Tuesday, November 20, 2012

people and behaviour

behavior is something which is seen during adversity when behavior is erratic .. behavior is connected to ego and when ego hurts it reflects grey shades in personality. People loose temper and it unleashes the worst scenario ever thought...

temper is something where very few people have a control on it.. they jus keep in mind "judge not" and take everything in their stride good bad or ugly .. but very few only 10% of general population..
it usually said ..people who are calm and spiritually inclined have more control to their temperament due to hours of meditation.
... Awareness is something which is required to keep in control yourself and others too..

I was at work and a customer stormed inn fuming with anger ..I looked at her calmly
"yes? how can I help you?" ..
she had some issues with her work order.. she wanted a refund..I asked her to read " Company Policy no Refunds "written in bold letters on wall ..
she started yelling.. I need to get my money back....I calmly replied I cannot go against company policy after that her temper took a full swing and slammed the office door ...
"She was an Indian women"
we as Indians have a bad habit of bargaining even at the best of places cuz its in our blood ..this we get from back home (even thou scenario back home has also changed but these people are in time freeze)using and abusing the places..

1)"wear the clothes and return them" get a full refund on the bill
2) abuse the coupons and try using them again n again (shamelessly)
3)try to be a smart Ass in spite of knowing the person you are dealing with is an Indian too..
4) shamelessly requesting to  wave the tax on cash purchases..

..I wont be shy to admit this here most of Indians and Pakistanis are same in habits when it come to abuse the laws..to narrate an incident where couple of  Asian (Pakistani)girls after buying stuff started arguing to wave the tax .. on cash purchase ..she yelled at me as I dint tell her that tax has to be paid .. the argument heated up and as a result I had to raise my voice to ask her " do you ask American stores and people working there the same thing? "do you behave the same way?"
she threw the check on my desk and slammed the door ...
I am surprised by behavior ...
... We carry what we had seen in family and culture back home ..how to evade tax, how to abuse the privileges , how to shamelessly ask for half price ... how to  ask for free stuff with purchases ..its in our blood and we cannot improve ourselves ..our currency meter starts in conversion and we end up  in arguments showing worst of our behavior .. its actually we cannot accept  this reality... spending in dollars all we we want is to spend in rupees but earn in dollars everything has to be hunky dory without using an extra penny ,,,
Recently an indian restaurant owner around our areas was held for charges of evasion of tax .. he was watched by IRS from last three years before getting him with a penalty and yrs of imprisonment .. he was trying to be a Smart Ass but unfortunately (for him) bribe doesn't work in US,... it was published in local news paper...

..Why do we do that? why...cant we improve our self??


Renu said...

This is the question I keep asking myself..because we honour money not virtues..so people try to get as much money as possible, vitues may be damned..

Rahul Bhatia said...

Harman, it is the way people have been brought u that is responsible for such situations! Most of us living in subcontinent have utter disdain for authority:(

Bikramjit said...

Ah ha .. I ma sure i have harped over this we asians are so bad, I experience it so many times there are times when I have stopped a car for some reason and they have said .. "Jaan deo yaar paaji, apne hi bande ne ".. or even offered money and I hand them a big 80pound fine for that .. had they not said any of that I would let them go with a warning :)

the indian mentality comes to the front as sooon and yet we say we are this and that

you did good, I would have slapped toooo


Jack said...


That is where upbringing counts.

Take care

Haddock said...

Well written.
"Hoodwink the govt as much as possible" that is something ingrained in us and we abuse it to the maximum possible.