Wednesday, August 29, 2012

110 yrs ...gracefully

 Its a tribute to our Uncle who died at the age of 110 yrs fondly  known as "LALAJi" live a long healthy life is dream t by many of us ..but very few get an opportunity to be that healthy n stay that long to see best of the world and family.,,, seeing all grand kids married and even their kids married .. its well deserved Adieu to family and friends in the end!
 My Uncle aged 110 yrs passed last week ..he was in India ..most of the people who hear this .. ask the first question did he live so long ?? was he bed ridden??
and my answer is "NO" ..he wasn't bed home was taken care by kids and family ...
its unusual to live that long and a healthy life without any heart problems or diabetes or blood pressure or any kind of knee or hip replacement ... to stay good and keep rocking..

My Uncle who passed was Sardar Arjun Singh  he died at ripe age of 110 years ...he lived in small village ..near Amritsar most of the family is settled in New York but he dint have any urge to move out nor did he visit US.. he lived on his ancestral property called" haveli"with his wife and older son and some friends around.. Aunt passed away ..she was around 95 or 98yrs when she died.
I met him(lalaji) couple of years ago He was called "lalaji" by the whole family.. he was very fair .. had long flowing beard with turban in afgani style with a long shirt (kurta) and a chaddar ( sarong kind)  with punjabi crocodile style shoes(crocs) (punjabi jutti)  ..he was a known personality ,,in village and around the area ..had earned lot of respect ... due to his down to earth attitude and humbleness... he had helped people in making hospital  , a school ,and a Gurudwara..for the community.
Lalaji was sick jus six mnths back and was hardly eating anything may be it was an indication ..Family took him to hospital ..Doctors said it coming to end so with few medications he will be there for few months and keep him happy at it an old age... he stopped eating and was on water only ...last few days
he had five kids all of them settled, most of the family moved to US but he said he would stay back .. so as of now the sons are old too so they came to village but the whole lot young crowd is in New york..grand daughter ,grand sons and even their kids,, they have their own businesses but make it a point to be back home every year.. now most of the family is back home for the last rites.
I couldn't go but one member from each extended family has flown back to say good bye to him...
 he lived long healthy life 110 yrs..without any medications or any chronic diseases..
..BUT service to GOD


Bikramjit said...

My condolences Harman, May he rest in peace.

Well whatever age it is always sad to see one of family go away ..


Jack said...


May God bless his departed soul with eternal peace and strength to the family to bear the loss.

Take care

Harman said...

very true..

@ uncle jack ..
.. yes!

Halima said...

My sincere condolenses! May he rest in peace. x

Rahul Bhatia said...

May his soul RIP