Tuesday, June 19, 2012

happiness ...

...sitting on my bed and mirror on the wall  in-front of me I looked ..YUCK my messed up hair n face ... my big wide eyes with kohl liner looked tired and my skin looked little dry with no shine ,,, I thought may be ..its late hrs working and stress past few days made me look terrible,
getting up in my tees n pjs (which I love)I pulled my hair up and cleaned my face ..trying to look fresh,..

is it time flies by? I got married few yrs back ..everyone was WOW! you look good ..blah blah ... n I couldn't believe myself with so many compliments... then when I had my first kid ..people said you have radiant skin..I was more then happy ...then with another kid I got  more positive ..people asked me how do you keep yourself so maintained... my happiness knew no bounds,,, BUT suddenly wht happened??
are we jus habitual of taking compliments ... don't want to accept any kind change,,,
...is it fear of getting old?
...lately I had been very bsy and my schedule had been so upset ... my younger kid demanding attention all the time... N hubby bsy with his work n business it got even worse...
But amidst of all this last night I opened one of the letters from sons(Kevin) school showing up his mark-sheet.. in last quarter.. I was surprised ,,, all A 's and some remarks from the teacher sayin "he is a role model for his peers and a very hard working student in my class .. cheers!!all the best of next yr"
I called Kevin ...who started hiding saying "  my report card is still not satisfactory ?I tried my best mom ".. he was trying to hide under the bed  ;p
I pulled him out hugged him, blessed him... and looking in the mirror I felt so happy satisfied and radiant ...
I guess nothing but happiness matters!!
this makes anybody look beautiful :))


Uma said...

Hey Harman! you must be really proud of Kevin.. kids always bring a smile -:)

Harman said...

@UMA yes..
I am happy ..and hope he keeps a consistency in his studies,,
..it always a proud moment for parents.
thanks :)

Renu said...

yes..happiness has different forms, when young we look for outward beauty but with family we find happiness watching our children growing and succeding..this is the most beautiful thing for us.

Bikramjit said...

WELL DONE to the little handsome guy, and yes in the end trying the best is what matters the most ..

a big hug to the young man

and hey hey I too have something to share and boast about :) I am jsut wiating for some pictures to come then i will tell you.. You will like it I know.


Jack said...


One needs to live with times and accept growing old with grace. I am sure both your sons will make you and your husband very proud. God bless them.

Take care

Harman said...

@ bick
oye hoye ..kehdi pic ?
sohni jehi ...lol
something I really curious to see :)
thanks .. I will convey your message to kevin :)

Harman said...

True ..accept the age gracefully
and move with responsibility ..
thanks for your kind words.

Harman said...

@renu.. yes dear I agree ..its fun to see kids grow ..make clumsy mistakes .. part of parent hood!

Mom of A and a said...

Hi, I'm a new reader. Congratulations to your son! He seems like a really awesome kid, to try so hard and be concerned about your opinion!
Do visit my blog when you have the time!

Haddock said...

Yes nothing but happiness matters, and happiness comes in small packages..... the smaller the better to enjoy :-)