Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Attention Seeking Disorder

its a very common problem ...and most of the social networking sites are working or making money on these lines of disorder among humans ...
specially females.. every damn pictures ..good bad or ugly is there ..jus for the heck of that attention..N all those road side romeos.. will fill that page with their weird comments.. needless to say that this attention was seeked and it came in so handy..
I had a friend who logged inn after brushing her teeth in the morning... and left at midnight ...whole day those updates and every damn picture ...on face-book
after some time it was surprise to her when one of the guys collected all those pictures compiled and made a video ..putting it on U tube..But I would say you always get back what you sow .. and responsible for your own deeds...
Many pages you can come across where random pictures of these kind of people have been picked up from their profiles and given name to those pages.. irrespective of any ones privacy..But who is responsible ? we ,our self..who post every minor detail and if you happen to look at these pages where random pictures are there ..all vulgar comments ..dirty filthy minds ... can be seen.

it goes hand in hand ..Attention seeking disorder and people who look for this kind of weakness in others.. even if you lock your pictures ..don’t forget there are friends from your own profile who do all this and pass pictures to their friends...
sometimes I feel its like checking your worth in public and their opinions...
the funniest updates you can read ...the dumb excuses you can make ... 
for no reason an ugly picture would be liked or" OMGD beautiful .."
 ...(all crap)
To me if you ever want to be praised it has to be real no pictures  Face-book or any other site  ..keep your privacy and never indulge into this fake world ...
Self claimed models N divas in abundance on face-book and other sites many are real or beautiful?  .. those who are REAL divas they have only official pages and no real pictures,,, SAD isn't it!!such a contradictory thing..
These attention seekers make these sites successful and through these people then there are other set of  people who make their own business run.. ..its all linked..
do we really need to check our worth in public? we don’t have confidence?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

whts up DOG !

I guess ... we need only Dogs now..cuz rest have taken the sleeping pills !!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yuvraj Singh.

yuvraj singh.

We all know about yuvraj singh and his treatment in US for cancer...the thirty year old Indian Cricket player going through chemotherapy and best of treatment by world class doctor in Boston...
I was surprised the other day when a devastated father Yograj singh ..bluntly yelling at one of the punjabi channels  shown here in US at yuvrajs mom n moms family for not taking care of him.. ( I believe they are separated )where he revealed that in-spite of telling yuvraj again and  again he turned a deaf ear on his persistent body disorder ...defying  it as common cough and cold.I understand his love for his son but speaking to media me it appeared somewhere he is taking out a grudge by being so impolite when the child is suffering...he might be right in his own way ...but looking at the circumstances these issues can be resolved at home as media I would say always looks for news to make it more exciting.

Other thing when whole world looks forward for Yuvis speedy recovery and praying for his health HE as a father should not indulge into family politics or giving interviews to media... after all we all want to see Yuvraj singh back in the field fit and fine ,playing and making the country proud.

When parents get separated or love turns sour ..its hard to see how relationships change..
God bless and we all pray for Yuvraj's speedy recovery.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


... I was walking around in the mall and came across the cell phone booth ..such impressive cell phones I looked around of them was so cute ..A guy on booth looking at me came to me and asked you want to see some more...
.which college are you studying ?
I looked at him in surprise ...why??
he said "ok I can give you a better discount if you can show me your id ,as we have deals for students..."
I looked at him ..and said .."its ok I am jus browsing if I like anything I will definitely let you know."
..I came home and told my husband "see I got a compliment today ...I was mistaken as a college student..he asked for my id to give me a better discount"

(now his compliment has to be bigger then mine)

hearing this my husband said with smile " you know whenever I go to liquor store they check my ID mistaken as minor under eighteen :)"
................have a nice weekend...........................

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

..Music n lyrics..

..this lady I met at a show recently An indian ..last week ..about 33 or 35 yrs of age ...she looked at me N said " hey your frm north "? yes I said ..A Punjabi...
you know what I love punjabi songs ... I have all punjabi song  ring tones though I cannot understand the lingo but music is so awesome love to hear again n again ..she said with pride ...
I looked at her and smiled "yes its good" 
I heard the ring tone,maybe some body was calling was a popular track..
the song was" setti maar ke bulano hatt jaa, " I laughed looking at her ... she was busy talking to someone,then after some time she came to me .."hey why were you laughing hearing that ring tone ...please translate that song to me it funny ? what does it say?..
she had all the songs in her play list...
...I couldn’t stop laughing says..I said..

a gurl saying ... "don’t whistle n bother me ... its annoying"
.. n the boy says ..dont walk  into my street everyday with your bangles that jingles all the time...
girl says" I am trying to explain you that you cannot flatter me in any case ..n dont be a fool to follow me,dont dream of me ..and dont whistle as you look at bothers me.."
Boy says" ..I have lost my heart and you are giving me sleepless nights ...that beautiful skirt you are wearing with peacock embroidered on it..dont carry all those fashions and coming to my street regularly....
... all that jingles of your bangles me sleepless nights...
..after listening to all this translation she was dumb stuck  ... 

.its always better to know the song and understand before you put a ring tone and let others publically hear that shouldn’t be a shock..
Music has no boundaries n religion but ..the lyrics should be of your choice and personality :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012


...Amaazing ...something to enjoy...I cudnt take my eyes off this marina bay sands skyscaper..
I wanted to blog this ...when first I saw these pictures I thought its morphed ...
But then went to the history...
Sands SkyPark in Singapore is an awe-inspiring engineering wonder. This unique structural masterpiece, designed by visionary architect Moshe Safdie, floats atop the three soaring Marina Bay Sands hotel towers 200m in the sky. At the top of the 55 storey building is a 150-meter infinity swimming pool.
looking at these pictures ..its like swimming on the edge ...but in actual this drop goes to the main pool and then circulated back..
The pools have two circulation systems. The first functions like that of a regular pool, filtering and heating the water in the main pool. The second filters the water in the catch basin and returns it to the upper pool.
 this resort features  2,561-room hotel..and amazing architectural facts..It also marked the opening of the seven celebrity chef restaurants. The highly-anticipated

Broadway musical The Lion King debuted on 3 March 2011 s considered to be taLLest swimming pool in the world Marina Bay Sands,also known as infinity pool..N not only that Skypark also features a botanical garden with 250 species of trees and 650 plants (of course). The term ‘roof-top deck’, used for this gigantic park in the sky seems like a misnomer here huh?

How did the Skypark and the 15,000 sq ft Infinity Pool come about?

Well, according to Safdie, once the footprint of the building was laid out on site, the complex still lacked the space required for recreational facilities like swimming pools, gardens and jogging paths. Hence Safdie’s incredibly testosterone-laden idea of lifting up the entire recreation-cum-relaxation zone by creating a three-acre skypark 200 metres above ground.
 this skyscraper was formed ...

aren’t they amazing?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Girls VS boys :)

... its a hard  reality:)
have a nice weekend...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


...its sad to see people getting into rat race ..and living like beggars in-spite of having everything in life,but jus the greed and not the need which makes them miser...
this guy to came to stay in my aunts  rental property..which is an out house...his wife and family  back in L.A so he took one room he was a computer engineer...
every day this guy Mr M who was from india originally came home and kept minimal stuff as per his needs ..most of the time he ate jus those ready made soups or ready food nick-knacks but never a proper meal.. 
one day my aunt made some food and gave it to him for dinner as he never ate properly ,he was so happy and said "aunty Punjabi food is so good I love Punjabi food .."
my aunt treating him like a son ,whenever made dinner passed on a platter to him thinking he away frm family and in need of money ,so its a help.
on weekends also he never cooked and jus spent time here and there eating all those powdered foods ..and heating them in microwave...I mean its pathetic..why do we earn??
His dressing sense very poor two or three shirts and same kind everyday in office ....
thinking to be in need of money or saving for family but one day he was looking at the album when my aunt asked him to pass the album and pictures she was amazed to see his pictures back home in LA ...A big huge house ,two BMW in drive way.. one rental property .. wife working as manager in some company and two kids going to private school...
..My aunt was shocked ..why the hell are you living like this ? he said aunty we save maximum and spend minimum I am alone here so why spend unnecessarily ...
but why don’t you eat properly ? my aunt said..
you can fall sick ...we earn for a good living one house is enough..don’t need more if health is not there or proper hygiene whats use of that earning ? if you cant spend on yourself...we jus need to have one good house to lead a good quality life..but  he dint like my aunt being so blunt...and left soon after that ,he was laid-off he said "due to some personal reasons"
but it was body odour we came to know later
...there is one life to live n quality makes a difference...if you cannot enjoy and in-spite of having everything leading life like a beggar jus showing off  people BMW or huge house or never used a deodorant and that freakin smell killing people in the office...whats meaning of that life? why insult your country and people...whats use of this education and degree?
its a shame!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

...Tim hortons!!!


..sitting in my office ..with a cup of french vanilla cappuccino ... every sip has a satisfaction no other coffee would even try to match ...I fell in love with this coffee Joint when first time stopped at rest area during our trip to Toronto..."OH my God "..was my first reaction at the very sip of this coffee...
Unmatched quality perfection at every sip..very low price and full to its capacity ...that’s TIM HORTONS premium coffee in US ..
two buck  ..for a cup of coffee ..largest Canadian chain of coffee and fast food restaurant... Its an addiction anyone who loves Tim Horton ..
..the prices can be competitive as compared to one s in Canada since the ones in US are much cheaper and quantity is more ...I usually order small double-double ..(double cream n sugar)
..I would rate Tim Horton’s higher then Star bucks ..which is considered to be pricey n one of the premium coffee in US..
.lovingly known as Timmy ,has been dishing out those toasted panini sandwiches for two  bucks or so ..which is more then enough for one person....
...I am one happy satisfied customer of Tim Horton’s :)
those who haven't tried please wont regret I promise ;p
french vanilla cappuccino..give it a try!!

panini sandwich