Saturday, March 31, 2012

need n greed!

need and greed  two opposite terms ...But if you look closely and remove "N" with "G" it changes the meaning and purpose ..I usually see the greed thing when its free of cost and how people behave as if there is no end... it doesn't matter whether its rich or poor but you can actually see the greed inside that want to acquire more and more...
Parties , religious functions or weddings ,,, the way people eat if there is no end..
health hazard it can be but who cares? 
Every sunday I go to Gurudwara (sikh temple) for prayers and help in the kitchen if wanted by anyone from the community...the Gurudwara people offer breakfast buffet in the morning with wide variety of food made fresh in the kitchen with the help of people...
I am surprised to see the amount  of food  big pile of plate carried by people...(the food is almost ready to fall from plate)as breakfast in the morning ,,,, 
An Aunty ahead of me carried a big plate loaded with jalebis only ..I thought maybe five people will share and took one plate .... but as I came to sit there she happened to be sitting next to me ...I saw her eating jalebis (sweets) seriously loaded with sugar one by one ..and then all gone ,,,she was so slim no fat ..I thought "hmmm jalebi raaz hai inki acchi sehat ka"
nyways jokes apart ..another uncle came plate loaded with paranthas and pakora (fritters)... wide variety of chutneys and bowl of yogurt ...he looked at me and blessed me  ..said"betaji not eating anything ?"I said "I have it in my plate" he  laughed ..."eat something this a joke!"looking at my plate he said...
and I am surprised uncle ate everything and ..enjoying masala tea later. :))

The break fast starts at nine and continues till 11pm ...after that lunch is served at 12:30 pm and continues till 2:30 ..I am surprised to see the crowd which attends prayers for jus an hour but main attraction is food and wide variety of  drinks, juices and milk.
There is no end to greed can be seen there in langar hall( dining area)total madness ,no end to refills.. people goin crazy .... kids goin mad for juice n coke..
Indian food always tastes good no doubt ..but keeping your health in mind and also if its free doesn't mean today is the last day of your life ...people its your own stomach and every sunday this food is here...jus go slow part of sikh religion a ritual carried to provide food for free in Gurudwara so that no body sleeps hungry...
But this looks like people enjoy all meals and ready for dinner too.. 
there are other Gurudwaras where all three meals  are served to people for free ...but its our responsibility to behave like adults and not kids...

Parties ,weddings or anywhere else where food is free......try to keep your greed in control..I would say freedom from greed ..and help others in making that food in kitchen where very few people are there and rest outside enjoying jalebelis and laddoo's ..
have a good weekend!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


sometimes.. some good things  are unexpected and they bring you lot of compliments... I always had an eye for something different in style whether clothes ,shoes,purses or watches ..even my key chains... An owl :)) 
I never believed it has to be designer only or very expensive but looked for quality and class... 
Walking in mall I came across an eye catching thing was purse ..
I looked  at it as if that purse had a magnetic pull it was drawing me towards her...I went to that small booth carrying purses only...two Chinese gurls looking at me ..I asked her to show me that purse... I looked at the quality and craftsmanship was beautifully made..appeared like Big Huge Flower ..but actually a purse,..
I looked at the gurls.. they said" Mam  it looks good on you .. its trendy"I asked her the price .... she said***before I could say anything she reduced the price and said it will be discounted..for **..
I liked the purse and asked her for matching wallet in zebra stripes ..she looked around but couldn't find one ...I said its ok and left...
trust me with this purse I got so many compliments never before... I had been carrying Channel, guess , coach , and many other brands ...but never people stopped me to ask or took pictures of my purse. :)
whether at gas station or mall ... ladies will looks at the purse and ask me the store name and
I was having a tooth ache and in severe pain went to a dentist ...the Doctor looked at me and said" hmm in pain but always in style" (I have known him since last ten yrs);p I looked at him he was examining the purse  before me ..and said its a huge flower ..but a purse actually..good good!!
keep up the style! lolzzz

The amazing incident was when shopping in the store ..the lady ringing my stuff took this purse aside and trying to look at the brand ..I looked for my purse ..seeing her I said" hey ...its my purse ..what are you doing?"
she looked at me and said "I am looking for price tag, thought you got it from here"I asked her "do you have these kinda purses in your stores?"she said "no" then..I looked at her... she was actually trying to read the brand name of the bag..:P
 .... its surprising to me such compliments here and there seems like its an antique piece now!

my beautiful purse.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


...traffic laws are funny and so are the cops.. no offence  bikram :P ..jus a casual thought..
driving back home.. it was dark and waiting at the intersection ..a car came and stood next to me ..I realized someone is staring at me ..I looked at the car next to me ... it was a guy .. I looked at the car it was Police ..a cop ..But why is he staring at me..?? why why??
I kept looking straight ..he was again staring .. why the hell he staring ??Oh common now.. I gave a stare back returned it with thank you N I am married .. should I show you my ring now?.. huh!
Before I could move as it turned to green ..his tyres screeched and he moved his car seems like he was after someone now ... I kept my speed in limit making sure he doesn’t come back...or I get ticket for no reason ...
as I reached home ..on my drive way I came to know I wasn't putting a seat belt ..tch tch tch :p
thanks to the cop for being so nice and jus kept on staring with no ticket or points..

Saturday, March 3, 2012


last night watching "tere naal love ho gya" ...Indian bollywood movie me it was far from reality ..and Genelia a pretty looking gurl next to Ritesh deshmukh (bollywood stars)looked very fake to me ..some scenes are just forced upon us ...
Genelia has still long way to go.. she has to learn lot of acting..Ritesh is as usual very expressive and real... he is a good actor.
I am surprised by the indian film industry as to why their films have much hyped punjabi family and a sikh girl running from home.. I mean what bull shit is this??
who does like that ?? I am from punjab and I had always seen the gurls in very protective environment ..and respecting their parents in and as any indian family..not running here n there shown in movies which  is not reality....nor part of punjab or any indian culture.
Genelia (Indian actress)
Like , I met a client who's teenager daughter went to india for first time ... maybe she had some picture of india in her mind after seeing the Bollywood movies ..she was taken aback to see far from reality ..what India is and all that shown in movies..not even closer all that limelight and boldness ....its all fake,. ..people please grow up N my request to the Indian film industry ..try to show our culture and some good subjects ..instead of all these fake things,,, We who are living outside india ..always look for best of our country at-least from our own movies, director's n producers.. .. We have always created a niche and got nominated for Oscars ..please keep up the name of the country and culture.