Wednesday, August 29, 2012

110 yrs ...gracefully

 Its a tribute to our Uncle who died at the age of 110 yrs fondly  known as "LALAJi" live a long healthy life is dream t by many of us ..but very few get an opportunity to be that healthy n stay that long to see best of the world and family.,,, seeing all grand kids married and even their kids married .. its well deserved Adieu to family and friends in the end!
 My Uncle aged 110 yrs passed last week ..he was in India ..most of the people who hear this .. ask the first question did he live so long ?? was he bed ridden??
and my answer is "NO" ..he wasn't bed home was taken care by kids and family ...
its unusual to live that long and a healthy life without any heart problems or diabetes or blood pressure or any kind of knee or hip replacement ... to stay good and keep rocking..

My Uncle who passed was Sardar Arjun Singh  he died at ripe age of 110 years ...he lived in small village ..near Amritsar most of the family is settled in New York but he dint have any urge to move out nor did he visit US.. he lived on his ancestral property called" haveli"with his wife and older son and some friends around.. Aunt passed away ..she was around 95 or 98yrs when she died.
I met him(lalaji) couple of years ago He was called "lalaji" by the whole family.. he was very fair .. had long flowing beard with turban in afgani style with a long shirt (kurta) and a chaddar ( sarong kind)  with punjabi crocodile style shoes(crocs) (punjabi jutti)  ..he was a known personality ,,in village and around the area ..had earned lot of respect ... due to his down to earth attitude and humbleness... he had helped people in making hospital  , a school ,and a Gurudwara..for the community.
Lalaji was sick jus six mnths back and was hardly eating anything may be it was an indication ..Family took him to hospital ..Doctors said it coming to end so with few medications he will be there for few months and keep him happy at it an old age... he stopped eating and was on water only ...last few days
he had five kids all of them settled, most of the family moved to US but he said he would stay back .. so as of now the sons are old too so they came to village but the whole lot young crowd is in New york..grand daughter ,grand sons and even their kids,, they have their own businesses but make it a point to be back home every year.. now most of the family is back home for the last rites.
I couldn't go but one member from each extended family has flown back to say good bye to him...
 he lived long healthy life 110 yrs..without any medications or any chronic diseases..
..BUT service to GOD

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blonde moment

..ok this is real life story not any joke or made up kind...and please no offense to anyone..

I love these pretty looking blonde innocent  (dumb) ;) girls.

..A very beautiful blond girl entered my office..a typical blonde with no bleached hair(I can recognize those fake Blondie's) ...looking at her deep blue eyes I asked her" how may I help you?"
she ordered some designer dresses from catalog and I made her order handed her the receipt and told her to come back in two weeks...

after two weeks 

I was at my desk with my glasses ... (I wear contact lenses usually)she came inn and I looked at her "hi how are you?"
she was little hesitant..I looked at her receipt and showed her dresses online to get approval ..she said" where is the other girl I met she was giving me some deal " I was jus gonna say I am the same person but I refrained myself wanted her opinion about me ..she said "I m fine go ahead and order" ... and will come back in two weeks to pick her dresses.

after two weeks

.. she came back I was without glasses this time ..she was happy to see me and said" where were you, there was somebody else last time... I like your way of dealing ..I asked her what happened( I wanted to know her mind)she said" she is little different and you are more pleasant ,its good you are here today"
I was looking... in fact staring at her how can someone be so innocent(dumb)?? .. she smiled looking and got up saying thanks ...It was nice meeting you.

I came home was narrating this episode to my hubby nine year old son sitting next to me said"mom you should have said to that blonde  I m gonna show you a magic today should have removed your glasses and made an unpleasant girl disappear in front of her ... she would be happy  dealing  with you.:P

Trust me its a real life joke!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

shy of being an indian? in US for more then 10 yrs I never felt away from my roots or from our culture ..they are so strongly inbuilt in me ..I can never be a confused personality ..I know who I am and where I come from.. being an Indian I feel proud to be born and raised at a place where Sun rises first and sets first...BUT when I  see people of my mom n dad's age saying" we are not indians .. .." I m taken aback ..even though you are living here in US for over forty years   ..still somewhere there is connection..and what about the looks how can you deny you are not an indian...?
Anyways .. this is not the first couple I met there are many others lady I knew .. I was surprised when she said " No I m an American .. I don't visit india and I have nobody there..But my dear friend ..does that make you an American??
well this is nothing BUT hypocrisy ..every person ..whomsoever he/she might be not necessarily Indian .. should feel proud to disclose his/her identity in real terms (origin of birth)..
there are many instances if I start narrating it would be like no end .. I m surprised by the parents here too ..who sometimes don't bother what the kid is saying or trying to be when they hide their real personalities.. a mom of teenager talking to me and I accidentally asked daughter something in Hindi she stared at me as if I spoke french..and said "I dont know this language ..I jus speak English .. and also I m born and raised here I looked at mom ..she said" no we do speak hindi at home but these kids don't bother I m planning to put her in some "Bal Vihar "classes run by the hindu temple ...
she was actually her daughters statement..
.. then there are parents here too who make it a point to teach kids their mother tongue and try to keep in touch with India taking them to regular vacations...
to my mind this is all in environment we live in ...if we are shy of disclosing our identity .. wht will kids do?
Like I had a business client 
I met him couple of times at work.. to me he appeared to be Spanish ..with his looks and name.. 
I happened to get in conversation with him one-day .. he said he is an "Indian "but the third generation.. he never visited india but his grand parents were Indians and then parents ...were indians too(born and raised in US) ..but they also never visited india ..and he has seen india in Bollywood movies only (with english sub-titles) but knows about its culture and history..and yes he knew exactly where it is located on the globe :)he said proudly
I was glad to hear that ..Good !!..
I tried convincing him to visit india and should see the country personally and not jus movies ...
it doesn't matter what name you keep or what accent you use or even you even change your looks but be proud of your nationality and religion ...

 indian flag

The tri-color flag means
 The top layer this color signifies courage and selflessness. India has a history of brave and loyal freedom fighters. Saffron indicates the strength of this nation and its will to give away all for the benefit of its people. Saffron is also the color of cloth worn by holy men of india since ancient times.

White: the middle layer  this color signifies peace and truth. A nation with diverse ethnic and cultural groups. Rich history, 22 officially recognized languages and more than 300 dialects. Some people think there are only 15 official languages because the language panel on indian rupee banknotes display the denomination of the note in 15 of the 22 official languages of india.

Green: the last layer the color signifies prosperity and fertility. A country ahead in every field and industry. Has names and people known for their achievement all over the world, a country that gives the best brains and population to almost every other nations’ success. A success that isn’t shared by most.

Chakra: the wheel in the center. Very well known as Asoka chakra taken from the Asoka reign pillar signifies justice. The 24 spokes signify 24 hours of a day.

Proud to be An Indian

Thursday, August 16, 2012

anger management..

.. Sure!! ..your temper flares up and you kinda get off the hook like a .. lunatic person many times it happened to you in a year?
did ya ever check??

.. storming to my office a Dame ..with shrunk eye-brows and face like squeezed mango..she yelled,I looked at her and very courteously asked her the reason ..for being mad..
something went wrong with her order and she was kinda  frustrated...
... I told her this can be rectified in a day and everything wud be perfect delivered at her door ..bUT she dint stop ... I had to raise my voice and tell her to leave from my work place as it wud be delivered  to her address tomorrow,,later I regretted for raising my voice ..was very guilty .. even though I wasn't at fault..but my own reaction to the whole situation embarrassed me later..
rather then getting mad why not use the energy to resolve the issue.. in the heat of moment I can understand the anger escalating But what personality do you develop ?
usually its said if you suppress anger it gets into depression and anxiety ..disrupts personal relation ship ..headaches , mental problems and even skin problems helps to determine how stressed  out we are!
there are very few minutes between action and reaction ..if you can control it ,it can actually solve the problem.
anger outburst can  create a bigger problem  then it is..
be a patient listener 
try breathing  exercises .. 
keep your odd thoughts at bay..
listen to more hilarious stuff..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wisconsin Massacre...The sikhs of America...

..its very sad what happened in Wisconsin gurudwara .. a white guy in Gurudwara killing innocent people for no reason... why??
is it hatred ?? is it mistaken identity ...??
 The tragedy in Oak Creek, Wisconsin has put the spotlight on a fascinating, misunderstood religion.

I came to know from relatives and friends early morning on sunday about this shooting heart goes out ..for people who lost their loved ones.
the president of the Gurudwara passed yesterday in hospital ..he was in critical condition,,,

Lt. Brian Murphy, 51, raced to the Sikh temple that was attacked Sunday and was met with nine bullets as he stood face-to-face with the shooter..A national Hero I wud .say our sincere thanks to this brave guy.
..Sikhs have always made their mark  all over America ..I will not be shy here to say the place like Milwaukee where Darshan singh dhaliwal owns many gas stations and 1000 across US and many in milwaukee alone how come sikhs are not known in Wisconsin ?

(darshan sigh dhaliwal right)

In Michigan a major area of construction and properties are owned by sikh (Grewals)named as "Prestigious Singhs"on each property whether its apartments or assisted living or malls.. hundreds of Americans work at these places and know sikhs very well ... how sikhs are not known?

California major farming and export of fruits and dryfruits ..sikhs will be seen .. and many Americans work on these places too ..Didar Singh Bains richest sikh farmers in america!
how come sikhs are not known?

Briefly, what is Sikhism?A monotheistic religion founded in the 1400s in the Punjab region of India, based on the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev and his nine immediate successors. Sikh comes from the Sanskrit for "disciple" or "instruction." Sikhism is now the fifth largest religion in the world, with more than 27 million members, most of them living in Punjab. There are only about 314,000 Sikhs in the U.S., and some 3,000 Sikh families in southeastern Wisconsin, where the shooting took place. 

Every American sikh today is hurting, "That turban has tragically marked us as automatically suspect, perpetually foreign and potentially terrorists."
 its sad!!!
 President Obama has ordered the US flags to be flown at half mast until August 10 to honor the victims of the Wisconsin Sikh temple massacre. He also called for a "soul searching" to find ways to reduce violence in America.