Wednesday, November 5, 2014

black and white

... I never understood the black and white logic..

Recently .. a picture posted by one of the relatives where Guy in white hair n beard and women in jet black..I thought of daughter and father but was very soon corrected by my mom as husband and wife..
I m like really??
where guy going so cool and girl looks HoT!!
well no answers ..personal choice I guess..
Then on other day JUHI chawla posted her pictures with hubby ,,,I thought some UNCLE then re-collected oh its Jai her husband.. But gurl why do you want to be Chick and  he should be a monk ..
No match  .. I am confused ..
.. We marry we respect why not age together .. gracefully..

I was very young that time may be 15 yrs  ..someone came to meet my DAD .. and looked perfect with his dyed hair , smile and beaming confidence and then I saw an old lady at the back slowly walking ..I said "uncle your mom also came?" I went outside to greet the old lady ..
This uncle was so embarrassed I heard him saying several times to dad that he has to stop dyeing or his wife should start coloring there should be no confusion .. I m like why say here it should have been done earlier..
After he went Dad called me and asked ..why are you so blunt ..?? I was like I said wht I felt .. and sorry for behavior in future would ask you its wife or mother ? before making a comment.. ;-)

.. so Guys and Gals if you have greys showing up move with confidence ..and tell your partner the same .. if one doesn't agree other should start dyeing .,, so that you look like a couple and not like father and daughter.


have a Good one keep smiling !!


Ankita said...

hahahah! This happened once with me too. I took a man for a woman's father but thankfully the confusion was cleared before I could make a comment or ask that innocent but nasty question :P

Juhi Chawla looks very young compared to her hubby and so does Sridevi but we must not forget a thing- these Bollywood heroines are heavily botoxed and well maintained too compared to their biz men husbands who work day and night!!

Uma said...

This black and white thing is new to me too.. your posts are always interesting.

Renu said...

sometimes it becomes really embarrassing...but then I think it should be individual's choice how to we need to conform how others think about us?

harman singh said...

lol . good you asked before commenting.. not like me..I learnt a lesson hard way though..

harman singh said...

thanks,, :)

harman singh said...

hi renu ..
its fine we should never judge BUT then how to overcome a confusion ??
how do we know?? if that couple is new to us...

Bikram said...

I am grey now .. and what is surprise is it seems they all came within a month.. I am a old man now


harman singh said...

Greys show sign of maturity .. respect .. Age gracefully should be age appropriate.. and a couple should look similar .. bicky.. hope you are doin well :)

Haddock said...

Reminds me of an incident that happened long back in Victoria Garden (Bombay) where my uncle met his friend there and saw a lady behind and asked point blank "is this your mother?" . . . . . . It was his wife.
What an embarrassment for all.

harman singh said...

thats wht I meant to say confusions !! age should not mislead people specially in couples !