Sunday, June 24, 2012

iRisone photo .

(thats my hubby n his logo)
... Irisone photo a company handled by my husband ,we help in delivering memories and making an ordinary into extra-ordinary ..
We generally deal in pictures and video ... any moment to be captured it  needs a special effort to make it more special and I guess pictures are forever.
we have couple of people hired too but its only we end up doin weekend projects..most of the time ..weekdays only if something more important or something very interesting ... cuz he has his own job during weekdays...
We have a studio for special photo shoots for models and any kind of portfolio ... this studio is a rented place which is full equipped with special lights and backdrops  of different kinds ..has all high end Camera's ,lens and  software's to make it more special...
yes we provide help online ..
..Actually photography was something which I could see my hubby in his childhood albums when he was a kid ..capturing all moments ..he was jus  twelve yrs old ... it was passion for him to learn skills of photography .. learning online ..getting formal lessons .. its been almost 15 yrs now he is so well versed with each pose and correct lighting ..
I always asked him why you dint become a photographer ? his answer was "dad being an engineer would never settle for less ..he said this could be done as hobby .. and then looking technical atmosphere at home where most of the family is in this profession of engineering I decided to be well equipped with my degree which can never be a loss even if my business is not doin well!"
... we generally do video n pictures together for any kind of requirement .. but there have been times I had to go with his camera and did some video alone men's were not allowed...:))
I was little nervous first but he gave me a week's  training at home to make sure it comes out well..."it was girls party"
the video was for jus an hour but I am happy it came out well...and I covered maximum ..later on he edited and made it look like a movie.. magic (amazing!!)
I cannot show you most of good  work here cuz of privacy thing by customers and his website is password protected but jus to show you his piece of ART which I feel so proud of ..his aesthetic sense in IRISONE are couple of them.

(dance programme)
(graduation party)

(baby shower )



(photo shoot)

(a photo shoot ..for a model)

(modelling for a commercial )

birthday party


my younger son
thanks .************************************iRisonephoto*************************************


Rachna said...

That's superb! Your husband is a fabulous photographer!

Renu said...

wow.what pictures.epsecially of that little one's..

Its a good hobby and all the more better because you people are persuing it..

Dreaming Wanderer. said...

nice pics.. n a lovely logo :)
Wish irisone all d success..
Cheers :)

Jack said...


WOW! is what I can think of saying. He has really made his hobby more effective than even some professionals.

Take care

Mishi said...

this surely is some beautiful work! no wonder your photos are always so astonishing Harman!

oh and Btw, Can we add you on Facebook?

Rahul Bhatia said...

Amazing work, Harman:)

Amrit said...

I had checked his site earlier...great work :))

Harman said...

@rachana ..thanks :)

Harman said...

thanks ..yes to follow your dreams are when you make them real!

Harman said...

@dream wanderer..thanks..
sure I will for sure visit your blog.

R. Ramesh said...

wah wah super buddy..thanks for introducing mr harman..wishes to fmly

Harman said...

@uncle jack
thanks ..yaa hope he achieves wht he wants!!

Harman said...

@mishi thanks,,
yaa sure we can be fb friends!:))

Harman said...

thanks :)

Harman said...

@amrit ..thanks..
yes I mentioned you earlier too!

Harman said...

lolzz.MR harman
he wud be pissed off with this identity ..lolzzzz
so funny!!

The Beautifier said...

Lovely captures! Very impressive!

Ash said...

lovely, lovely photos!

ashok said...

great photography on display here...