Sunday, December 9, 2012

plunging necklines

plunging necklines .. A rage and style for some but then modesty takes a back door or in other words said as over exposing ..I have seen many times ladies having no hesitation in showing cleavage ..they think its fine and nothing wrong in it ..but there are others who love to go beyond the limitations deep necks front and back giving an impression of wearing a kerchief!... its personal choice BUT should go with personality too..

(Catalogue model)

.. Being in this fashion world business I generally see people following the trend and not looking at their own personalities. Whether it will suit them or not..
one of my customers who often visits me now ..but when first Looked at her ..the first thought came to my mind was " whts wrong with this girl?"
she was wearing a small micro mini with a top which had a plunging neckline .. as she came inn I looked around it was very close to swimming costume.. but I was surprised at her confidence and style ..then after that I met her many times but she was always in same style and plunging necklines .. "Bare Minimum"
One day she came with a boy friend.. and this friend happened to be an Indian ..I looked at the guy whom she introduced to me ..he had cool attitude  making some good choices for her ..but a thought came across my mind indian men are not that broad minded to let their gfs have clothes like bikini and move around.. anyways..
As peggie was in fitting rooms I was talking to him (bf)he said " ya she likes indian stuff and we are kinda getting married .. so visiting india for a short span of time. And she would be wearing a saree there..
I thought "ok ..from bare minimum to fully draped "its a good transformation..
fashion can be anything BUT reflects your personality .. and as well as your character,,
like an mid-age women ..who came to me and got some outfits.. her only demand was necks have to be deep she hates grand-ma style clothes ..I looked at her thought " you will be there(grand-ma) very soon"
she made everything small with deep necks ..
... This was something ridiculous to me .. From indian aunties I don't expect this!!

...This incident was kinda shocking for me..
..two women clad in Arabic dress came to me ... they wanted Dress to be made in certain style ..a very small top and a long skirt with lot of flair .. I looked and finalized the whole order ..we called the bride for trials when dress was half made ...
the mom was not happy she said the top is too long .. it should just cover the bust area that much it should be showing her cleavage and front and back has to be  very deep  too the top should be sleeveless jus very thin straps falling on shoulders so that her beauty bones are clearly seen ...  
we did the same designing as she mentioned ..the blouse was like a handkerchief now.. but the ladies demanded the the front of the neck is still high
I asked them" is this for the ceremony you gonna wear with the veil ?"
she said "no veil jus the skirt and top ".. with flowers.. bu..t I was going to say something then kept quite ..
(how is it possible .. this is too exposing .. naked body front and back no veil .. its weird a complete madness)
she showed me a picture of a model wearing the same dress who was over exposing...
wearing this kind of dress among hundreds of invitees and being a bride ..Its should be graceful not modeling..over-exposing is not modernity its cheapness ..
I was surprised at the mom too who was making not so great choices for her daughter...and following Islam wearing hijabs themselves this was un-expected for me..(I dint like it)
We made the dress as they ordered   same lengths and details and they were happy ..but I was in state of shock for few hours!!  

Anything can  be made but remember one thing .. don't follow the trends follow your own perception and  culture too..not everybody can carry a model look even if you have bodies in zero size.. age matters, race matters and above all your personality and looks ,,
all these models are professionals ..trained by professionals ,, it takes time to get there ..
jus don't follow fashions blindly .. you will end up looking like a fool..
AGE APPROPRIATE  is the key!


The Beautifier said...

Well said, Harman -AGE APPROPRIATE is the key! Loved the post xx

Irfanuddin said...

yes, bottom line is "one must not follow fashion n those professional models blindly"....moreover what suits to the personality should be carried no matter it goes with the ongoing trend or not.....

Renu said...

very nice post..there is a fine line between deep necks and vulgarity and today lot many people are crossing.Showing a slim and toned body is still tolerable but drooping and flabby..ugh..

Kavita Saharia said...

Right attitude and a sense of fashion is essential to carry well anything that one wears.

Bikramjit said...

well anything to show off .. and today the mantra is the show of skin sells


Harman said...

yaa age appropriate that goes well with personalities!

Harman said...

yes true. That explains all I guess!!

Harman said...

..hmmm but still .. showing off beyond limit is something vulgar..

Harman said...

yes..those who have fashion sense ..would not indulge into cheapness!!

Jack said...


One should wear what is appropriate for her or him and not to just show others that she or he is modern in following fashion. But then Each to her or his own.

Take care

Haddock said...

Some can carry it off and some can't.
On some it may look nice and on some ucks.
But like you said, when they married their Indian spouses will start dictating new terms .

R. Ramesh said...

i go totally with irfanudinbhai on this...good post boss..

Rajeev Panchhi said...

Nice post....HARMAN, I agree with you.

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