Wednesday, November 18, 2015


 all we all need to do is PLEAD of God 

..what happened in pairs is yet to be digested ,, what happened in USA is never forgotten ..what happened in India is still bleeding ..what happened in Syria people are still crying  ..
I m really surprised who is breeding all this ??
we cannot say its a religion or community or country..
everyone ..every religion every race has lost their life.. 
its evil minds n thoughts or I can say need for food or money .. its always said .. "please don't breed if you cant feed"
I mean its getting worse day by day ..every now n then you hear a blast hundreds of people killed
fear sits in everyone's heart .. bad to ugly n then ugly to worse .. n nothing can be done .. 
you killed ours we will kill yours .. innocent people are also killed..
many widows , many orphans .. God please .. we need your help .. please .. come n see why demons are more then humans .. we need help !! 
Best creation of God is human .. every religion say that.. did he make us like this? 
what exactly are they fighting for? religion? which religion is supreme ? money? revenge? 
let me jus give you my thought .. its always taught .. best part of humanity is providing a helping hand .. being courteous helping down trodden .... to make your life a blessing. 
Messengers of GOd always taught humanity ..every holy book says same .. ideology is same ..
but that hatred .. that killing is different .. its a nexus made .. made by evil , demons who want to rule the world.. 
people please who can see all this ,, raise your kids very well spend time on them  keep a reality check.. strong nations n humans are built on strong foundations.. 
and also every religion should take up preaching own community their effects n after effects of this evil avoid further damage .. show them what holy book says also post stuff on internet which shows where we are wrong in religion in guidance as per our thoughts its an awareness an enlightenment all share bring some light .. 
every little step will bring success n stop this bloodshed  

.." fresh flowers are like fresh thoughts they bloom bring smile ,happines , and a fresh start to a season." 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

being naked!

Every moment of life we learn..
learning never stops .. 
but some times real life instances make you wonder ..where is the limit?? some people surpass every limit..
I workout everyday an hour in Gym .. ..The women s lockers are like right in front as you enter there are lockers n then powder room n showers n then washrooms..
many a times I see girls removing their tanks an going to gym in sports bra which is very well covered ..and looks decent ,,,I generally see all ages .. starting from 23 yrs to 78 yrs.. in which maximum percentage consists of senior citizens .. 
Friday is busy day at gym no parking n lot is full ..kicks my butt moving from one end to another.
I went inside checked inn its 24/7 and headed straight to locker room as I entered I was numb .. a fully naked women sitting n moisturizing herself .. I was like really? I thought no its not ,, I turned n saw her back again to be sure  ..  .. I wasn't  dizzy .. she was naked .. n ladies inside were jus changing and moving totally ignorant of the fact she is naked. 
I had heard many stories in past too people move naked in locker rooms or in showers at pool vicinity too ..cuz its a culture n there is no hesitation .. but being an Indian its not our culture I was little embarrassed .. cuz it never happened n person like me who gets scared even in dreams if I see myself naked a women so confident ly moving around with no clothes.
..last year during our bridal show I went  back to get the outfit from one of our models I was amazed to see girls getting half naked ,, in changing room ,, I was oh! but seems like its a culture shock for me .. cuz we have grown up in conservative  society .. liberal in thoughts but conservative dressing..
When we see people at this extent then we realize where exactly we which world we are living in and how liberal people are in thoughts,body n mind .. I was not only surprised by her nakedness but also people who were totally ignoring her and moving back n forth ..
Life is full of surprises .. n sometimes we learn .. learn wht??
learn to accept , learn to respect n learn to keep your eyes ahead :) instead of staring ..
.. usually we as Indians stare at each other a lot in western world to make sure its indian or Mexican !

I usually say under my breath if someone stares at me
,its ok fine I m an Indian no doubts now.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

life moves on...

.. ..its very strange when people say .".O time flies".. or "hey it looks like it jus happened yesterday"
I would say ,, what if time doesn't move ? what if everything comes to standstill ? do you think we make wonders and complete pending work or do something extra-ordinary..
wht if we had 48  hours instead 24 hours ? what if we had an extra Sunday before Monday an 8th day in a week .. life would come to a full circle?
Its strange when you hear something unusual ,..I being a very optimistic person and full of life hate resentments ..would love as it going would like to spice it up though ;) but why say like that O it happened so fast ,, I couldn't register ..I would say ,, Babes it was a splendid moment and you enjoyed it went fast ..if it was hell you would have said ..Common I need to get out of this hell.
.. Like a honeymoon phase enjoy..
one of my friends got married .. the bride and groom never showed any picture to public .. jus a hazy kiss of both .. or may be holding hands .. one can guess whats going on .. but later if this couple says O it went to fast ..  then? I would say guys ..enjoy life its in your hand make it happy and better place to live ..and make others happy too
I went to California for vacation ,,it went smoothly.. I came back n people were like did you like it? did you see the weather ?..even better then India.. so much sunshine,,I m like .. really .. " something back of mind reminded me our CM Badal (punjab) promised Punjab would be like California .. I m like good at least you have raised the bars high..Mr CM .. 
getting back to un-usual .. tag lines .. I don't understand people.. like I wish we had more Christmas holidays .. I m like dude.. "you are in US .. thanks to Santa for this gift .. some countries have none " 

talking of unusual tag lines .. life move still goes on against odds. Sometimes I feel we obstruct  in between God and his plans,, he has made this for a reason.. thou reasons have to be de-coded with time you enjoy DATES ..n at the same time we have BITTER GOURD ,, but we cook  bitter gourd it in such a way it becomes a delicacy .. a sumptuous food
handle the situation ,, everything will taste sweet .. life will be beautiful..

"Never complain  Good fortune  takes a back door 
take life as it comes and strive for best."

Friday, February 27, 2015

hamaare thoughts

 ..some of my personal thoughts .. which I have penned down with pictures..
every step of life learn, you see different situations and react.. you fall wiggle .. then you kick back  life.. with same zest and energy ..
..past few weeks I have been observing lots of these kinds of situations ..and sometimes God surprises me with what it had in store for me..
all well that ends well I guess!
..hope you like my personal thoughts.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

AIB Roast

.. this is something beyond my imagination .. a certain platform given to celebrities and they crack jokes breaking all the limits .. not in weirdest dreams can I imagine Deepika padukone laughing n enjoying porn jokes  N not only that even laughing at lewd remarks passed on her ..she is dumb?I doubt ..Alia was the coveted award winner ..
at one place they made a comment that deepika is hooked to Ranvir Singh as she could not get Ranbir ,,for a second there was some embarrassment .. on her face ..
Deepu "when you are in dirt ..some spots will be on your face too "
 ..Karan johar a well known producer director and respected person actually using abusive language n showing filth is his mind though his tongue and then by his actions .. 
I was like really..Karan ?? you parenting was not done right .. some loop holes we can see .. I was toatlly shattered when I saw Karan Johar mother laughing at those jokes enjoying,,,I mean wht wrong here .. some kind of lunatic attack....MORONS
...I was warned by one of friends not to watch this show as its very vulgar ... unexpectedly bad .. a very bad satire ,, only Karan , Arjun and pervert Ranvir can understand ,,,
I still took a chance ..wht language    ..phew!
..all of them should be booked for showing filth of their mind and kept in prison so that it sets an examples to others in line ..
India already is in red with number of rape cases N no security for women  many other things go unattended  ,,,,do we need more stuff ...hard to handle..
then candle light march with white clothes that drama .. !!!
I mean Guys show some decency ,, 
and ladies in audience show some respect ..leave the venue in resentment ,,,show guts!

I had recently given my opinion on this at one of the post in times of india ..jus what I felt ..its had huge applause and likes 
check the link below.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

.. happy new yr to all my friends .. God bless you all ..
happiness and prosperity and well being of everyone .. no messing up on blogs and social networking .. keeping self esteem high .. respect and get respect in return ..
love you all