Friday, November 8, 2013

check me out.. Amazing video

...Sometimes kids are amazing .. it seems like these infants cannot speak but at heart understand every word..
I was completely taken aback when I saw this video ..the kid emotes so well at this tender age of 9 months. Its unbelievable .
check this out..

..I mean its like reacting to every lyric and understanding it..there is no doubt we understand and learn from day one... but its a different case when we keep ours self away in our own isolated world pretending to be unaware of things goin around us ..and people term it as ignorance..

Friday, September 13, 2013

The final verdict ..

..Its a great NEWS ..our brave heart got justice ..the final verdict ..
I was kinda rejoiced to hear a very clear cut judgment.
..Nothing absolutely nothing should pitfall ..its time to make them realize DARE NOT ..the consequences can be fatal..
The Fiasco is no more ..the Capital punishment has made aware that public and only public can rule ..
Never underestimate power of common man..
I felt bad when I heard there was a lawyer in defense .. for what?
saving these beasts ?? their parents should be Ashamed for this Act they should never appeal .. as a matter of fact it should be a set example for other parents ..disown the kid ..if they stoop that low..
As for juvenile I would say there is no age bar for crime specially if its a rape ..
He should also be thrown in same others
thank you MY LORD  to bring justice for our brave heart !!

Truth n only truth will prevail in the END

I eagerly await this date.

"offer an help when in need don't turn your back, you might be the next one  asking for same help very soon"

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Delhi to mumbai .. it dint stop!!

.. it very disgusting to hear another Gang rape in Mumbai .. seems like people are sexed up in India..
...HEY ..Guys go to sex workers ..they will do you a favor.. ( those dirty filthy places)
 rather then harassing the Gurlz in public broad day light..its cheap ..its bad..
The respect seem to be lost where female is looked upon as a sex object in India .. another point that comes to my mind is there is no fear of law in criminals mind.. where the cops seems to be on heavy doze of sleeping pill and gets up only when there is emergency or alarms ringing. The politicians have their own share by asking heavy amount of mullahs to get rid of whole thing and set culprits free ..
...The Nirbhaya case in Delhi is still in our minds how the girl was tortured and this came in as News that there is another one..
I would make a request to Indian govt  please hand over these criminals.. five of them to public in front of parliament house on set date and instead of capital punishment jus let people rip them publically so that no one ever dare to do this again ..
We don't need fast track courts , funds , or committees ..its jus one shot decision.. cuz people in india the general public should come up with strength  over the ruling party to join hands .. as it can happen to anyone..

its HALL OF SHAME .. where every other person is talking about world
  .. For India I wont hesitate say it runs on politics or bribe ..nothing really happens...NOTHING.
what if this happens to any celebrity , or politician .. then??..
that day is not far when it will happen in our home. With our own daughters or sisters..
its a wake -up call ..
its shouldn't be days , weeks or months .. for decision should be instant once culprits are caught we don't need many witnesses when victim is alive.. jus need to cut the organs which seem to be over active..


Thursday, July 25, 2013

love at first sight

..I think I m among very few people in this world .. who has never gone through love at first sight .. when people come and tell me .."OMGD I m head over heels in love with him ...I m like it ..jus at looks ??
I remember ..when I liked someone took me couple of years to get into this love thing ..but then again not sure of myself ..and looking at my strict mother and Dad who served indian Army ..I was like .. it would be a war at home better keep this to myself and lead a care-free life .
..Life these days is very fast ..girls like to date .. check the bank balances and then give a chance ,,..
With chance I mean ..give it a try .. for your sexual needs ..which to me is disgusting !!
..I had friends in those days too when studying at Punjab University Chandigarh..doin all the stuff which was a big NO in indian community .. But then like dare devils they had broken all rules...
they dated .. fulfilled their desires ..and now I see them ..passing statements at others...

Coming to love at first sight ... wht do you love when you see a person at first?? looks , gestures..??
..well I would say how abt a car ..a sports car?? but then you need to spend life with him or sports car?? 
generally people ask .."hey in india you guys have arranged marriages??I m like yeah
so whts the criteria ?? it money ,looks , education ... ..I was like I never .. thought of money ..yeah education was must cuz ..I hate people who have no manners ..or not so educated!!
.. but then can you love a stranger?? I m like how can you like a person at first sight without even knowing him or her??
...A friend of mine ...  she is like you know the guy I dated before was so nice .. he knew to cook ...ironing the clothes  was the best part of him keeping house well-maintained .. but things dint work .. his job wasn't paying enough.. I thought I guessed it right ..poor thing spending all time at home ..where is time to make money! my mind people who have love at first sight actually have no brains ... or should I say .. dumb?.
people say you fall in love ..but I would say ..rise in love use your brain...
..Arranged or love marriage give it a time ..use your own brain .. think before you jump to a decision ... livin relationships or commitment of marriage .. needs to be a wise decision ...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dressing up sensibly..

I met shina  again .. after a year almost ..I couldn't recognize her ..she looked different ..Gained weight some scars on her body ..
Shina is one of our clients.23 yrs old...I had been seeing her off and on ..but lately she disappeared clue..
Shina is a white blonde I knew from some time, ..I always wanted to tell her to dress appropriately as I always saw her in skimpy outfits and plunging necklines .. But couldn't say as this was something very personal I felt ..
I might sound weird here but when a female has big boobs she should be conscious rather then flaunting ..I Being an Asian American and hailing from India we were always taught to dress up in respectful way..its not just us but to for others too to have respect for us..
Talking about shin looking at her I asked her "hey long time no see..whts up??'
Shina looking at me said "herman you know I was trapped by bikers.. but luckily saved" I was like ...wht???..
Here goes the story
(as said by her)
Shina was driving on the freeway ..  on her little car.. saw couple of bikers behind her .. the chase followed when they started hooting at her ..this happened for couple of minutes left ..right n center.. They were trying to confuse her ..and not knowing wht to do she dialed 911 looking at the bikers gang ..but before cops could come inn the car hit the concrete wall on the side and she fell down .. she was bleeding profusely .. ..the cops came inn by then when she was on the road .. and took her to the hospital ..laying there for months with scars and bumps .. fracture in leg .. she could barely move..paid a heavy price .. no job no money!!
She said I was saved at the nick of the time..thankful to God
..when you move in the crowd be a part of it .. nothing should give  false alarms to people for which you have to pay a heavy price..
Dressing is for our self .. less or more clothes BUT APPROPRIATE ..that should be the key ..
bra tops like kim kardashian.. with skimpy shorts will give wrong signals to people .. may be not the first time might enjoy attention.. but then in the long run it might put you in trouble ..
Dress appropriately ..dress respectfully..

better b Safe then Sorry

Thursday, June 6, 2013

God Bless!!

God Bless these people!!
..All the creatures are made by God .. and God somewhere helps every human for his or her own actions,,
Good ,bad or Ugly ..
behavior is made to differentiate among others.

I m surprised when I see people reacting for small little reasons and making a big fuss .. they just at times over react ..
I was at a musical concert in school where my six year old was participating ... A blonde fuming with anger moving here and there as she dint get sufficient place to click pictures...Murmuring to herself" People Are Rude " ..I looked at her .. jus trying to question...wht about you??
c'mon share the space ..every kid is important to their parents ...

... At the Jury Duty in Court ...I was surprised when a lady Fuming with anger went to reception and said" Hey .. Am I on dieting that I am made to sit here for so long ..why don't you let me know about my turn??"in a quite place ..her words were like sharp arrows going across the hall!!

.. An elderly lady in her late sixties .. in a Holy place like Gurudwara .. when asked to move ahead as it was very uncomfortable for others ..very coldly said" why??I m not go wherever you want Huh!!"I wondered at this women compassion...even at this age ..??

... There may be many incidents like these on social behavior ... where people loose temper but don't forget when you behave like this publicly it doesn't affect others much but whole lot of audience rips your personality at once .. it shows up the REAL you ..
it might not effect you at that time but somewhere in future it gets worse...that temperament needs to be controlled..

... I remember Dad saying once
"its jus a matter of few seconds or may be minutes where you need to control before showing your attitude or temperament .. its resolves the whole issue by itself"

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Indian bride in foriegn land.

..This blog is dedicated to all those girls who getting married outside india coming to foreign land
when I talk about girls from india getting married here in US ,UK ,Canada ,Australia should be kept in mind that marriage is where you have to spend more time with partner and leave the amenities back home gracefully..
everyone likes and loves their parents its but natural and sense of belongings always lives their in heart but for girls unfortunately she has to make another world of her own with her spouse and family ..and for this it needs time and patience ..sometimes years .. in many cases its hard to go back and forth to meet parents and attend so called friends or relatives and their weddings..
Parents also in this case need to be mature as the first priority is their daughter and her so called in-laws family they need to  see she settles down first before moving her back and forth. Many a times parents emotional attachment spoils the whole scene and it leads to friction in the family.

I came across many newly married couples where girls go to meet their parents in india and make their stay comfortable for at least two to three months ..leaving husband back home as he has job and work to do..
The boy is alone home and he with his friends have good time in evening ..moving round to clubs bars and all other entertainment places .. ..both the partners have their own comfort zone now,,

The girl is happy with her parents ..parents are happy to see their daughter ..she spends leisure time with friends and shopping .. not worried of any cooking or cleaning loves india even more then before .. dads little girl has dad s money ..a chauffeur driven car no tension and life is fun for three months,
The boys is happy with friends ,booze and visiting nastiest places .. enjoying every night one or other girl with friends.. he feels free now at least three months..
Now the reality shows up
After three months
The girl is back home ..the house looks deserted and piles of work sitting for her... The husband comes home late night after work .. she feels miserable .. hates foreign land even more .. has no domestic help .. "no maid" and no money to squander ..
there is argument every night as to why not go back home shift to India she can be with mom and dad ..he loves his work and always wanted to settle abroad ..she hates him hates whole damn world ..loves her parents only.. she looks for divorce..
..Trust me this is reality and it happens very often here in US.. parents need to be mature if they want their daughter to be married to Nri then its taken for granted she cannot visit more often and moreover the stay should be not more then three weeks with husband to keep marriage going and peace for everyone
Here I would blame girls more then boys as one needs to understand the term marriage before indulging to a lifetime commitment...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Emergency chocolate .

Standing in a queue ..and my temper flaring up .. seeing twenty people in line and I m the last one  Jezzz... maybe another hour to get my stuff rung and get out of this store..

I was at a designer fabric store where there were only two people on register and seven other registers were closed. and this happens to be a superstore.. huge ..humongous ..  but no extra hands ..its was adding to my frustration looking at the watch  as clock ticking away.. wanted to kick each and every A** standing in front of me ..

BUT it brought a smile on face looking at the emergency chocolate on the shelf right in front of me..

I  thought What the heck ?? for what kinda emergency it is???
its for people who have chocolate cravings midnight or anytime .. and these pleasures later create GUILT  maybe for them it might help those who cant control their cravings....then its hilarious as the name emergency brings into picture an emergency van ..honking and holding the traffic to clear the way to help the patient..

In fine print it says it gives an immediate relief.. from lovesickness.. cravings... Exam pressure :)
extreme hunger..:p
..kick confectioners butt if it doesn't help..

..check before you indulge..
..Its a New Zealand product an exotic designer  chocolate  sold under was priced maybe for two or three bucks.. but then most of the chocolates are in this price ..range. Nothing great I guess..

USA has wide variety of chocolates .. from fine Swiss chocolates to Cadbury's fruit n nut ..there is no end .. to candies n chocolates some of the tourist spots they actually customize your chocolates with your choice of nuts .. make deserts n ice-creams from these chocolates..
..its very easy to gain weight with all this vicious stuff or get into cravings. But then very HARD to loose weight ,,lot of work out n gyms
eat at your own RISK!!
otherwise this is the door to gym :> )


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

.. A sad ending...

Its very surprising .. when picture is distorted and nothing can be predicted..
A perfect family .. An  IIT graduate and a beautiful educated wife with two lovely kids.. Indians ..Sikh community .. practicing Sikh .. (bodies found in an apartment two weeks back)
...God fearing people .. news flashed on national tv..
A homicide case.. kids and wife killed and guy hanged himself...A murder..
..This couple lived in Michigan before they moved to Atlanta (Georgia)  .. they belonged to Canton where I live.. I had seen them many times in Gurudwara during early morning prayers..

for those who don't know check the link...
.. He served in Ford company for several years before moving to Atlanta ..people had lot of respect for this.. A very intellectual person ..a very respectful in every aspect .. those who knew him as a person.. A loveable father ... financially very strong ...
then what happened??
.. its a mystery... The parents /relatives were called from india to do their last rites..

.. To my mind there is no such problem that cannot be resolved where you have to kill your family,,,
its very Sad!

My prayers to make their souls rest in peace..

Saturday, February 16, 2013 and phases

..its strange though with years ..I see many drastic changes .. I have been more drawn towards my looks and fashions all the time in the past ..keeping my self prime and proper ..(not that I am not now)but lately I am more drawn towards spiritual side liking for spiritual stuff ..meditation ..and reading some good stuff..
..last one month I had been more into this .. its like a spiritual liking.. and more to my surprise my liking towards non veg food ..took a back door...
I like peace and to be quiet.... movies I have no interest .. songs jus very melodious ones .. ..
... did anything happen to someone like this anytime in life??
.. its a different experience though is strange,, when I look back today .. a girl from convent walking back home in plaid skirt and white top .. then goin to college .. with group of school friends keeping nose up high an eternal DIVA, then coming to US with husband .. spending time in  vacation  .. and enjoying life to its fullest ... then came a phase with kids and being a mom ... responsible sending them to school looking at their personal stuff..(which still I do)
But .. then this feeling .. and liking ..towards spiritual stuff
I feel sometimes its state of mind and body needs relaxation ...too

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Reflections of past.

hope you all are doin good my blogger friends ..its been long ..
lots of new stuff many new faces and many experiences But the actions show reflection of past .. the desperation is there..
lately I had been seeing lot of openness in Indian society in US which was absent with  people I knew before(to some extent) have changed seems like times have  changed. But change for good is always embraced not when we start stooping low and accept anything or everything served in platter. Where everybody is drunk and women in skimpiest clothes falling on other men.. one of the instance where a guy kissing somebody's wife in parking lot. Today when I see her it reminds me all the time what she was doin in parking lot with that old haggard ugly guy leaving her banquet hall
(people say its modernism)  
The same people who were very quiet and rarely seen are now Omni present.. I sometimes feel what values you are giving to your kids by showing all this..
..  its desperation when I see girls goin berserk for no reason. Or reflections of their past...

Modernity is Awareness .. a complete mind set ..when you talk people turn and listen to you ..people look at you with respect.. An achiever in every kind .. you off shoulder dresses and goblet of wine is not modernity specially when you have a university goin kid at home.. where was all this when you were young ?
where was all that when you were unmarried?
. may be the urge to do all this came into opportunity this time..

I sometimes wonder .. what kind of husbands they have who see all this as a name of FUN and keep quite .. ?
do the social circle like these allow vulgarity??
... usually the initiation cards of these parties .. has a note in fine prints ("adult party")
which means kids not allowed..
I feel its better not to step in for modernity which has this kind of environment and later regrets in life..
keep life simple and full of pride when looking back .. so no regrets of past.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hall of shame.. we still care??
We have reached 2013 but crime doesn't stop
even after that Gang  rape there have been several reports by females .. being abused raped and what not..

I am surprised by the law and system.. .its repulsive!
 .. many people have raised their voice BUT today its 4 th of January 2013 and still Indian Govt is debating whether capital punishment should be given or not ... is it important?
unless we go through we cannot feel the pain of the heinous act done by these beasts ..
The victim  was not related to these wealthy people Or granddaughter of our revered prime minister THEY CAN NEVER FEEL THE PAIN
Eve teasing has always been  very common in india .. and one thing leads to another..
Crime take place when bribe is at its peak .. "no fear of law.."
Law is in hands of wealthy and mighty people .

.BUT hang on
Remember one thing..
His (almighty) law is supreme ..
1)what if you do wrong or abuse  and die next day in a road accident?
2)what if you pass lewd remarks taking out your sexual frustration and end up in hospital next day detected with cancer? "you will die every single minute "count down" will begin. then and there..
he who sees everything spares none..

trust me I have seen people paying for their deeds on this earth and dying every single day one will be spared and no one can live unless he/she pays before they leave this world!

.. these killers wont be spared in both courts .. its shame to their parents and the values given to them ..they will never rest in peace .. they will be tortured even after death,,
"God Please never let them rest in peace .."
think before you hurt others emotionally or physically.. you wont be left out .. too

RESPECT WOMEN..(a women who gave birth to you)
.people who are posting data's which country has a highest crime in the world..
may be it gives them some relief ..that india is still lowest and we still have capacity to bear many more of these cases ..

Shame on them!