Sunday, February 3, 2013

Reflections of past.

hope you all are doin good my blogger friends ..its been long ..
lots of new stuff many new faces and many experiences But the actions show reflection of past .. the desperation is there..
lately I had been seeing lot of openness in Indian society in US which was absent with  people I knew before(to some extent) have changed seems like times have  changed. But change for good is always embraced not when we start stooping low and accept anything or everything served in platter. Where everybody is drunk and women in skimpiest clothes falling on other men.. one of the instance where a guy kissing somebody's wife in parking lot. Today when I see her it reminds me all the time what she was doin in parking lot with that old haggard ugly guy leaving her banquet hall
(people say its modernism)  
The same people who were very quiet and rarely seen are now Omni present.. I sometimes feel what values you are giving to your kids by showing all this..
..  its desperation when I see girls goin berserk for no reason. Or reflections of their past...

Modernity is Awareness .. a complete mind set ..when you talk people turn and listen to you ..people look at you with respect.. An achiever in every kind .. you off shoulder dresses and goblet of wine is not modernity specially when you have a university goin kid at home.. where was all this when you were young ?
where was all that when you were unmarried?
. may be the urge to do all this came into opportunity this time..

I sometimes wonder .. what kind of husbands they have who see all this as a name of FUN and keep quite .. ?
do the social circle like these allow vulgarity??
... usually the initiation cards of these parties .. has a note in fine prints ("adult party")
which means kids not allowed..
I feel its better not to step in for modernity which has this kind of environment and later regrets in life..
keep life simple and full of pride when looking back .. so no regrets of past.


Renu said...

Exactly my thinking..husbands are no different, I really regret why cant we follow many good things of modern times, instead of going down..,

Jack said...


It is true that we lose our sense of propriety with this false facade. May be some are trying to catch up with missed fun in past but that does not make it acceptable.

Take care

R. Ramesh said...

well said harman: keep life simple and full of pride when looking back ..super...

Haddock said...

Like some one said some where "where is our handshake and Namaste gone" Now its the turn of hugs, even for those whom we meet for the first time with excuse "its the done thing"

R. Ramesh said...

harman hi..i couldnot post comment on the latest writing on this post...ya..i too look back and sometimes wonder what is all this fuss about- i mean life..hmm..nature has its own ways and v seem to be just robots..cheers