Friday, September 13, 2013

The final verdict ..

..Its a great NEWS ..our brave heart got justice ..the final verdict ..
I was kinda rejoiced to hear a very clear cut judgment.
..Nothing absolutely nothing should pitfall ..its time to make them realize DARE NOT ..the consequences can be fatal..
The Fiasco is no more ..the Capital punishment has made aware that public and only public can rule ..
Never underestimate power of common man..
I felt bad when I heard there was a lawyer in defense .. for what?
saving these beasts ?? their parents should be Ashamed for this Act they should never appeal .. as a matter of fact it should be a set example for other parents ..disown the kid ..if they stoop that low..
As for juvenile I would say there is no age bar for crime specially if its a rape ..
He should also be thrown in same others
thank you MY LORD  to bring justice for our brave heart !!

Truth n only truth will prevail in the END

I eagerly await this date.

"offer an help when in need don't turn your back, you might be the next one  asking for same help very soon"