Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dressing up sensibly..

I met shina  again .. after a year almost ..I couldn't recognize her ..she looked different ..Gained weight some scars on her body ..
Shina is one of our clients.23 yrs old...I had been seeing her off and on ..but lately she disappeared clue..
Shina is a white blonde I knew from some time, ..I always wanted to tell her to dress appropriately as I always saw her in skimpy outfits and plunging necklines .. But couldn't say as this was something very personal I felt ..
I might sound weird here but when a female has big boobs she should be conscious rather then flaunting ..I Being an Asian American and hailing from India we were always taught to dress up in respectful way..its not just us but to for others too to have respect for us..
Talking about shin looking at her I asked her "hey long time no see..whts up??'
Shina looking at me said "herman you know I was trapped by bikers.. but luckily saved" I was like ...wht???..
Here goes the story
(as said by her)
Shina was driving on the freeway ..  on her little car.. saw couple of bikers behind her .. the chase followed when they started hooting at her ..this happened for couple of minutes left ..right n center.. They were trying to confuse her ..and not knowing wht to do she dialed 911 looking at the bikers gang ..but before cops could come inn the car hit the concrete wall on the side and she fell down .. she was bleeding profusely .. ..the cops came inn by then when she was on the road .. and took her to the hospital ..laying there for months with scars and bumps .. fracture in leg .. she could barely move..paid a heavy price .. no job no money!!
She said I was saved at the nick of the time..thankful to God
..when you move in the crowd be a part of it .. nothing should give  false alarms to people for which you have to pay a heavy price..
Dressing is for our self .. less or more clothes BUT APPROPRIATE ..that should be the key ..
bra tops like kim kardashian.. with skimpy shorts will give wrong signals to people .. may be not the first time might enjoy attention.. but then in the long run it might put you in trouble ..
Dress appropriately ..dress respectfully..

better b Safe then Sorry

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Renu said...

Today the mantra is if you have it then show it..and the consequences are all there to see, whether people realise it or not..