Sunday, August 25, 2013

Delhi to mumbai .. it dint stop!!

.. it very disgusting to hear another Gang rape in Mumbai .. seems like people are sexed up in India..
...HEY ..Guys go to sex workers ..they will do you a favor.. ( those dirty filthy places)
 rather then harassing the Gurlz in public broad day light..its cheap ..its bad..
The respect seem to be lost where female is looked upon as a sex object in India .. another point that comes to my mind is there is no fear of law in criminals mind.. where the cops seems to be on heavy doze of sleeping pill and gets up only when there is emergency or alarms ringing. The politicians have their own share by asking heavy amount of mullahs to get rid of whole thing and set culprits free ..
...The Nirbhaya case in Delhi is still in our minds how the girl was tortured and this came in as News that there is another one..
I would make a request to Indian govt  please hand over these criminals.. five of them to public in front of parliament house on set date and instead of capital punishment jus let people rip them publically so that no one ever dare to do this again ..
We don't need fast track courts , funds , or committees ..its jus one shot decision.. cuz people in india the general public should come up with strength  over the ruling party to join hands .. as it can happen to anyone..

its HALL OF SHAME .. where every other person is talking about world
  .. For India I wont hesitate say it runs on politics or bribe ..nothing really happens...NOTHING.
what if this happens to any celebrity , or politician .. then??..
that day is not far when it will happen in our home. With our own daughters or sisters..
its a wake -up call ..
its shouldn't be days , weeks or months .. for decision should be instant once culprits are caught we don't need many witnesses when victim is alive.. jus need to cut the organs which seem to be over active..