Saturday, November 29, 2014


..Ever since I came to US I m in love with this plant .. the leaves itself are like cluster of flowers ..they speak for them self .. such vibrant beautiful colors hard to take your eyes off .. I was in Grocery store other day I felt like ..are they artificial? touching and getting a feel of texture ..the sparkles spread on them makes them even more prettier .. no doubt they stand for Christmas celebrations and invite everyone towards themselves.
Unaware of this plant.... to me its an Exotic one.. but rare ,pleasure to my eyes. Any color you pick its u unique..
My favorite one is RED ../burgundy but pumpkin orange is something I love too.
Purple was one I fell my eyes on and thought look at the richness .. seems like color pallet in front of me ..I touched the leaves again ,, the girl at grocery store looked at me and smiled .. "may I help you"
I said "oh no no I m jus trying to select the color .. thanks "
Am I paranoid ..what the heck am I doin.. looks awful.. quietly picked up the flowers I liked and went to ring them up.. 
Poinsettias have been always my favorite.. 
check my fav Poins 

Grocery store

flower shop


Renu said...

What lovely color flowers!

Rahul Bhatia said...

That was a riot of colors:) Beautiful indeed!

Haddock said...

They do look colourful and appealing.