Tuesday, January 28, 2014

weather update from US

..Sitting here at work on my  chair and looking out WHT the f***..so cold -45 f..
schools closed ..wind-chill, slush  you name it..Its there..
I came to work like driving on banana peel .. seems like I m going to hit somebody. Snow drives me crazy..and worst when its like haunted town ..
last week it was like north pole ..this week wind chill warning ..I would like to ask God
" O God ..what mistake we made as to you have shown these days.??
so much snow and temp dropping to -45 f is insane "

I was always a sunshine person.. infact dad called me my sunshine.. but see where I landed inn.. like a Nancy Drew in an haunted house ..where none seen only snow n snow ..I mean tons of snow..
life gets disrupted and with so much stuff on you need to have good strength

..cap ,gloves , ear muffs , jacket , snow boot .. its like counting on everything before moving out..
Cleaning cars in the morning driving me NUTS n guy on gas station filled washer fluid which doesn't work in cold..hazy windshield..
GAWD ..hope this period is over PERIOD


Jack said...


Visiting after a long long time and feel frozen looking at these pictures. While I was reading your post I got message that our son who has moved to Canada was calling on Skype. We spoke to him, d i l and granddaughter for a while and they showed snowed area outside the house. I read previous 2 posts also. I am with you on Devayani episode. Her father seems to be playing it up. That child really showed emotions.

Take care

Haddock said...

I know how it feels with all odds stacked against you when the temp is so low.
All these pictures remind me of the book Silas Marner by George Elliot.

B. said...

Where are you ........................

remember me ...


harman singh said...

thanks jack .. we got rid of the snow.. came out of hibernation ..yayyyy!! :)

harman singh said...

;) for sure..

harman singh said...

bicky.. how can I forget .. ..I do remember our old time buddy..
I will c ya shortly..
its jus work schedule drives me nuts,, I have no energy left to write .. so.. I will respond .. in fact bounce back.. :)