Friday, October 31, 2014

.. Destined...

.Destiny plays an .. important role..we meet for a reason ..we greet for a reason and sometimes we become best buddies .. so this acquaintance is actually destined ,, n we come to know later .. I sometimes feel .. where did I see this person n then recollect OH! it resembles the person I know..
.. its decided whom to marry whom to love and where to keep friendship... like a scripted story .. no matter how hard we try but its destined .. 
I met a lady in a party .. jus exchanged smiles .. later came to know she is one of the friends relative I knew she landed to my work place ordered some outfits ..chatted with me we became friends ,, and now we talk on regular basis ,, its strange dots are connected... 
..I knew a guy through someone (only by name)he sent a proposal to my house
I dint know its him  cuz never saw..he knew couple of my friends but dint see me .. jus bits n pieces of information ..we met things worked ..we got married .. and together forever .. 

I knew this person from FB (facebook) he was in one of my friends list .. he sent me request I accepted .. we talked he was kind genuine person an artist by profession ..its been 5 good yrs still best buddies ..

.. Now about the bad or negative vibes we get from other person.. its instant it clicks and you want to avoid the person .. you try hard .. still meet but ignore .. .. Destined to meet  ..its sounds funny.. 
so.. in the end choice is yours ..good bad or ugly ..decision made from heart.. I say God you are GREAT.!!

Goerge Clooney and his lovely wife (marriages made in heaven celebrated on earth)

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