Tuesday, March 20, 2012


sometimes.. some good things  are unexpected and they bring you lot of compliments... I always had an eye for something different in style whether clothes ,shoes,purses or watches ..even my key chains... An owl :)) 
I never believed it has to be designer only or very expensive but looked for quality and class... 
Walking in mall I came across an eye catching thing ...it was purse ..
I looked  at it as if that purse had a magnetic pull it was drawing me towards her...I went to that small booth carrying purses only...two Chinese gurls looking at me ..I asked her to show me that purse... I looked at the quality and craftsmanship ...it was beautifully made..appeared like Big Huge Flower ..but actually a purse,..
I looked at the gurls.. they said" Mam  it looks good on you .. its trendy"I asked her the price .... she said***before I could say anything she reduced the price and said it will be discounted..for **..
I liked the purse and asked her for matching wallet in zebra stripes ..she looked around but couldn't find one ...I said its ok and left...
trust me with this purse I got so many compliments ..as never before... I had been carrying Channel, guess , coach , and many other brands ...but never people stopped me to ask or took pictures of my purse. :)
whether at gas station or mall ... ladies will looks at the purse and ask me the store name and brand...lol
I was having a tooth ache and in severe pain went to a dentist ...the Doctor looked at me and said" hmm in pain but always in style" (I have known him since last ten yrs);p I looked at him he was examining the purse  before me ..and said its a huge flower ..but a purse actually..good good!!
keep up the style! lolzzz

The amazing incident was when shopping in the store ..the lady ringing my stuff took this purse aside and trying to look at the brand ..I looked for my purse ..seeing her I said" hey ...its my purse ..what are you doing?"
she looked at me and said "I am looking for price tag, thought you got it from here"I asked her "do you have these kinda purses in your stores?"she said "no" then..I looked at her... she was actually trying to read the brand name of the bag..:P
 .... its surprising to me such compliments here and there seems like its an antique piece now!

my beautiful purse.


Bikramjit said...

oooh lovely purse and a channel one too :)


kavita said...

Ye purse humko de de thakur :)
It is a beauty :)

Jack said...


You have an eye for good things. Looks very attractive.

Take care

Rachna said...

Ah nice purse :)


The Beautifier said...

WOW Its a flower handbag!! I love the zebra print flower on it, its unique and stylish!! Coincidently I also posted pics of my flower handbag today on my blog!!

p.s since my post holiday trip this is my first visit to your blog, have a lot to catch up with you :)

Uma said...

Hey Harman, send me one of your pretty purses :)

harman singh said...


harman singh said...

ha haaaaa

harman singh said...


harman singh said...


harman singh said...

really! such a coincidence,,,
wud love to see!hope you had fun filled holidays ...and have some good stuff to blog!

Shadow of my life said...

awwww...i want one too :)

Shadow of my life said...

awwww...i want one too :)

harman singh said...

@shadow of my life..
Sure.. send me you r address wud send you one!!

Rahul Bhatia said...

This looks really nice:)