Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gender biased..

Its been a while ..I haven't written anything...Busy as always hope all my friends are doin good..
Everyday we hear new stuff ,, new issues showing up.. I kinds feel people are biased .. when it comes to genders.. we are one who make barriers n we are the one who want them apart now
I always felt and strongly feel women MUST n MUST  compete in every field .. there have been place where it was a challenge and still women have did unexpectedly. Well ..
BUT hold on to your horses ..I sometimes feel we when talk only women n women somewhere we are biased ,, situations vary and circumstances makes a difference..
We all know when a female is born as a first child .. parent s n in-laws wish "OH Boy" where are you!!..But a pretense is there like .. "we are happy very happy"..
well some genuine people might be there .. no hard feelings please..
But then its said ."its a ritual girls get married n leave parents .. we give them birth but they have to go and stay with  husband  forever "
..I would like to correct here for those who carry this kinda feeling .. when a boy gets married or even before marriage would say he already belongs to his wife .. after marriage if things don't work with with parents they live separate ..independent ... so a couple stays independently

so parents of boy are alone .. too
now girls parents are alone too
so where is the difference?
I mean unnecessary every time you see its written "betiyaan paraya dhan"
after all these betiyaa are also one of those who make boys fall in same category..

... I being a mom of two boys .. strongly feel .. boys n girls have same right .. why do we expect so much?? I mean respect to parents is a feeling by itself not forced upon .. it should be mutual .. son or daughter .. none is bound by ritual .. its society n our old school thinking makes it worse.

I came to US .. several years back .. stayed with in-laws as things worked pretty well and still its working.. my mom migrated to Canada she lives half an hour away .. I feel I get best of both the world my parents and in-laws both .. I am not parayadhan( someone's property)

We judge our kids by society not by our values.. make them strong ..if relationships work keep yourself n others happy otherwise RESPECT stands first in both ways mutually.
Girls have never been someone else property . they are humans too .. same as boys ..
don't pass jugements PLZzz
we are towards 21 century!

.. its a lovely poem though biased again!


Dear Papa....

"Beti" bankar ayi hu ma-baap ke jivan me,

basera hoga kal mera kisi aur ke aangan me,

kyu ye reet "RAB" ne banai hogi,...

"kehte" hai aaj nahi to kal tu "parai" hogi,

"Dekhe" janam "paal-poskar" jisne hame bada kiya,

aur "waqt" aya to unhi hatho ne hame "vida" kia,

"Tut" ke bikhar jati he humari "zindagi" wahi,

par phir bhi us "bandhan" me pyar mile "zaruri" to nahi,

kyu "rishta" humara itna "Ajib" hota hai,

kya bas yahi "betiyo" ka "Nasib" hota he??

"Papa" Says"...
Bahut "chanchal" bahut
"Khushnuma" si hoti hai "BETIYA".

"Nazuk" sa "dil" rakhti hai "Masoom" si hoti hai "BETIYA".

"Baat" baat par roti hai
"Nadan" si hoti hai "BETIYA".

"Rehmat" se "bharpoor"
"Khuda" ki "Nemat" hai "BETIYA".

"Ghar" mehak uthta hai
Jab "muskrati" hai "BETIYA".

"Ajeeb" si "Taklif" hoti hai
Jab "dusre" ghar jati hai "BETIYA".

"Ghar" lagta hai suna suna "Kitna" rula ke "jati" hai "BETIYA"

"Khushi" ki "jhalak"
"Babul" ki "ladli" hoti hai "BETIYA"

Ye "Hum" nahi "kehte"

Yeh toh "RAB " kehta hai. . .Ke Jab main bahut khush hota hu toh "janam" leti hai


Bikram said...

HEY HO .. look who is here .. and a great post to start

actually i think we are hypocrite people basically we do things that suit us :) you are right if WE want and as our nation beleives in all those goddesses then how can someone talk about ladies like that ..

hence i said we are hypocrites ..

good to see you bak write more

Haddock said...

Things are changing, but at a very slow pace, in fact only a few people are changing, but the ones who have their head on their shoulders are living a happy life. Unfortunately I find that there are many ladies (mothers and mother in laws) who think on the lines of "paraya dhan"