Thursday, February 12, 2015

AIB Roast

.. this is something beyond my imagination .. a certain platform given to celebrities and they crack jokes breaking all the limits .. not in weirdest dreams can I imagine Deepika padukone laughing n enjoying porn jokes  N not only that even laughing at lewd remarks passed on her ..she is dumb?I doubt ..Alia was the coveted award winner ..
at one place they made a comment that deepika is hooked to Ranvir Singh as she could not get Ranbir ,,for a second there was some embarrassment .. on her face ..
Deepu "when you are in dirt ..some spots will be on your face too "
 ..Karan johar a well known producer director and respected person actually using abusive language n showing filth is his mind though his tongue and then by his actions .. 
I was like really..Karan ?? you parenting was not done right .. some loop holes we can see .. I was toatlly shattered when I saw Karan Johar mother laughing at those jokes enjoying,,,I mean wht wrong here .. some kind of lunatic attack....MORONS
...I was warned by one of friends not to watch this show as its very vulgar ... unexpectedly bad .. a very bad satire ,, only Karan , Arjun and pervert Ranvir can understand ,,,
I still took a chance ..wht language    ..phew!
..all of them should be booked for showing filth of their mind and kept in prison so that it sets an examples to others in line ..
India already is in red with number of rape cases N no security for women  many other things go unattended  ,,,,do we need more stuff ...hard to handle..
then candle light march with white clothes that drama .. !!!
I mean Guys show some decency ,, 
and ladies in audience show some respect ..leave the venue in resentment ,,,show guts!

I had recently given my opinion on this at one of the post in times of india ..jus what I felt ..its had huge applause and likes 
check the link below.

hope people become wiser n there is mutual respect to every gender .. irrespective of color class and creed. Voilence is not-hitting people its also your language ,,, and your identity hides behind that.. it shows up with true colors when you take the filth out ,, 
Respect n be respected,,


Bikram said...

BUNCH of hypocrites ..and this is MERA BHARAT MAHAAN.. what are they telling the world we our celebreties our culture is SUCH.. SHAME ON THESE celebrities ..


harman singh said...

..its indeed very disgusting ...I always felt they are classy n rich people..
they have no class rowdy ..n very vulgar..

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

Even I have written a post on this topic.. if u get time, do read it.. I liked your point of view just that I think prison isnt an option as everyone is allowed to speak their mind in our country even if its dirty and filthy..

Haddock said...

I just saw a glimpse of it, and did like what they had to say.

harman singh said...
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harman singh said...

everybody has their opinion I never liked vulgarity or cheapness even in joke its a bad satire..
and I would never encourage my kids or friends.
that's all.

harman singh said...

Well everybody has their mind.n thoughts ..but it shows how much filth is there ..
I m a person who wud stay away from such people if they are my friends..
Its not prison or behind bars its like parenting ..being a mom I would tell my boys to be appropriate in thoughts and character .. parenting skill ss which we cannot purchased with money or class its genes or environment.. thats all I can say.

Rolling Stone said...

That's what happen when we start to ape west with closed eyes...forgetting our culture and values.
And people who don't like this roast they term them are backward and old school. I find this ridiculous.

harman singh said...

..thanks for visiting my blog ..appreciate your comment.,
.. Its not old school thing as you mentioned ..its like how low you can go .. the parameters ..need to be adjusted
Aping the west// I would like to add here .. keep your culture n traditions intact and try to ape the best from west.. dedication to work, respect to humanity ,discipline at work , cleanliness , bribe -free and better reward programme ... we always get attracted to worst ,, ignore the best.