Saturday, February 16, 2013 and phases

..its strange though with years ..I see many drastic changes .. I have been more drawn towards my looks and fashions all the time in the past ..keeping my self prime and proper ..(not that I am not now)but lately I am more drawn towards spiritual side liking for spiritual stuff ..meditation ..and reading some good stuff..
..last one month I had been more into this .. its like a spiritual liking.. and more to my surprise my liking towards non veg food ..took a back door...
I like peace and to be quiet.... movies I have no interest .. songs jus very melodious ones .. ..
... did anything happen to someone like this anytime in life??
.. its a different experience though is strange,, when I look back today .. a girl from convent walking back home in plaid skirt and white top .. then goin to college .. with group of school friends keeping nose up high an eternal DIVA, then coming to US with husband .. spending time in  vacation  .. and enjoying life to its fullest ... then came a phase with kids and being a mom ... responsible sending them to school looking at their personal stuff..(which still I do)
But .. then this feeling .. and liking ..towards spiritual stuff
I feel sometimes its state of mind and body needs relaxation ...too


Haddock said...

I did notice this change. Surprised? Well what they call as "reading between the lines" or rather the few lines that you wrote (that too was on the decline)
But one good thing is that you are aware of it and happy about the change.
So keep moving and take it as it comes but always keep that nose up high :-)

Amrit said...

Life development. Normal for a lot of us. Time to move on to new avenues.

AS said...

Its a journey, one has to live it, to explain it. With time, it takes different hues, surprising the self at times. Go ahead, to realise it.

Jack said...


Most of us go through these phases of life as one grows.

Take carre