Tuesday, March 24, 2015

life moves on...

.. ..its very strange when people say .".O time flies".. or "hey it looks like it jus happened yesterday"
I would say ,, what if time doesn't move ? what if everything comes to standstill ? do you think we make wonders and complete pending work or do something extra-ordinary..
wht if we had 48  hours instead 24 hours ? what if we had an extra Sunday before Monday an 8th day in a week .. life would come to a full circle?
Its strange when you hear something unusual ,..I being a very optimistic person and full of life hate resentments ..would love as it going would like to spice it up though ;) but why say like that O it happened so fast ,, I couldn't register ..I would say ,, Babes it was a splendid moment and you enjoyed ..so it went fast ..if it was hell you would have said ..Common I need to get out of this hell.
.. Like a honeymoon phase enjoy..
one of my friends got married .. the bride and groom never showed any picture to public .. jus a hazy kiss of both .. or may be holding hands .. one can guess whats going on .. but later if this couple says O it went to fast ..  then? I would say guys ..enjoy life its in your hand make it happy and better place to live ..and make others happy too
I went to California for vacation ,,it went smoothly.. I came back n people were like did you like it? did you see the weather ?..even better then India.. so much sunshine,,I m like .. really .. " something back of mind reminded me our CM Badal (punjab) promised Punjab would be like California .. I m like good at least you have raised the bars high..Mr CM .. 
getting back to un-usual .. tag lines .. I don't understand people.. like I wish we had more Christmas holidays .. I m like dude.. "you are in US .. thanks to Santa for this gift .. some countries have none " 

talking of unusual tag lines .. life move still goes on against odds. Sometimes I feel we obstruct  in between God and his plans,, he has made this for a reason.. thou reasons have to be de-coded with time ..like you enjoy DATES ..n at the same time we have BITTER GOURD ,, but we cook  bitter gourd it in such a way it becomes a delicacy .. a sumptuous food
handle the situation ,, everything will taste sweet .. life will be beautiful..

"Never complain  Good fortune  takes a back door 
take life as it comes and strive for best."


Renu said...

Yes thinking of a positive person always goes like this..even I dislike cribbers..

Haddock said...

People would still complain if we had 48 hours instead 24 hours.
Like I say, there are two type of people in this world, some rave and rant and curse and move ahead, others just go about the usual business and take things as it is handed down to them.
Talking of California, they too have their ups and downs.

harman singh said...

so true.. negative people not just spread negative vibes but also also depress others...

harman singh said...

,,yes every place has ups and downs .. all wee need inner satisfaction and peace.
rest nothing matters!

Haddock said...