Saturday, December 20, 2014

Swaach bharat VS swaach mentality

:( with so many rapes in India and men prowling at women we need to keep our thoughts clean rather then literally cleaning India .. we need to keep fear of law ,hard laws ,  capital punishments on Rape cases..
Don't not dare to touch otherwise the consequences can be brutal should be a clear  message
I mean whats wrong in india..
Delhi seems to be hitting the crime list .. broad daylight women raped .. ludhiana a minor raped and burnt .. where has humanity gone? so much filth in mind ,you can come to know from eve-teasing  this was 10 yrs back I m talking But now the scene is different goons are everywhere..
Uber case has again shocked the whole country .. no security for women.. we judge a women by clothes can we judge a rapist from his looks? I mean its horrifying .. devastating..  shame on country ..
couple of yrs back I had written a blog on this how in india things are getting bad as my aunt from New York was bruised by a chain snatcher..she never expected landing in emergency instead of going to her house .. and to this somebody really got offended and said India is the SAFEST place on earth as compared to US ..well I had nothing to debate or say cause I m an India first and US citizen later ..
The number of rape cases reported in US are much more and taken care as compared to India..many cases are not reported in india and some criminals are actually let free on bribe.. thats the saddest part..

Swaach bharat can come later right now the need is fear of law .. swaach mentality and that cannot be done in a day .. we need to raise our kids where there is respect for gender not only females  but males too .. this is a long process but FEAR of law and hard laws is one way to keep this at bay ..if found guilty the consequences should prove fatal.. 
I literally get very disturbed every morning reading news about women getting raped or burnt ..I mean after the brave heart case r..its been two yrs ..what did we do ?? wht strong steps are taken? 
poor females are harassed ,teased , stared .. even molested in broad day light .. the rotak story is not old where gurls had to take care of them self in bus and passenger were audience body had guts to help girls.
India seems to be a place where Sex seems to be suppressed  .. I mean why guys are so desperate?
there are lot of brothels you can get a favor .. ..why not get your frustration out .. 
Born and lived in india for almost twenty year and seen most of india I have myself gone through many embarrassing cases as kid ..where I had seen men flashing and I had to turn my face other cases where someone try to touch in bus I had escaped ..then seen men staring "which is very very common"  passing lewd remarks even to the extent torching the bust in crowed places but always escaped ..where can one go to report? wht proof we can give? we have to be safe .. thats what always my mom said at home try to be with people don't wear skimpy clothes try to be at home on time .. and be smart traveller dont sit or get empty bus .. 
my experiences taught me so much by the time I reached university and studying in Hostel at punjab university Chandigarh india.. kept myself safe and distance for guys .. 

Getting married and coming to USA ..i was always covered mentality was no shorts no skirts..jus tees and jeans or Capri but with time I learnt its safe and we are part of community nobody can dare as laws are very hard ..
I have been shopping on thanks giving till 2 am coming home at 4 am .. me and my sister but its safe 
police is around every corner .. security is on high alert for public india I had seen this kind of security given to politicians only .. which is very sad.

I make a trip to water park every year in summer ..wearing my swimming suit and swimming all day .. moving around the pool area .. but feeling safe .. no body staring or passing remarks .. 
I see beautiful bodies well toned but no stares .. that's the beauty when we have SWAACH MENTALITY
Hot pool in water park is one place where everyone shares a small plce white or brown skin skimpy clothes .. but no one stares or rapes happen .. check the pic below ..I had spend hours in this place.

.. apart from this at beach ..we see people wearing swim suits and taking sun bath .. if we check the dress in that case there should be more rape cases on beach but its not mentality is clean ..
I would cut short and conclude .. try raising a clean healthy mind whether girls or boys but good Swaach (clean ) mentality .. so future of india is clean and safe .. it will take time but we can do that ..
With Modi as PM of india hope we have clean government and hard laws implemented 
its clean un-corrupted people to rule and its a better place to live.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


..Ever since I came to US I m in love with this plant .. the leaves itself are like cluster of flowers ..they speak for them self .. such vibrant beautiful colors hard to take your eyes off .. I was in Grocery store other day I felt like ..are they artificial? touching and getting a feel of texture ..the sparkles spread on them makes them even more prettier .. no doubt they stand for Christmas celebrations and invite everyone towards themselves.
Unaware of this plant.... to me its an Exotic one.. but rare ,pleasure to my eyes. Any color you pick its u unique..
My favorite one is RED ../burgundy but pumpkin orange is something I love too.
Purple was one I fell my eyes on and thought look at the richness .. seems like color pallet in front of me ..I touched the leaves again ,, the girl at grocery store looked at me and smiled .. "may I help you"
I said "oh no no I m jus trying to select the color .. thanks "
Am I paranoid ..what the heck am I doin.. looks awful.. quietly picked up the flowers I liked and went to ring them up.. 
Poinsettias have been always my favorite.. 
check my fav Poins 

Grocery store

flower shop

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

my backyard.

Happy thankgiving to all..
God bless everyone with happiness tranquility and perseverance..
thanks to the almighty who gave us everything for day to day to living and brought us to this beautiful world .. lets hope and pray together for well-being of everyone and peace in this world ..

Sunday, November 23, 2014

..Snow n slush .. back to winters

Beautiful fall season and now its White as snow ..heading towards Christmas ..
Mother nature at its best ,, its matter of time

Friday, November 21, 2014


....this yr snow started before thanksgiving .. its not good ..Super duper cold n guess what snow before fall season is finally over ,, God has his own nature plan..But plzz think about Black friday sales .. hows it possible in this chill .. anywys ..where there is will there is away ..:)
my wish list ..
A goose down jacket
.. A very very sexy pair  of  BOOTS 
A beautiful suede leggings in TAN color
..last and not the least ..A red gigantic RUBY ring :)

..I m bundled up every morning day starts at 5 am .. hit the road at 6:30 but before that  wear my boots , hat , gloves , scarf , leg warmer , jacket ..then looking at the mirror I feel I m all set to go for war..
Living in Michigan is like living in north pole ..its scary , dark and very very Cold.. my winter blues started this yr soon ..pray to babaji (my lord) this yr should not be like last yr 2013 where we were stuck in our houses life disrupted .. schools closed .. once in a while its ok but repetition make its worse.. its scary!!
..I have given a kick start to winters this yr by supporting it with my pink cap.,.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

black and white

... I never understood the black and white logic..

Recently .. a picture posted by one of the relatives where Guy in white hair n beard and women in jet black..I thought of daughter and father but was very soon corrected by my mom as husband and wife..
I m like really??
where guy going so cool and girl looks HoT!!
well no answers ..personal choice I guess..
Then on other day JUHI chawla posted her pictures with hubby ,,,I thought some UNCLE then re-collected oh its Jai her husband.. But gurl why do you want to be Chick and  he should be a monk ..
No match  .. I am confused ..
.. We marry we respect why not age together .. gracefully..

I was very young that time may be 15 yrs  ..someone came to meet my DAD .. and looked perfect with his dyed hair , smile and beaming confidence and then I saw an old lady at the back slowly walking ..I said "uncle your mom also came?" I went outside to greet the old lady ..
This uncle was so embarrassed I heard him saying several times to dad that he has to stop dyeing or his wife should start coloring there should be no confusion .. I m like why say here it should have been done earlier..
After he went Dad called me and asked ..why are you so blunt ..?? I was like I said wht I felt .. and sorry for behavior in future would ask you its wife or mother ? before making a comment.. ;-)

.. so Guys and Gals if you have greys showing up move with confidence ..and tell your partner the same .. if one doesn't agree other should start dyeing .,, so that you look like a couple and not like father and daughter.


have a Good one keep smiling !!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Michigan fall..paradise on earth..

..Every morning I praise the creator..I drive down the street the whole street seems to be welcoming me like with open arms .. I like to embrace each and every tree ..see the colors .. check the texture .. is it real?
how come there are two shades of color in one tree .. like half in one color half in another same hues but 3D effect..
My mom was with me .. mesmerized by the beauty .. and was simply amazed as she had never seen in India all her life even at hill stations n best of tourist spots wht picturesque it is .. ...  My own house among the trees and in different blend of colors looked very illuminating with first ray of SUNlight .. 
Fascinated by the charm I took pictures ..showing couple of them..

my back yard

my Deck at back yard

//we are all over the place //

Friday, October 31, 2014

.. Destined...

.Destiny plays an .. important role..we meet for a reason ..we greet for a reason and sometimes we become best buddies .. so this acquaintance is actually destined ,, n we come to know later .. I sometimes feel .. where did I see this person n then recollect OH! it resembles the person I know..
.. its decided whom to marry whom to love and where to keep friendship... like a scripted story .. no matter how hard we try but its destined .. 
I met a lady in a party .. jus exchanged smiles .. later came to know she is one of the friends relative I knew she landed to my work place ordered some outfits ..chatted with me we became friends ,, and now we talk on regular basis ,, its strange dots are connected... 
..I knew a guy through someone (only by name)he sent a proposal to my house
I dint know its him  cuz never saw..he knew couple of my friends but dint see me .. jus bits n pieces of information ..we met things worked ..we got married .. and together forever .. 

I knew this person from FB (facebook) he was in one of my friends list .. he sent me request I accepted .. we talked he was kind genuine person an artist by profession ..its been 5 good yrs still best buddies ..

.. Now about the bad or negative vibes we get from other person.. its instant it clicks and you want to avoid the person .. you try hard .. still meet but ignore .. .. Destined to meet  ..its sounds funny.. 
so.. in the end choice is yours ..good bad or ugly ..decision made from heart.. I say God you are GREAT.!!

Goerge Clooney and his lovely wife (marriages made in heaven celebrated on earth)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gender biased..

Its been a while ..I haven't written anything...Busy as always hope all my friends are doin good..
Everyday we hear new stuff ,, new issues showing up.. I kinds feel people are biased .. when it comes to genders.. we are one who make barriers n we are the one who want them apart now
I always felt and strongly feel women MUST n MUST  compete in every field .. there have been place where it was a challenge and still women have did unexpectedly. Well ..
BUT hold on to your horses ..I sometimes feel we when talk only women n women somewhere we are biased ,, situations vary and circumstances makes a difference..
We all know when a female is born as a first child .. parent s n in-laws wish "OH Boy" where are you!!..But a pretense is there like .. "we are happy very happy"..
well some genuine people might be there .. no hard feelings please..
But then its said ."its a ritual girls get married n leave parents .. we give them birth but they have to go and stay with  husband  forever "
..I would like to correct here for those who carry this kinda feeling .. when a boy gets married or even before marriage would say he already belongs to his wife .. after marriage if things don't work with with parents they live separate ..independent ... so a couple stays independently

so parents of boy are alone .. too
now girls parents are alone too
so where is the difference?
I mean unnecessary every time you see its written "betiyaan paraya dhan"
after all these betiyaa are also one of those who make boys fall in same category..

... I being a mom of two boys .. strongly feel .. boys n girls have same right .. why do we expect so much?? I mean respect to parents is a feeling by itself not forced upon .. it should be mutual .. son or daughter .. none is bound by ritual .. its society n our old school thinking makes it worse.

I came to US .. several years back .. stayed with in-laws as things worked pretty well and still its working.. my mom migrated to Canada she lives half an hour away .. I feel I get best of both the world my parents and in-laws both .. I am not parayadhan( someone's property)

We judge our kids by society not by our values.. make them strong ..if relationships work keep yourself n others happy otherwise RESPECT stands first in both ways mutually.
Girls have never been someone else property . they are humans too .. same as boys ..
don't pass jugements PLZzz
we are towards 21 century!

.. its a lovely poem though biased again!


Dear Papa....

"Beti" bankar ayi hu ma-baap ke jivan me,

basera hoga kal mera kisi aur ke aangan me,

kyu ye reet "RAB" ne banai hogi,...

"kehte" hai aaj nahi to kal tu "parai" hogi,

"Dekhe" janam "paal-poskar" jisne hame bada kiya,

aur "waqt" aya to unhi hatho ne hame "vida" kia,

"Tut" ke bikhar jati he humari "zindagi" wahi,

par phir bhi us "bandhan" me pyar mile "zaruri" to nahi,

kyu "rishta" humara itna "Ajib" hota hai,

kya bas yahi "betiyo" ka "Nasib" hota he??

"Papa" Says"...
Bahut "chanchal" bahut
"Khushnuma" si hoti hai "BETIYA".

"Nazuk" sa "dil" rakhti hai "Masoom" si hoti hai "BETIYA".

"Baat" baat par roti hai
"Nadan" si hoti hai "BETIYA".

"Rehmat" se "bharpoor"
"Khuda" ki "Nemat" hai "BETIYA".

"Ghar" mehak uthta hai
Jab "muskrati" hai "BETIYA".

"Ajeeb" si "Taklif" hoti hai
Jab "dusre" ghar jati hai "BETIYA".

"Ghar" lagta hai suna suna "Kitna" rula ke "jati" hai "BETIYA"

"Khushi" ki "jhalak"
"Babul" ki "ladli" hoti hai "BETIYA"

Ye "Hum" nahi "kehte"

Yeh toh "RAB " kehta hai. . .Ke Jab main bahut khush hota hu toh "janam" leti hai

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

weather update from US

..Sitting here at work on my  chair and looking out WHT the f*** cold -45 f..
schools closed ..wind-chill, slush  you name it..Its there..
I came to work like driving on banana peel .. seems like I m going to hit somebody. Snow drives me crazy..and worst when its like haunted town ..
last week it was like north pole ..this week wind chill warning ..I would like to ask God
" O God ..what mistake we made as to you have shown these days.??
so much snow and temp dropping to -45 f is insane "

I was always a sunshine person.. infact dad called me my sunshine.. but see where I landed inn.. like a Nancy Drew in an haunted house ..where none seen only snow n snow ..I mean tons of snow..
life gets disrupted and with so much stuff on you need to have good strength

..cap ,gloves , ear muffs , jacket , snow boot .. its like counting on everything before moving out..
Cleaning cars in the morning driving me NUTS n guy on gas station filled washer fluid which doesn't work in cold..hazy windshield..
GAWD ..hope this period is over PERIOD