Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I found this beautiful pair of orange sandals ... with jute heels ,the color is sharp I guess but jus cudnt resist buying them...what do you think ? which colors go best with orange?
mustard yellow
olive green
I have a wedding to attend in New York next month I brought shoes ..dress is not yet decided :p
..its always like me ..pick wht you like best and arrange things accordingly later..
help me in color ...


Irfanuddin said...

wish i could suggest something here.....BTW how much high this sandle is, in inches...:))

Akila said...

Personally I feel mustard yellow with orange goes well

Kavita said...

Gorgeous sandals.I love mustard yellow .

Renu said...

sandals are lovely..I think brown will suit them best.

Rachna said...

The shoes look gorgeous. These days there is no color coordination of clothes and accessories so wear a dress of any color preferably not too bright and carry yourself with elan!

Bikramjit said...

I got no idea :) but I am sure you will look good in whatever you will be wearing ..


Jack said...


I think these look very cute. In my opinion these will go well with light colour - mustard yellow or white if you can wear that. Later on you may even try black, but of course not for attending wedding.

Take care

Harman said...

@ irfan bhai
..these are jus 3 inches which is considered platform in fashion world my problem is I never went higher then three inches cuz I can handle ... and these being platform s can help in dancing and moving around !
thanks :))

Harman said...

Akila ..
yes I like mustard yello too
have a dress too :))

Harman said...

@kavita :))
thanks I love mustard yellow!

Harman said...

@ renu
thanks ..brown definetely goes with orange but I need to check dresses !:))

Harman said...

@ rachna ..thanks you made me actually feel better.

Harman said...

@ bickey
see with your compliment I can decide so fast now

Harman said...

@ uncle jack
yes white ..but white n black is banned so options are red ,green , mustard yellow , brown!
I love otherwise white n yellow combo!

Ash said...

With orange? You can go for a dark shade of yellow, or white.... or black.

Do stop by my blog sometime :) ..... M * U * S * I * N * G * S