Saturday, March 3, 2012


last night watching "tere naal love ho gya" ...Indian bollywood movie me it was far from reality ..and Genelia a pretty looking gurl next to Ritesh deshmukh (bollywood stars)looked very fake to me ..some scenes are just forced upon us ...
Genelia has still long way to go.. she has to learn lot of acting..Ritesh is as usual very expressive and real... he is a good actor.
I am surprised by the indian film industry as to why their films have much hyped punjabi family and a sikh girl running from home.. I mean what bull shit is this??
who does like that ?? I am from punjab and I had always seen the gurls in very protective environment ..and respecting their parents in and as any indian family..not running here n there shown in movies which  is not reality....nor part of punjab or any indian culture.
Genelia (Indian actress)
Like , I met a client who's teenager daughter went to india for first time ... maybe she had some picture of india in her mind after seeing the Bollywood movies ..she was taken aback to see far from reality ..what India is and all that shown in movies..not even closer all that limelight and boldness ....its all fake,. ..people please grow up N my request to the Indian film industry ..try to show our culture and some good subjects ..instead of all these fake things,,, We who are living outside india ..always look for best of our country at-least from our own movies, director's n producers.. .. We have always created a niche and got nominated for Oscars ..please keep up the name of the country and culture.


Rakesh Kumar said...

You are very right Harman.
Our film industry should
not project a fake distorted
picture of our culture.You
are very true to say
'try to show our culture and
some good subjects..instead of
all these fake things...'

Thanks for the nice thoughts.
Find time to visit my blog.

Jack said...


Unless there is some TAMAASHAA how will they make money? How many of us start singing songs running around trees? So it is just a game of entertaining people to make money. There are some movies which are very realistic but most of those fail at box office.

Take care

Bikramjit said...

that's why they are called REEL life and not REAL life :)


Rahul Bhatia said...

Harman, this is the most painful part of the Hindi movies in general to go totally adrift,so far from reality

Vyankatesh said...

Interesting post :)

Many filmmakers are weaving dreams - dreams away from reality, as you mentioned.

Some of them reflect reality - however harsh it may be.

I wonder if this reality made SD a big success.

Mishi said... are right..reality should be portrayed that it may not exploit the true picture..and thanks for the movie review..I was planning to watch it..I will go for another film now:-)

Uma said...

Hey Harman, I haven't seen this movie yet, but Genelia is good..
as far as any movie is concerned, I think its fiction. I guess logic is miles away in movies.

Rachna said...

Though many movies are made better, some sadly still follow the formula.

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

I was planning on watching this movie.. But now I call it quits. Its a pain that we have very few movies that portrays India and its life in real. But if you look at it otherwise movies are some sort of entertainment and if you can live 2 - 3 hours of your life in a world filled with dreams forgetting all the worries, I'd say the directors and the film unit in total have made a good movie. My thoughts only :)

dr.antony said...

You live the real life, and for the majority, it is all pain and suffering.They just wish to see something different.No one takes Hindi movies seriously. Like the old MGR movies, where the heroes come wearing red pants,yellow shirt and green neck ties, these movies are just jokes.I agree. They should only be shown here !

harman singh said...

@ rakesh kumar.. thanks:)
hope our film industry has some better ideas.

harman singh said...

..running behind the trees!
very true,,

harman singh said...

reel or real.. whteverrr but some kind of brain can be used ..such unrealistic scenes..Guy .."kidnapping people as his family business.."all fake..

harman singh said...

@rahul.. I agree..but dont you think we should make movies on autobiographies of heros or period movies or even something to be proud of to world can see,, at least one picture every year should be nominated for oscar.

Phạm Minh Tâm said...

@ Vatinam+
Wish you a good day and full of joy...


Movies are sometimes not watchable nowadays. I just don't allow my kids to watch except for some good moral valued movies.

Kinara :) said...

Totally agreed.
The same old hypocrisy!
Very well said and summed up!:)