Wednesday, February 27, 2013

.. A sad ending...

Its very surprising .. when picture is distorted and nothing can be predicted..
A perfect family .. An  IIT graduate and a beautiful educated wife with two lovely kids.. Indians ..Sikh community .. practicing Sikh .. (bodies found in an apartment two weeks back)
...God fearing people .. news flashed on national tv..
A homicide case.. kids and wife killed and guy hanged himself...A murder..
..This couple lived in Michigan before they moved to Atlanta (Georgia)  .. they belonged to Canton where I live.. I had seen them many times in Gurudwara during early morning prayers..

for those who don't know check the link...
.. He served in Ford company for several years before moving to Atlanta ..people had lot of respect for this.. A very intellectual person ..a very respectful in every aspect .. those who knew him as a person.. A loveable father ... financially very strong ...
then what happened??
.. its a mystery... The parents /relatives were called from india to do their last rites..

.. To my mind there is no such problem that cannot be resolved where you have to kill your family,,,
its very Sad!

My prayers to make their souls rest in peace..


Haddock said...

Agree to that .... there is no such problem that cannot be resolved where you have to kill your family

Rahul Bhatia said...

Sad indeed!

Harman said...

its very heart goes out for the girls family ..

Harman said...

@Rahul..ya sad ,,n Scary too..
not yet known people are predicting its a murder by an outsider ..God knows the story!

Jack said...


It is really sad. I have written a post about does a person think rationally when depressed. Do read that.

Take care