Wednesday, April 8, 2015

being naked!

Every moment of life we learn..
learning never stops .. 
but some times real life instances make you wonder ..where is the limit?? some people surpass every limit..
I workout everyday an hour in Gym .. ..The women s lockers are like right in front as you enter there are lockers n then powder room n showers n then washrooms..
many a times I see girls removing their tanks an going to gym in sports bra which is very well covered ..and looks decent ,,,I generally see all ages .. starting from 23 yrs to 78 yrs.. in which maximum percentage consists of senior citizens .. 
Friday is busy day at gym no parking n lot is full ..kicks my butt moving from one end to another.
I went inside checked inn its 24/7 and headed straight to locker room as I entered I was numb .. a fully naked women sitting n moisturizing herself .. I was like really? I thought no its not ,, I turned n saw her back again to be sure  ..  .. I wasn't  dizzy .. she was naked .. n ladies inside were jus changing and moving totally ignorant of the fact she is naked. 
I had heard many stories in past too people move naked in locker rooms or in showers at pool vicinity too ..cuz its a culture n there is no hesitation .. but being an Indian its not our culture I was little embarrassed .. cuz it never happened n person like me who gets scared even in dreams if I see myself naked a women so confident ly moving around with no clothes.
..last year during our bridal show I went  back to get the outfit from one of our models I was amazed to see girls getting half naked ,, in changing room ,, I was oh! but seems like its a culture shock for me .. cuz we have grown up in conservative  society .. liberal in thoughts but conservative dressing..
When we see people at this extent then we realize where exactly we which world we are living in and how liberal people are in thoughts,body n mind .. I was not only surprised by her nakedness but also people who were totally ignoring her and moving back n forth ..
Life is full of surprises .. n sometimes we learn .. learn wht??
learn to accept , learn to respect n learn to keep your eyes ahead :) instead of staring ..
.. usually we as Indians stare at each other a lot in western world to make sure its indian or Mexican !

I usually say under my breath if someone stares at me
,its ok fine I m an Indian no doubts now.