also want their arms to be sold so keep stoking the fire so that this keeps smouldering. Then there are some religious fanatics who will fall into the trap.