Friday, January 4, 2013

Hall of shame.. we still care??
We have reached 2013 but crime doesn't stop
even after that Gang  rape there have been several reports by females .. being abused raped and what not..

I am surprised by the law and system.. .its repulsive!
 .. many people have raised their voice BUT today its 4 th of January 2013 and still Indian Govt is debating whether capital punishment should be given or not ... is it important?
unless we go through we cannot feel the pain of the heinous act done by these beasts ..
The victim  was not related to these wealthy people Or granddaughter of our revered prime minister THEY CAN NEVER FEEL THE PAIN
Eve teasing has always been  very common in india .. and one thing leads to another..
Crime take place when bribe is at its peak .. "no fear of law.."
Law is in hands of wealthy and mighty people .

.BUT hang on
Remember one thing..
His (almighty) law is supreme ..
1)what if you do wrong or abuse  and die next day in a road accident?
2)what if you pass lewd remarks taking out your sexual frustration and end up in hospital next day detected with cancer? "you will die every single minute "count down" will begin. then and there..
he who sees everything spares none..

trust me I have seen people paying for their deeds on this earth and dying every single day one will be spared and no one can live unless he/she pays before they leave this world!

.. these killers wont be spared in both courts .. its shame to their parents and the values given to them ..they will never rest in peace .. they will be tortured even after death,,
"God Please never let them rest in peace .."
think before you hurt others emotionally or physically.. you wont be left out .. too

RESPECT WOMEN..(a women who gave birth to you)
.people who are posting data's which country has a highest crime in the world..
may be it gives them some relief ..that india is still lowest and we still have capacity to bear many more of these cases ..

Shame on them!