Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Green Card.

Green Card ..its actually a trump card ( a wining ticket)for anyone desperate to settle in  US..
People  stoop low to get permanent residency in US as Green card solves all immigration problems..
There are contract marriages,marriage for convenience and many kinds of frauds .. which is SICK..
People my whole idea of this post is jus to let you know never get into any kind of trap Cuz most of the boys n girls look of citizens in US to get married..the reason behind for those proposals are jus n jus to get immigration n settle here ...all these are fraud marriages.
Girls or Boys coming from India to get married here in US please be sure you know the party well and has some relatives here who are ready to help you during time of need otherwise its mental trauma.

Most of our family is in US and most of the kids are married here too ...But its very unfortunate that people here on matrimonial sites and even otherwise cheated us for green card jus to get the status..its hard to find out or know but when you actually come to know its too late...
its not only a trauma but getting into legal hassle and spending your time and money in the court.
We were again in a trap but came to know this time...the guy we found for our cousin was a physician, who was more then willing to get married but actually jus looking for status as he had immigration problems and this would be jus for green card!
how we came to know is a long story ...but to cut short he was too eager and desperate to get married within two months ...Cuz he would be kicked out of the country and then there were many other lies which we found out later.
*people getting their kids married in US specially girls ..make sure you know the family well so that you shouldn't be surprised later to know that person is already married who is supposedly a groom!
* don't trust matrimonial sites ... most of the information is all lie unless you know somebody personally in -between and trust him.
* there are fair chances of divorcees or widower not disclosed so jus keep a check on the age and reason for delay in marriage...
*A very good looking person on matrimonial site.. and not married ?? check and don’t be fooled by attributes.
* Just check the Visa with lawyer to ensure the status so that there are no confusions.
* all references to be checked (work place , company , salary) to see how much truth is there...even if that person gets offended..

...its sad ..but true,
Green card can make anybody greedy and play with your emotions!


Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

i got so many examples..
sad sad and they still say that people in india are not interested in coming abroad .. ha

some will do the lowest to come here


Jack said...


And then we complain that rules for getting citizenship not only in USA but some other countries too are getting tough. I have also come across some youngsters trying to find partner in USA to go there.

Take care

प्रेम सरोवर said...

प्रस्तुति अच्छी लगी । मेरे नए पोस्ट " जाके परदेशवा में भुलाई गईल राजा जी" पर आपके प्रतिक्रियाओं की आतुरता से प्रतीक्षा रहेगी । नव-वर्ष की मंगलमय एवं अशेष शुभकामनाओं के साथ ।

I am associated with propagation of Hindi. Due to this, I have conveyed aobut my new post in Hindi..Thanks.

Rahul Bhatia said...

Harman, this is a nice post to make those aware of the bogey of the lure of green dollars is not what life is all about!

Uma's Culinary World said...

I have heard of such cases..its sad..

The Beautifier said...

It was a good read!I have come across many recent incedents where ppl had stooped to the lowest for coming abroad...they have this weird illusion that foreign countries are filled with trees with dollars/pounds clinging to them...and they'll become a millionaire once they reach here... it's really sick of them to think like that!

Haddock said...

All this boils down to one thing: Get to know your partner well before you take the leap.

Kunwar Kusumesh said...

oh,it's a news to me.

Harman said...

its all Bull Shit...
when they say dat..all immigration agencies are running on these people or illegal they handle those!

Harman said...

@Uncle jack!
I dont blame the country n laws .. its sad thou!

Harman said...

happy new year Sir!
I will surly read your post :)

Harman said...

true! I agree..

Harman said...

I am sure you must have heard!
sad part is people who r educated n reputed do tha same ..conning other people

Harman said...

very true!
..its jus an illusion!life is very hard in western countries!

Harman said...

true and know your options well!

Harman said...

@kunwar kusumesh..:)
glad you know now.