Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blonde moment

..ok this is real life story not any joke or made up kind...and please no offense to anyone..

I love these pretty looking blonde innocent  (dumb) ;) girls.

..A very beautiful blond girl entered my office..a typical blonde with no bleached hair(I can recognize those fake Blondie's) ...looking at her deep blue eyes I asked her" how may I help you?"
she ordered some designer dresses from catalog and I made her order handed her the receipt and told her to come back in two weeks...

after two weeks 

I was at my desk with my glasses ... (I wear contact lenses usually)she came inn and I looked at her "hi how are you?"
she was little hesitant..I looked at her receipt and showed her dresses online to get approval ..she said" where is the other girl I met she was giving me some deal " I was jus gonna say I am the same person but I refrained myself wanted her opinion about me ..she said "I m fine go ahead and order" ... and will come back in two weeks to pick her dresses.

after two weeks

.. she came back I was without glasses this time ..she was happy to see me and said" where were you, there was somebody else last time... I like your way of dealing ..I asked her what happened( I wanted to know her mind)she said" she is little different and you are more pleasant ,its good you are here today"
I was looking... in fact staring at her how can someone be so innocent(dumb)?? .. she smiled looking and got up saying thanks ...It was nice meeting you.

I came home was narrating this episode to my hubby nine year old son sitting next to me said"mom you should have said to that blonde  I m gonna show you a magic today should have removed your glasses and made an unpleasant girl disappear in front of her ... she would be happy  dealing  with you.:P

Trust me its a real life joke!


Uma said...

I loved the way your son wanted to reveal the magic.. was it Kevin or Keon?

dr.antony said...

Blond and blind!

Makk said...


Roshan said...

hehe.. I agree with your son : should have shown her the magic trick... gone into another room for a second and come out ..Tadaaa :)

Thinking said...

hmm...since I am in Customer happens to me so many times..we have to be precise and constant about our appearances in customer dealings.
Nice incident by the way...not funny though.

Bikramjit said...

:) he he hehe


Jack said...


Can not stop laughing. Hope she was not playing trick with you.

Take care

Harman said...

@UMA was Kevin
lol ... he and his brilliant ideas :)

Harman said...

@dr anthony
lolzzzzzz ha haaaaaaaa
so funny!

Harman said...

@ makk

Harman said...

lolzz .. magic
tdaaaaaaaa !!

Harman said...

@ thinking..
may be its not funny for you but to me it was very hilarious ..
and glasses anyone can wear at work doesn't change the features or looks!

Harman said...

@ bikram

Harman said...

@ uncle jack
nope she was very serious poor thing :)little confused!

Irfanuddin said...

how about posting your fotos with n without glasses so that we can see how different you look both way...hehe....:)

Rahul Bhatia said...

Now you know Harman why everyone loves blondes:)

Rachna said...

So funny. Your son is adorable and so smart too :).

Traffic Pulse India said...

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Rahul Bhatia said...

Harman, my comment vanished:(
Maybe my liking for blondes was responsible for this:)

Harman said...

@irfan ..
lolzz ..its like before N after
putting pictures with n without glasses!

Harman said...

@rahul..all the comments are here :))
it seems you really like these blondes ..with so many comments postedI cant blame you ..they r something to fall for pretty ..wid no brains :p
tc and thanks!
appreciate you time for reading and giving your opinion!

Harman said...

Traffic pulse india
thanks...I m honored ..:))

Harman said...
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The Beautifier said...

hahaha that was funny! Can a pair of glasses really make that much of a difference?! hehe unbelievable!