Thursday, November 8, 2012

Great day in AMERICA .. obama re-elected.


 It was a great day in America .. Obama has been reelected ..four more years with good president.. a person with great vision and intellectual qualities .. a class apart. People who had big time doubts that only whites can rule the country ..their dreams are shattered ..
Bush had F****the entire nation AND blame was put on black president.. its a shame .. A guy who helped millions to get a job fact created small jobs so that no one sleeps hungry.. Got the economy out of deep debts .. brought back soldiers from Iraq.. shot Osama -bin laden ..went to his den got him by neck (the movie was premiered in US day before election .)it gave me goose bumps how they tracked him for two yrs.' before finally got hold of him.

...Republicans made lot of noise during the campaign did the supporters.. people who wanted to support Romney was jus as white president more then his intellectual qualities .Paul Ryan another clever Fox in town was nothing but full of lies .. both Romney and Ryan brothers from another mother should now act in Hollywood movies .. their political career is finished .. they made a  fool of themselves by making big claims before even knowing the correct figures .. their track record was one lie per minute( they cud have said more ..but it has a time limit).. At last they had to shut -up and this was from public legally Romney n Ryan .. (enough guys go home now)

..Republican's ..statutory  warning!! ..we have a bench mark .. your candidate has to have more intellectual qualities before making big claims!

..Elections in America is great fun.. nobody discusses political issues at work places whom they would vote or what happened in debate last night but the stress can be seen .. even after vote there is no discussion if nothing happened ..all discussion's are at home I guess in four sided walls democrats or republicans who is better?.. the basic idea is the country should be in good hands .. safe future for our kids.

George Bush A Great man in America F**** the whole economy made all jobs go overseas goin in debts .. real state falling like pack of cards .. people loosing jobs .. houses sold for a $ (Detroit area)whole subs on sale foreclosures. Layoffs .. Chrysler goin bankrupt ,people moving from state to state looking for jobs .. ladies who once had  their own business selling candies door to door!
this talent was shown by our George Bush our great republican (monkey face).and guess what?? he was reelected by trash jus becuz he had white skin.. and no brain wonder we are paying for his deeds till now ..after that  a major attack by terrorists was at twin towers9/11 was like a last nail in the coffin ...A worst president ever.. "A great republican.. however for great supporters of Bush"(dumb people)

I remember one line from our Holy book (guru granth sahib ji) "ethay saacho hi saach nibday"which means its jus truth and truth that will prevail. Nothing else will matter ..and
TRUTH ALWAYS WIN.. its a clear example election nov 7th 2012 ..Obama Won!


Roshan R said...

true.. in the end, we all really supported the man - he's doing his best just to undo the policies of the previous govt... giving it back to Romeny would have destrpyed any credibility the USA had

Renu said...

US election is discussed here more on TV..just hope Obama is good for US as well as for us Indian too..

Bikramjit said...

Congrats.. Hope he will do better this time :)

I think being a president is one job that will always have someone say wrong about it , no matter what they do :)


Jack said...


Hope and pray that he delivers this time also. May God be with him.

Take care

Harman said...

yes so true ..its jus people get emotional when voting and use less brain but more biased towards ..color ..culture and race..
any wrong step taken... makes everyone suffer in the country..

Harman said...

yes ..Good for the international policies... and brings peace!

Harman said...

nope I don't agree ..if president is good ..he is good he gets a credit for that ..its jus people are more biased .. they jus cant see the past record and developments its faith and justice which should be taken into account.. n not jus parties or races or color!

Harman said...

AMEN to that!

Kappu said...

Some how I liked that he came for the 2nd term too!!

Do stop by my blog! I'd love your comments & visits!!

Harman said...
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Harman said...

we all like that..he is one good president after Bill Clinton ..thanks and sure I will stop by!