Wednesday, June 27, 2012

yelling ...??

 some people have double standards or maybe they are fools have no mind of their own..they make mistakes and later instead of rectifying it ..they YELL at others..

..posting vulgar pictures on social networking.. ..with bra and scarf ...and then yelling at guys ..
being vulgar and dirty minds ..wht for?
hello .. if they are vulgar wht are you? showing backless dress upto butt and saying look at my dress from **** designer ..wht do you expect from people?? are they saints?? monk!!
I was going through a friends profile ..where I saw this picture ...
A girls dressed for party in Bra and jeans with scarf (duppatta) wrapped on her shoulders ...below there are almost hundred comments ..vulgar n cheap.. its party in india ..
this girl is yelling at everyone  to their dirty n filthy minds.. I would like to ask her..who is in fault?why did you put this picture? wht do you expect people to say?? 
your profile is your responsibility .. and as far dirty minds are concerned ... a women walking half nude ..people wont respect her on social networking.... this picture is open for everyone ... to see ..why is she complaining??
this girl is telling everyone "I m gonna delete you A******"from my friends list...lmao she should delete her picture first!!
zip it up GIRL you have no right to blame others!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

iRisone photo .

(thats my hubby n his logo)
... Irisone photo a company handled by my husband ,we help in delivering memories and making an ordinary into extra-ordinary ..
We generally deal in pictures and video ... any moment to be captured it  needs a special effort to make it more special and I guess pictures are forever.
we have couple of people hired too but its only we end up doin weekend projects..most of the time ..weekdays only if something more important or something very interesting ... cuz he has his own job during weekdays...
We have a studio for special photo shoots for models and any kind of portfolio ... this studio is a rented place which is full equipped with special lights and backdrops  of different kinds ..has all high end Camera's ,lens and  software's to make it more special...
yes we provide help online ..
..Actually photography was something which I could see my hubby in his childhood albums when he was a kid ..capturing all moments ..he was jus  twelve yrs old ... it was passion for him to learn skills of photography .. learning online ..getting formal lessons .. its been almost 15 yrs now he is so well versed with each pose and correct lighting ..
I always asked him why you dint become a photographer ? his answer was "dad being an engineer would never settle for less ..he said this could be done as hobby .. and then looking technical atmosphere at home where most of the family is in this profession of engineering I decided to be well equipped with my degree which can never be a loss even if my business is not doin well!"
... we generally do video n pictures together for any kind of requirement .. but there have been times I had to go with his camera and did some video alone men's were not allowed...:))
I was little nervous first but he gave me a week's  training at home to make sure it comes out well..."it was girls party"
the video was for jus an hour but I am happy it came out well...and I covered maximum ..later on he edited and made it look like a movie.. magic (amazing!!)
I cannot show you most of good  work here cuz of privacy thing by customers and his website is password protected but jus to show you his piece of ART which I feel so proud of ..his aesthetic sense in IRISONE are couple of them.

(dance programme)
(graduation party)

(baby shower )



(photo shoot)

(a photo shoot ..for a model)

(modelling for a commercial )

birthday party


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I found this beautiful pair of orange sandals ... with jute heels ,the color is sharp I guess but jus cudnt resist buying them...what do you think ? which colors go best with orange?
mustard yellow
olive green
I have a wedding to attend in New York next month I brought shoes ..dress is not yet decided :p
..its always like me ..pick wht you like best and arrange things accordingly later..
help me in color ...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

happiness ...

...sitting on my bed and mirror on the wall  in-front of me I looked ..YUCK my messed up hair n face ... my big wide eyes with kohl liner looked tired and my skin looked little dry with no shine ,,, I thought may be ..its late hrs working and stress past few days made me look terrible,
getting up in my tees n pjs (which I love)I pulled my hair up and cleaned my face ..trying to look fresh,..

is it time flies by? I got married few yrs back ..everyone was WOW! you look good ..blah blah ... n I couldn't believe myself with so many compliments... then when I had my first kid ..people said you have radiant skin..I was more then happy ...then with another kid I got  more positive ..people asked me how do you keep yourself so maintained... my happiness knew no bounds,,, BUT suddenly wht happened??
are we jus habitual of taking compliments ... don't want to accept any kind change,,, it fear of getting old?
...lately I had been very bsy and my schedule had been so upset ... my younger kid demanding attention all the time... N hubby bsy with his work n business it got even worse...
But amidst of all this last night I opened one of the letters from sons(Kevin) school showing up his mark-sheet.. in last quarter.. I was surprised ,,, all A 's and some remarks from the teacher sayin "he is a role model for his peers and a very hard working student in my class .. cheers!!all the best of next yr"
I called Kevin ...who started hiding saying "  my report card is still not satisfactory ?I tried my best mom ".. he was trying to hide under the bed  ;p
I pulled him out hugged him, blessed him... and looking in the mirror I felt so happy satisfied and radiant ...
I guess nothing but happiness matters!!
this makes anybody look beautiful :))

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

reflection... are reflection of your personality ..good bad or ugly ..they show their behavior and upbringing when in public..I sometimes notice moms are busy talking or having couple of drinks without noticing the kid in-front of you is seeing all this when you take a tequila shots or hard drink... what do your kids think?
recently I noticed a women in late forties wearing a small  skirt and tube top at barbeque party ..the older son is like twenty three year old sitting in the same party ... I don't blame mom here neither the kid at one point I think we should wear something agreeable with age no matter even if you carry body  like mallika sherawat (indian dancer) ... 
on other side I noticed a teenagers mom wearing a jump suit where daughter is seventeen year old (she should be wearing jumpsuit) but wearing a decent skirt with top.. ..
then the story after late night parties...
where dirty dancing starts with sexiest moves and .. hot songs ..wht culture is this?
wht are your kids learning... 
I was once at this kind of party when ..I had some nausea due to loud music so went outside to get some fresh air..
I noticed teenagers smooching outside in dark... felt so sick came inside but inside the culture was same ..dirty dancing with vulgar poses ..
I thought may be I am not meant to be here or this is  not what my parents taught me ...that was the last day in that place... 
what we do n behave actually teaches our kids ... we don't need to clarify or repent later.. .
liberal outlook doesn't mean ..wearing less clothes ... smooching in public or dancing with some other partner .. 
its Cheap!
teenage pregnancy or ..drugs or even getting into bad company is result of this ...!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

**beauty skin deep **

beauty is skin deep .....
if this women is intelligent , millionaire and very clear heart-ed does it matter how she looks?
 I need honest opinions :) only

have a great weekend ...!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

the*Winner. always has ups and downs ..A women goes through many things in life ... now you must be thinking why women ? not men...
the reason I said women cuz she is the one who leaves her family and comes to a new family and house where she has to prove her ability and always at giving end ,,mom ,daughter ,sister or wife.
some girls are very strong and come out as winners against odds .. they have lot of patience ... 
they are determined and they keep trying ..keeping a low profile focused on their work jus keeping all negative thoughts at bay.
I met her in one wedding ..she is an top executive in a company .. I had heard about her before but dint knew until I met her.
...standing quietly in a business suit ..( I think she jus arrived from airport)..I said "hi" to her ...
she is my aunts friend .. they studied together in india ..then got married and came to US... she had masters degree in english...back home...
when she came to US it was a whole lot new atmosphere ..and then living with in-laws who were not very humble and always expected one or the other thing from her .. cooking ,cleaning  and then keeping the family happy...proving to be a good daughter -in law...
I came to know they gave her hard time at home ... and sometimes situations are not in favor too..
Then she tried to get an entry level job in one of the IT firms ... it was to make an extra income and get a break from home.. fortunately the family agreed...
She was very new ,hard to get an American accent .. so it took her some time to adjust on this temporary position( the lady had gone on maternity leave) she was on customer support..
... in few months she picked the accent and it worked really well... they moved her to another group ..and gave her some training in IT ...improving her skills... 
She showed some good results .. always quite and focused on work home she took care of everything in the morning ..goin to work and helping everyone ... after a year or so the company  told her to start with college some courses to get a better position in the management ... they would help her in college tuitions  and all.. 
She started with college ,working part-time  and then living up-to everybody expectation at life became even tougher but this thought of making big was her motivation in life and it would be better with little more income plus it gave her some identity and some importance at work.
she finished her college and she was in management ..after almost four to five yrs of her work. ..she was at managerial position ..But there is one thing about this women I would say here perseverance and her dignity she never left ... she was handling major programmes now,
... There were few courses she did again some kind of programming she learned .. a constant urge to upgrade her knowledge and skills ..But now she had a strong footage in that company ... in few yrs she was at directorial position ... 
At home things took a turn -in law was surprised by her confidence and hubby who was doin some business in real-estate took advantage of her contacts and made business flourish..
she was now very successful  in her career ... Then came a major turning point when another  company offered her a president position now she was so well versed had her hands on major decisions so she made a counter offer of some percentage of her shares in the company ..which they agreed and now in California she is at one of the highest positions ... in the company
today her kids are on a verge of getting married ... a daughter as lawyer is hired by her own company and son as engineer is also working there...
in -laws cant stop praising her ( same egative people)..she settled all her relatives in India and abroad ..helped everyone financially ..even friends ... 
today when I see her I can't imagine this was a simple girl from a small city made it so big and such a pride for the family ...
do we still wish we had sons? 
girls are no less jus need an opportunity ..I am sharing with you all this because those who are disheartened please take a break and go to work may be an opportunity is waiting for you.