Thursday, June 6, 2013

God Bless!!

God Bless these people!!
..All the creatures are made by God .. and God somewhere helps every human for his or her own actions,,
Good ,bad or Ugly ..
behavior is made to differentiate among others.

I m surprised when I see people reacting for small little reasons and making a big fuss .. they just at times over react ..
I was at a musical concert in school where my six year old was participating ... A blonde fuming with anger moving here and there as she dint get sufficient place to click pictures...Murmuring to herself" People Are Rude " ..I looked at her .. jus trying to question...wht about you??
c'mon share the space ..every kid is important to their parents ...

... At the Jury Duty in Court ...I was surprised when a lady Fuming with anger went to reception and said" Hey .. Am I on dieting that I am made to sit here for so long ..why don't you let me know about my turn??"in a quite place ..her words were like sharp arrows going across the hall!!

.. An elderly lady in her late sixties .. in a Holy place like Gurudwara .. when asked to move ahead as it was very uncomfortable for others ..very coldly said" why??I m not go wherever you want Huh!!"I wondered at this women compassion...even at this age ..??

... There may be many incidents like these on social behavior ... where people loose temper but don't forget when you behave like this publicly it doesn't affect others much but whole lot of audience rips your personality at once .. it shows up the REAL you ..
it might not effect you at that time but somewhere in future it gets worse...that temperament needs to be controlled..

... I remember Dad saying once
"its jus a matter of few seconds or may be minutes where you need to control before showing your attitude or temperament .. its resolves the whole issue by itself"


Renu said...

If we just believed in it space, time or money, life could be a bliss..

Rahul Bhatia said...

So true Harman, acting with restraint is always helpful!

A S said...

Hi Harman

Yes, I agree, such behavior shows the real self of a person..there is no dearth of such creatures who always spread negativity wherever and whenever they go

A S said...

Hi Harman,

Yes, I agree, there is no dearth of such pple who spread negativity when and wherever they go

R. Ramesh said...

baapre..i found it extremely difficult to post a comment in yr blog due to tech hitches friend..hope this wishes always:)