Sunday, June 10, 2012

**beauty skin deep **

beauty is skin deep .....
if this women is intelligent , millionaire and very clear heart-ed does it matter how she looks?
 I need honest opinions :) only

have a great weekend ...!!


Renu said...

For the unknown people looks matter, but once you start knowing the person, its always the inner beauty.

Personally I dont like beautiful people much as I find them fake and vain, i prefer people with good heart.

Rachna said...

Her appearance would still matter!

Bikramjit said...

hmmm There will be a lot of people right now ready to marry her for sure..

But personally for me, I will have to meet her to KNOW her better to get involved with her..


Jack said...


If she has compassion while dealing with others, is clear hearted and uses her intelligence for benefit of those who need support then nothing else matters, even if she is living simple life with no money to boast of.

Take care

Mishi said...

No its not..People lie when they say what matters z THE INNER BEAUTY and all...Crap! everyone likes beauty..I have seen the most of Un-attractive people judging others on merely their looks so yeah its not true...we do value the inner beauty but not at the cost of looks...when it comes to picking and choosing..people forget all about their aala-vicharz and all they look forward to is appearance...exceptions are there of-course but this is how what we generally do and u know what we are such hypocrates when it comes to ACTING what you preach!

n btw nice to see you:-*

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Harman said...

@ renu
its true ..but reality is hard ..
people like only beautiful people .. which is bad ..and these beautiful people are often wanted rest is ignored!
..Katrina kaif is one of the most wanted and successful stars today she cannot act properly she doesn't know hindi
but still loved by everyone..
other side talented actress still have to wait ..people like konkona sen , nandita das, even vidya balan had to wait to prove themselves.. isnt it enough!

Harman said...

@rachna ..
yes appearance matters I agree!

Harman said...

hmm.. to my mind many would like her for money ..and leave her after getting her money!
appearance matters!

Harman said...

@ uncle jack..very true sir
but ..this is very hypocritical world..
even the ugliest want their wud be daughter in -law to look like so n so ..
nothing original..
I wish people wud be not biased!

Harman said...

@ mishi
very true gurl!
I 100% agree wid you ..
very true!

ashok said...

it doesn't matter upto a certain threshold...but this case is a bit extream...thats my honest thought.

Harman said...

ok thanks for ur reply.

A S said...

She is indeed an inspiration. moreover look at her amazing self confidence..may be b'coz she has accepted and learned to love herself!