Wednesday, January 18, 2012

tag time 2012

 Thanks to bikram ...I have been tagged by him ...I think one of my oldest friend on   blog...I remember when I started blogging for fun in 2008 ...before that I maintained a diary..and then blogging world started ..first ones to come on my blog was dharmjit and bikram...
Bikram posted a link to read his blog at that time ..after that I met many bloggers.....But somehow some  got offended with some post which I dint understand till date... people have their own mind sets and blocks which you cannot change ...
now picking up the tag ..I hope I do justice to that!!

 – Your most beautiful post
I remember when I met this lady .. I was numb..thinking about her for hrs how could anybody be so brave yet so loving and calm...she was an inspiration to me to let off go those in misery and suffering,, that’s life..
 it got all the attention that wanted and did full justice!

– Your most popular post
 I was overwhelmed by the response very touching topic it was all of us has to grow old and also go through those same problems...but everyone had their own views which was good to know!

– Your most controversial post
 ... Some people hated for that :) so annoyed ..never knew it would hurt so much ..few of my army friends got annoyed :(posted comments under Anonymous, if you mess with me  dont think putting anonymous comment would help to hide your ids ...I can still see those ids but I never knew I wud start an argument with this post, anyways got resolved with time.

– Your most helpful post
 this was a fun post help me to knew wht should I do when I am back home n people are lured by west!

– A post whose success surprised you
 I was surprised to see the reponse of pictures as I had taken frm my Iphone 4g which I assumed to be very normal..but pictures came out too good

– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
 This is very popular post thou but dint get that kinda attention from bloggers as always I see random readers coming to my blog goin through post which is on search engine...

– The post that you are most proud of
Being a mom I can never tell anyone not to go for motherhood... it offended some bloggers but I jus cant change others views n their own fundamentals!

I nominate up to 5  bloggers to take part.
1) UMA
congrats  to all the people who have been nominated....those who pick the tag need to nominate at least five more people ..CUZ happiness is all about spreading around and not keeping it to yourself.


Amrit said...

Hi Harman,

I accept the tag and my next post will be this tag. I just published something today so it will be next week.

I am not sure how I missed your bride post. May be I was not in blogging world at that time.

About your controversial post, I had read it but could not comment as I was not in a position to type.

Bikramjit said...

YEah i remember when we first started visiting each others blog, and here we are :)

Thanks harman for taking up this tag .. I have been on all of the articles :) but it was good re reading them all over again ..


kavita said...

I first noticed you in Bikram's blog and after a while thought of saying Hi to you and here we are .I have read most of your post :)Love you for your honesty.Thanks for the tag .

Rakesh Kumar said...

I too had earlier visited your blog.
I always awaited you on my blog.
I think you know Hindi well.
All the best wishes to you,Harman.

Jack said...


I will need time to read all mentioned posts before I say anything. Please bear with me.

Take care

SM said...

nice post
with good links

Harman said...

thanks ..thats so nice of you!
hope we all as bloggers stay in touch forever!

Harman said...

thank you too
..yaa its fun to be tagged and revive past memories!

Harman said...

thanks dear!its always pleasure to read your blogs too
I am so glued to all the information posted at the blog..its like travelling with you through the blog

Harman said...

@Rakesh kumar..
Sorry if I missed your post...
you write hindi very well! too good...
stay connected!

Harman said...

@uncle jack
no problem...I am glad you take time to come to our blogs thanks!

Harman said...

@SM..thanks you dear!

Rakesh Kumar said...

Many many thanks to you,Harman
for your visit on my blog.

The Beautifier said...

All your posts are nice and worth reading :) xoxo