Saturday, January 25, 2014

Devyani Khobragade ..indian diplomat

..Devyani khobragade.. we are all very well aware of this name and identity... "those who don't know google it"
The indian diplomat who was been held for visa fraud and making false  statements..
its was on trial with a final verdict .. Devyani was sent back to India ..
Found guilty
But I m surprised how people of india supported devyani for wrong deed..
jus because she is indian doesn't mean she is fair.. why the hell we support frauds and corruption when our country has already gone to DOGS.. if there is something left its due to bunch of good and honest people ..
rapes, corruption , theft it and its there.. to eradicate the evil we need to balance .. charity starts at home ..
We are all same made by God .. there was no caste system .. no servants , no maids ..its jus dire need of money people indulge in petty in US we do all the work cleaning to mopping.. laundry to cooking .. if cannot do it we leave it for weekends but has to be done by us.. Maids from india on Visa and then treated like a slave .. WHY??
if Devyani was really super human and very kind .... As assumed by our people
maid and her husband


as supporters are doin why would a maid complain?? if she was nice..why would she come out.. oh HELLO .. its our mindset back home we serve food maids in the end ..with left overs make them sit on floor.. ,, and then if they fall Sick we would like to kick them rather heal the wounds .. as most of the people are so used to their own comfort they don't like to be taken out from comfort zone.. Stepping out of india means NO MAIDS for sure ..if you are such a lazy lump.. get a lady hired on daily basis and she will do same thing pay hefty sum ..But never ever play with LAWS here in US..
My kids went to day day care we paid a hefty sum every month.. why? we know its a law ..who else will help ...
people who make money should have heart to spend.. making money in US dollars and spending in Indian rupees ..its only our own good and honest so called Devyani can do!!
such a shame she has brought to India!!


Renu said...

All the diplomates take certain liberties with law either it its americans in India or Indians in America...I think it should be stopped of the land should be supreme...

harman singh said...

yes Renu I agree of land should be supreme !! india or anywhere...!!

Haddock said...

Yes, just because she is Indian doesn't mean she is fair or we have to support all Indians outside India. This is a phenomenon that I have been observing for some time (be it Srilanka, or Uganda or USA)