Sunday, December 23, 2012

Delhi high alert (crime and molestation)

..Capital of India is at high alert nowadays .. major area in crime..
most of you know what happened and those of you who don't know check this link out
Indian women sexually harassed by eve -teasing is very common.. lewd remarks ..crowded buses men howling at women is also common.. child abuse is also heard and seen,,, Indian men seem to be sexed up no manners no fear of law ....  .. and laws in india are not hard .. as in western countries ..if caught its serious offence  ..women's rights are very strong..laws are with women..but if we talk about india..laws are there but not implemented ..culprits move very freely with small amount of bribe they are left out...
The girl who had this mishap in Delhi (my heart goes out for her) was left on the road naked...and people dint happen to pick her up or inform police .. today that same public is marching and slogans all over....
Shame ..!!
This Med school student dint know when she climbed the bus what is coming to her.. these guys who raped her ..are Demons ..brutes ..they should be hanged .."hanged to death"no mercy ..
please people stand up and get the justice for the girl.
.. india suffers from
*no fear of law
*dowry system
..its always a worst happening when indian gov gets up ultimately other wise half of the nation is sleeping or copying western world ..  ..
if they want to copy the west ..
copy hard work and working system
copy hiring and firing system
copy the hard laws..
copy.. the super laws made to protect women

Crime happen everywhere in world But ..justice is always there for the victims ..As for in india ..justice  takes years .. and" when justice is delayed. Justice is denied"
I would ask all Delhi Bloggers ..where are you? put your hands up and ask for justice for this girl
reach the media .. help the victim
we need justice..
"hang them to death"

Sunday, December 9, 2012

plunging necklines

plunging necklines .. A rage and style for some but then modesty takes a back door or in other words said as over exposing ..I have seen many times ladies having no hesitation in showing cleavage ..they think its fine and nothing wrong in it ..but there are others who love to go beyond the limitations deep necks front and back giving an impression of wearing a kerchief!... its personal choice BUT should go with personality too..

(Catalogue model)

.. Being in this fashion world business I generally see people following the trend and not looking at their own personalities. Whether it will suit them or not..
one of my customers who often visits me now ..but when first Looked at her ..the first thought came to my mind was " whts wrong with this girl?"
she was wearing a small micro mini with a top which had a plunging neckline .. as she came inn I looked around it was very close to swimming costume.. but I was surprised at her confidence and style ..then after that I met her many times but she was always in same style and plunging necklines .. "Bare Minimum"
One day she came with a boy friend.. and this friend happened to be an Indian ..I looked at the guy whom she introduced to me ..he had cool attitude  making some good choices for her ..but a thought came across my mind indian men are not that broad minded to let their gfs have clothes like bikini and move around.. anyways..
As peggie was in fitting rooms I was talking to him (bf)he said " ya she likes indian stuff and we are kinda getting married .. so visiting india for a short span of time. And she would be wearing a saree there..
I thought "ok ..from bare minimum to fully draped "its a good transformation..
fashion can be anything BUT reflects your personality .. and as well as your character,,
like an mid-age women ..who came to me and got some outfits.. her only demand was necks have to be deep she hates grand-ma style clothes ..I looked at her thought " you will be there(grand-ma) very soon"
she made everything small with deep necks ..
... This was something ridiculous to me .. From indian aunties I don't expect this!!

...This incident was kinda shocking for me..
..two women clad in Arabic dress came to me ... they wanted Dress to be made in certain style ..a very small top and a long skirt with lot of flair .. I looked and finalized the whole order ..we called the bride for trials when dress was half made ...
the mom was not happy she said the top is too long .. it should just cover the bust area that much it should be showing her cleavage and front and back has to be  very deep  too the top should be sleeveless jus very thin straps falling on shoulders so that her beauty bones are clearly seen ...  
we did the same designing as she mentioned ..the blouse was like a handkerchief now.. but the ladies demanded the the front of the neck is still high
I asked them" is this for the ceremony you gonna wear with the veil ?"
she said "no veil jus the skirt and top ".. with flowers.. bu..t I was going to say something then kept quite ..
(how is it possible .. this is too exposing .. naked body front and back no veil .. its weird a complete madness)
she showed me a picture of a model wearing the same dress who was over exposing...
wearing this kind of dress among hundreds of invitees and being a bride ..Its should be graceful not modeling..over-exposing is not modernity its cheapness ..
I was surprised at the mom too who was making not so great choices for her daughter...and following Islam wearing hijabs themselves this was un-expected for me..(I dint like it)
We made the dress as they ordered   same lengths and details and they were happy ..but I was in state of shock for few hours!!  

Anything can  be made but remember one thing .. don't follow the trends follow your own perception and  culture too..not everybody can carry a model look even if you have bodies in zero size.. age matters, race matters and above all your personality and looks ,,
all these models are professionals ..trained by professionals ,, it takes time to get there ..
jus don't follow fashions blindly .. you will end up looking like a fool..
AGE APPROPRIATE  is the key!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Technology boom!

sitting on the dining table and looking around I was little disappointed when .. everyone seem to busy either on iphone or ipad ..or kindle seems like technology has fractured the family is busy reading news on his tablet.. mom is browsing through pictures ..hubby is on iphone checking his mails and last but not the least my younger one who is five yrs playing angry birds on ipad ..
not to forget the older one is watching tv .. no one is interested to talk to each other.. seems like cell and Internet has turned out to be harmful.. my utter disdain this was unexpected ..where are we heading to.. I think I am not only one who has  jumped the shark..
In offices ..web chat at customer service.. it seems ..A  technology boom ..
people say we feel connected to our relatives and friends by technology But I say its everyone seems to be handicapped, do we ever happen to see the humans in actual? Skype is another strong media of talking, one of my friends who recently got engaged in Pakistan is through "Skype ". it was all through chat and seeing each other online.

One teen parent shared with me that she always has to text kids when calling them for dinner downstairs in the dining area as they are very active on texts and they listen better if she texted them to their respective rooms. ..It was kind of amusing for me...... mom needs to smarter now :)Most of the time I see people lost in their messages and texting even while driving..
last week in California one of our cousins had a car crash while texting in car .. the car was total.. But fortunately he is saved,,, the whole bunch of cars hit each other on highway due to this tiny piece (of shit)called cell phone!

smart phones and tablets
.. there were times not long ago when families played .. antakshri or had some fun games in their living room after dinner.. but today smart phones make everyone retire in their beds and browse .. through these phones tablets making best use of them..
..I would like to add here ..there are some benefits too people who dint know about computers have an easy xcess through phones one of our aunts who is 70 yrs .. I see her on Facebook all the time ..sharing her personal stuff with her college friends .. she has every update what is happening around and which online stores are best ..their return policies and how to print coupons online or what's happening next month in the city. She is happy and busy no time to gossip being a mother-in-law..she reads articles of her interest on her ipad .. learns new recipes from you tube ... I am happy to see the transformation ..when first I saw her in 1997 and if I see her today she entirely a different person , intellectual , confident , kind and giving .. thanks to technology I must say!!(in her case)
..Technology has taken us made us like robots..
recently one of my cousins brought a cap with inbuilt head phones this can be attached to your iPhone and you are hands -free ..But I will not be surprised when one day we will see caps with batteries too and men functioning through head gears.. we have already reduced our mobility by .. leaving the pen and pencil.. less walking and more driving.. less of manual work and more of gadgets ..
we are not far from era when ..
food will on table through conveyor belts, clothes will be out of dryers through remotes.. Vacuum is used by robots ( this already came inn).. and we jus need to

interact ..with world through ..but never able to see anyone in actual!