Friday, October 26, 2012

illusion ...

 Illusions of happiness is something like a picture above ,,what you actually see is not what exactly it is ..same is happiness in life..
happiness has no limits and boundaries ..people cannot measure happiness ..every person has his own definition of happiness ..fundamentals are different not necessarily what makes us happy will make others happy too..
in the past I met many people (our clients) ..and I learned that not many are happy .. its not money ..its not family ..its not work ..then what makes them happy??
Its the inner satisfaction .. so who is satisfied??
 Jasmine 28 yrs old a physician who came to me to get some bridal stuff six months before ..I met her last week.. she was  tired.. she said" I jus wanna take a retirement ,I m totally exhausted jus wannabe be at home..its too much.. no cooking nothing jus work for two of us" I asked her retirement at the age of 28 .. ?"
she laughed ..I married a cardiologist ..he is working .. I jus want to relax.. have babies and enjoy with kids I m done with medicine n all "
... Rashmi another client .. I met at work ... a mechanical engineer .. working for GM (general motors)
said " I m sick jus sick ..wanna leave this ..and do my own stuff .. have my catering business ..I love cooking ..(she cooks very well ) "I m like what the heck! so many yrs of education and hard work and now when time to earn you guys are totally burned out.."
.. Another example .. I was in school standing there waiting in the hall.. Amy said shelly" you dint go to work??" 
Shelly " its jus same BS (bullshit ) everyday.. I dint know this MBA is actually gonna kick my ass off .."
I m jus waiting for time when I could earn my benefits and spend some time for me"its lot of work
who is happy? when we are young its studies n jus studies .. when we grow up its the career n only career that matters and now when its time to earn we are exhausted many years of studies has burnt everyone
what is important in life happiness ? where do we get happiness .. from money..nope 
from  education ... nope ...from big careers ..nope..
.. if you ask me ..I would say yes .. its monotonous life style..
where are we heading ..?
I believe there is no  fixed formula to  happiness .. its basically Peace n satisfaction ,, which comes from within.. rest is rat race!


Renu said...

happiness is not a commodity, so we cant buy it..its a state of mind, and if we so decide to be happy, we can be, whatevr the situation or circumstances.

Jack said...


Happiness is state of mind. One can have all the riches of the world but still not be happy as the desires keep rising. One needs to aim for satisfaction with what one has and only then can one feel peace of mind which in turn leads to happiness. As far as career is concerned, one needs to do whatever one is in with heart into it and never carry office home or vice versa. And if one is not satisfied then it is better to do something as per heart.

Take care

Bikramjit said...

well happiness is what we make it to be .. moreover human nature makes us think that other are having more fun then us and we try to emulate them ..

and it takes a long long time to find the right thing ..


My journey said...

Happiness cant be found in materialistic things, its more of inner self. Yeah its different for different people but at the end of the day everyone wants to sleep with a smile on his/her face not with gloomy face.

Haddock said...

Like you said: "every person has his own definition of happiness"
I feel those people who are happy with what little they have are the happiest one.
I read about this very rich guy (forgot his name) who said "why should I buy another car when the one I have is taking me from point A to point B. Why should I buy another costly pen when the one I have is working fine" He is not being a miser, he is being practical, and my gut feeling says that - He is Happy.

Harman said...

@renu .. agree ..n its inner peace to get happiness!

Harman said...

@jack..very true.. the desires n wants has no limits! It has to be peace of mind which we lack inn!

Harman said...

@bick..yes.. very true ..agree!

Harman said...

@my journey ..yes sleep with a broad smile :)lol

Harman said...

@haddock.. a very good example
makes sense!