Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Emergency chocolate .

Standing in a queue ..and my temper flaring up .. seeing twenty people in line and I m the last one  Jezzz... maybe another hour to get my stuff rung and get out of this store..

I was at a designer fabric store where there were only two people on register and seven other registers were closed. and this happens to be a superstore.. huge ..humongous ..  but no extra hands ..its was adding to my frustration looking at the watch  as clock ticking away.. wanted to kick each and every A** standing in front of me ..

BUT it brought a smile on face looking at the emergency chocolate on the shelf right in front of me..

I  thought What the heck ?? for what kinda emergency it is???
its for people who have chocolate cravings midnight or anytime .. and these pleasures later create GUILT  maybe for them it might help those who cant control their cravings....then its hilarious as the name emergency brings into picture an emergency van ..honking and holding the traffic to clear the way to help the patient..

In fine print it says it gives an immediate relief.. from lovesickness.. cravings... Exam pressure :)
extreme hunger..:p
..kick confectioners butt if it doesn't help..

..check before you indulge..
..Its a New Zealand product an exotic designer  chocolate  sold under was priced maybe for two or three bucks.. but then most of the chocolates are in this price ..range. Nothing great I guess..

USA has wide variety of chocolates .. from fine Swiss chocolates to Cadbury's fruit n nut ..there is no end .. to candies n chocolates some of the tourist spots they actually customize your chocolates with your choice of nuts .. make deserts n ice-creams from these chocolates..
..its very easy to gain weight with all this vicious stuff or get into cravings. But then very HARD to loose weight ,,lot of work out n gyms
eat at your own RISK!!
otherwise this is the door to gym :> )