Saturday, November 29, 2014


..Ever since I came to US I m in love with this plant .. the leaves itself are like cluster of flowers ..they speak for them self .. such vibrant beautiful colors hard to take your eyes off .. I was in Grocery store other day I felt like ..are they artificial? touching and getting a feel of texture ..the sparkles spread on them makes them even more prettier .. no doubt they stand for Christmas celebrations and invite everyone towards themselves.
Unaware of this plant.... to me its an Exotic one.. but rare ,pleasure to my eyes. Any color you pick its u unique..
My favorite one is RED ../burgundy but pumpkin orange is something I love too.
Purple was one I fell my eyes on and thought look at the richness .. seems like color pallet in front of me ..I touched the leaves again ,, the girl at grocery store looked at me and smiled .. "may I help you"
I said "oh no no I m jus trying to select the color .. thanks "
Am I paranoid ..what the heck am I doin.. looks awful.. quietly picked up the flowers I liked and went to ring them up.. 
Poinsettias have been always my favorite.. 
check my fav Poins 

Grocery store

flower shop

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

my backyard.

Happy thankgiving to all..
God bless everyone with happiness tranquility and perseverance..
thanks to the almighty who gave us everything for day to day to living and brought us to this beautiful world .. lets hope and pray together for well-being of everyone and peace in this world ..

Sunday, November 23, 2014

..Snow n slush .. back to winters

Beautiful fall season and now its White as snow ..heading towards Christmas ..
Mother nature at its best ,, its matter of time

Friday, November 21, 2014


....this yr snow started before thanksgiving .. its not good ..Super duper cold n guess what snow before fall season is finally over ,, God has his own nature plan..But plzz think about Black friday sales .. hows it possible in this chill .. anywys ..where there is will there is away ..:)
my wish list ..
A goose down jacket
.. A very very sexy pair  of  BOOTS 
A beautiful suede leggings in TAN color
..last and not the least ..A red gigantic RUBY ring :)

..I m bundled up every morning day starts at 5 am .. hit the road at 6:30 but before that  wear my boots , hat , gloves , scarf , leg warmer , jacket ..then looking at the mirror I feel I m all set to go for war..
Living in Michigan is like living in north pole ..its scary , dark and very very Cold.. my winter blues started this yr soon ..pray to babaji (my lord) this yr should not be like last yr 2013 where we were stuck in our houses life disrupted .. schools closed .. once in a while its ok but repetition make its worse.. its scary!!
..I have given a kick start to winters this yr by supporting it with my pink cap.,.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

black and white

... I never understood the black and white logic..

Recently .. a picture posted by one of the relatives where Guy in white hair n beard and women in jet black..I thought of daughter and father but was very soon corrected by my mom as husband and wife..
I m like really??
where guy going so cool and girl looks HoT!!
well no answers ..personal choice I guess..
Then on other day JUHI chawla posted her pictures with hubby ,,,I thought some UNCLE then re-collected oh its Jai her husband.. But gurl why do you want to be Chick and  he should be a monk ..
No match  .. I am confused ..
.. We marry we respect why not age together .. gracefully..

I was very young that time may be 15 yrs  ..someone came to meet my DAD .. and looked perfect with his dyed hair , smile and beaming confidence and then I saw an old lady at the back slowly walking ..I said "uncle your mom also came?" I went outside to greet the old lady ..
This uncle was so embarrassed I heard him saying several times to dad that he has to stop dyeing or his wife should start coloring there should be no confusion .. I m like why say here it should have been done earlier..
After he went Dad called me and asked ..why are you so blunt ..?? I was like I said wht I felt .. and sorry for behavior in future would ask you its wife or mother ? before making a comment.. ;-)

.. so Guys and Gals if you have greys showing up move with confidence ..and tell your partner the same .. if one doesn't agree other should start dyeing .,, so that you look like a couple and not like father and daughter.


have a Good one keep smiling !!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Michigan fall..paradise on earth..

..Every morning I praise the creator..I drive down the street the whole street seems to be welcoming me like with open arms .. I like to embrace each and every tree ..see the colors .. check the texture .. is it real?
how come there are two shades of color in one tree .. like half in one color half in another same hues but 3D effect..
My mom was with me .. mesmerized by the beauty .. and was simply amazed as she had never seen in India all her life even at hill stations n best of tourist spots wht picturesque it is .. ...  My own house among the trees and in different blend of colors looked very illuminating with first ray of SUNlight .. 
Fascinated by the charm I took pictures ..showing couple of them..

my back yard

my Deck at back yard

//we are all over the place //