Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Do looks matter?

... I have met this family couple of times.. the son I met ..he's very dark and hefty ...But very pleasant in nature ..kind and courteous ...I met his wife couple of times at first she was very quite and appeared shy to me .

she was working in IT industry as an engineer and came home in the evenings ...I met her but she dint appear pleasant to me.. talking to her mom-in -law one day I asked where kisna is ?? she said" kisna left the house and seem to be not wanting to ever come to this place .. she has her own apartment and job ..she doesn't like us ..I asked what happened ... ?? she said ..she doesn't like my son.. she was kinda little different in attitude .. I asked kisna's mom -in law ..the marriage was her choice?she said yes,, But seems like looking at white skin here in America she despises him now ..
anyways ..I met kisna one day .. she wanted to get some driving lessons and apply for license ..she inquired from me the driving school...I gave her the information ...(driving school run by cops around the corner)..may be everything is okay now I thought... she is happy... But then I came to know she left the house with her baggage .. seems like she wanted to be independent before finally saying good bye..
This family is one of our employees ... and I meet them frequently... when their son had to get married they thought of getting girl from India .. an educated and cultured one, not that American kind .. born n raised here in US ..But this girl was good for two years ..when she was at home but once she got Job and had her money she dint care after that..

Now this guy Raj was trying to improve his looks getting lean ...he is a nice educated person but unfortunately not the killer looks... 
I really feel bad when I see ..he is being rejected on his looks ...do the looks matter that much?
do people change behavior with good/bad looks..
...I asked mom ..the same question... she said" every girl has a dream ..her wants and expectations after marriage,,may be she dint get what she thought of after coming to America "
but then why Ditch? don't get married ... jus wanting to come to US..
why play with other peoples emotions?? do you think this will not come back to you?? .but lemme tell you it will be back in the same way and same form (jus matter of time).. never underestimate others..
"he who looks at everyone from top .. will give a befitting reply one day"


Steve Finnell said...

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Roshan said...

sadly, it isnt as uncommon as you think. Have seen a lot of such people - both genders, mind you

I remember one distasteful incident of a medical colleague who had a long secret affair with a girl ( over 3 years ), getting her to do his paperwork, records, assignments - finally when the topic of marraige was breached, he coolly said his parents wouldnt want someone as dark skinned as her ( and he wasnt white, mind u ) and ditched her.
It took her a long time to get over that betrayal.

Dreaming Wanderer. www.tonightidream-iwander.blogspot.com said...

Feel sorry for d guy.. If the above reason's d only reason on d girls mind then she's completely lost it.. But, Indians do go to extremes to reach the US.

The guy shud move on n b happy he realised this bout his girl earlier n not later..

Bikramjit said...

You have no idea what people do these days, Harman.. NO IDEA.. people are marrying their son or daughter jhooth mooth to a person who has got a STUDENT visa so they can come as a spouse :) a bit of money exchanged and all sorted..

AND looks do matter yes they do, People who say otherwise may say it in the heat of moment but , in the end they do matter ..

I can tell you a lot of stories ..


Jack said...


Sad but true. Most of the persons get swayed by looks. Those looking for life partner also get swayed the same way unless there are some other reasons like wealth or easy citizenship of an advanced country. Here she seems to have used him to achieve what she wanted. Such persons will be mostly unhappy in life. Of course there are many reasons for separation, ego being the top one with not being able to adjust to each other being next.

Take care

Harman said...

@steve finell .. thanks ///
But I follow the blogs I read only ..

Harman said...

its very sad when people use other for their .. means..
cuz their mean people!
"wht goes around comes around"

R. Ramesh said...

dear friend bik is right boss..looks do matter:) and hey thanks for passing by..

Irfanuddin said...

well...its happening every now n then these days.....and there are enough instances which unfortunately proves that looks do matter for many....

R. Ramesh said...

thanks again yar:)

Haddock said...

Looks like its the done thing these days.
But did they not court each other before getting married? If it was not OK from both sides how did they jump into this?
Or ......going a little deep is there something else to it that is not said?

Harman said...

..I will write another blog on this to give detail as there is something very strange I came to know!

Rachna said...

This is so terrible yaar! I have heard of such incidents myself. And, looks matter everywhere, no matter what anyone may say.

Harman said...

@ Rachna you r right to certain extent ..But this was a different case.

Harman said...

@ramesh boss..hmm ..true!

Harman said...

@irfan bhai..
yes true!

Harman said...

@ Jack true..
yes I know that ...it happens here its also called contract marriages

I will write a blog on that too!!