Saturday, November 1, 2014

Michigan fall..paradise on earth..

..Every morning I praise the creator..I drive down the street the whole street seems to be welcoming me like with open arms .. I like to embrace each and every tree ..see the colors .. check the texture .. is it real?
how come there are two shades of color in one tree .. like half in one color half in another same hues but 3D effect..
My mom was with me .. mesmerized by the beauty .. and was simply amazed as she had never seen in India all her life even at hill stations n best of tourist spots wht picturesque it is .. ...  My own house among the trees and in different blend of colors looked very illuminating with first ray of SUNlight .. 
Fascinated by the charm I took pictures ..showing couple of them..

my back yard

my Deck at back yard

//we are all over the place //


dr.antony said...

Lucky you ! awesome pics
How colorful life can be!

harman singh said...

thanks DOC truely blessed by nature! :)