Sunday, December 23, 2012

Delhi high alert (crime and molestation)

..Capital of India is at high alert nowadays .. major area in crime..
most of you know what happened and those of you who don't know check this link out
Indian women sexually harassed by eve -teasing is very common.. lewd remarks ..crowded buses men howling at women is also common.. child abuse is also heard and seen,,, Indian men seem to be sexed up no manners no fear of law ....  .. and laws in india are not hard .. as in western countries ..if caught its serious offence  ..women's rights are very strong..laws are with women..but if we talk about india..laws are there but not implemented ..culprits move very freely with small amount of bribe they are left out...
The girl who had this mishap in Delhi (my heart goes out for her) was left on the road naked...and people dint happen to pick her up or inform police .. today that same public is marching and slogans all over....
Shame ..!!
This Med school student dint know when she climbed the bus what is coming to her.. these guys who raped her ..are Demons ..brutes ..they should be hanged .."hanged to death"no mercy ..
please people stand up and get the justice for the girl.
.. india suffers from
*no fear of law
*dowry system
..its always a worst happening when indian gov gets up ultimately other wise half of the nation is sleeping or copying western world ..  ..
if they want to copy the west ..
copy hard work and working system
copy hiring and firing system
copy the hard laws..
copy.. the super laws made to protect women

Crime happen everywhere in world But ..justice is always there for the victims ..As for in india ..justice  takes years .. and" when justice is delayed. Justice is denied"
I would ask all Delhi Bloggers ..where are you? put your hands up and ask for justice for this girl
reach the media .. help the victim
we need justice..
"hang them to death"

Sunday, December 9, 2012

plunging necklines

plunging necklines .. A rage and style for some but then modesty takes a back door or in other words said as over exposing ..I have seen many times ladies having no hesitation in showing cleavage ..they think its fine and nothing wrong in it ..but there are others who love to go beyond the limitations deep necks front and back giving an impression of wearing a kerchief!... its personal choice BUT should go with personality too..

(Catalogue model)

.. Being in this fashion world business I generally see people following the trend and not looking at their own personalities. Whether it will suit them or not..
one of my customers who often visits me now ..but when first Looked at her ..the first thought came to my mind was " whts wrong with this girl?"
she was wearing a small micro mini with a top which had a plunging neckline .. as she came inn I looked around it was very close to swimming costume.. but I was surprised at her confidence and style ..then after that I met her many times but she was always in same style and plunging necklines .. "Bare Minimum"
One day she came with a boy friend.. and this friend happened to be an Indian ..I looked at the guy whom she introduced to me ..he had cool attitude  making some good choices for her ..but a thought came across my mind indian men are not that broad minded to let their gfs have clothes like bikini and move around.. anyways..
As peggie was in fitting rooms I was talking to him (bf)he said " ya she likes indian stuff and we are kinda getting married .. so visiting india for a short span of time. And she would be wearing a saree there..
I thought "ok ..from bare minimum to fully draped "its a good transformation..
fashion can be anything BUT reflects your personality .. and as well as your character,,
like an mid-age women ..who came to me and got some outfits.. her only demand was necks have to be deep she hates grand-ma style clothes ..I looked at her thought " you will be there(grand-ma) very soon"
she made everything small with deep necks ..
... This was something ridiculous to me .. From indian aunties I don't expect this!!

...This incident was kinda shocking for me..
..two women clad in Arabic dress came to me ... they wanted Dress to be made in certain style ..a very small top and a long skirt with lot of flair .. I looked and finalized the whole order ..we called the bride for trials when dress was half made ...
the mom was not happy she said the top is too long .. it should just cover the bust area that much it should be showing her cleavage and front and back has to be  very deep  too the top should be sleeveless jus very thin straps falling on shoulders so that her beauty bones are clearly seen ...  
we did the same designing as she mentioned ..the blouse was like a handkerchief now.. but the ladies demanded the the front of the neck is still high
I asked them" is this for the ceremony you gonna wear with the veil ?"
she said "no veil jus the skirt and top ".. with flowers.. bu..t I was going to say something then kept quite ..
(how is it possible .. this is too exposing .. naked body front and back no veil .. its weird a complete madness)
she showed me a picture of a model wearing the same dress who was over exposing...
wearing this kind of dress among hundreds of invitees and being a bride ..Its should be graceful not modeling..over-exposing is not modernity its cheapness ..
I was surprised at the mom too who was making not so great choices for her daughter...and following Islam wearing hijabs themselves this was un-expected for me..(I dint like it)
We made the dress as they ordered   same lengths and details and they were happy ..but I was in state of shock for few hours!!  

Anything can  be made but remember one thing .. don't follow the trends follow your own perception and  culture too..not everybody can carry a model look even if you have bodies in zero size.. age matters, race matters and above all your personality and looks ,,
all these models are professionals ..trained by professionals ,, it takes time to get there ..
jus don't follow fashions blindly .. you will end up looking like a fool..
AGE APPROPRIATE  is the key!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Technology boom!

sitting on the dining table and looking around I was little disappointed when .. everyone seem to busy either on iphone or ipad ..or kindle seems like technology has fractured the family is busy reading news on his tablet.. mom is browsing through pictures ..hubby is on iphone checking his mails and last but not the least my younger one who is five yrs playing angry birds on ipad ..
not to forget the older one is watching tv .. no one is interested to talk to each other.. seems like cell and Internet has turned out to be harmful.. my utter disdain this was unexpected ..where are we heading to.. I think I am not only one who has  jumped the shark..
In offices ..web chat at customer service.. it seems ..A  technology boom ..
people say we feel connected to our relatives and friends by technology But I say its everyone seems to be handicapped, do we ever happen to see the humans in actual? Skype is another strong media of talking, one of my friends who recently got engaged in Pakistan is through "Skype ". it was all through chat and seeing each other online.

One teen parent shared with me that she always has to text kids when calling them for dinner downstairs in the dining area as they are very active on texts and they listen better if she texted them to their respective rooms. ..It was kind of amusing for me...... mom needs to smarter now :)Most of the time I see people lost in their messages and texting even while driving..
last week in California one of our cousins had a car crash while texting in car .. the car was total.. But fortunately he is saved,,, the whole bunch of cars hit each other on highway due to this tiny piece (of shit)called cell phone!

smart phones and tablets
.. there were times not long ago when families played .. antakshri or had some fun games in their living room after dinner.. but today smart phones make everyone retire in their beds and browse .. through these phones tablets making best use of them..
..I would like to add here ..there are some benefits too people who dint know about computers have an easy xcess through phones one of our aunts who is 70 yrs .. I see her on Facebook all the time ..sharing her personal stuff with her college friends .. she has every update what is happening around and which online stores are best ..their return policies and how to print coupons online or what's happening next month in the city. She is happy and busy no time to gossip being a mother-in-law..she reads articles of her interest on her ipad .. learns new recipes from you tube ... I am happy to see the transformation ..when first I saw her in 1997 and if I see her today she entirely a different person , intellectual , confident , kind and giving .. thanks to technology I must say!!(in her case)
..Technology has taken us made us like robots..
recently one of my cousins brought a cap with inbuilt head phones this can be attached to your iPhone and you are hands -free ..But I will not be surprised when one day we will see caps with batteries too and men functioning through head gears.. we have already reduced our mobility by .. leaving the pen and pencil.. less walking and more driving.. less of manual work and more of gadgets ..
we are not far from era when ..
food will on table through conveyor belts, clothes will be out of dryers through remotes.. Vacuum is used by robots ( this already came inn).. and we jus need to

interact ..with world through ..but never able to see anyone in actual!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanks giving AND Black friday sales

thanks giving is always fun and full of turkeys wherever you go..I pity the poor bird when officially used to celebrate it baking  for hours.. But then its always the nature has to be balanced .. otherwise it would be an explosion..
I may sound Americanized here but anything which brings happiness and families together there is no harm in celebrating that,I love thanks -giving and I celebrate every year.. Thanks giving reminds me of baisakhi in Punjab which is celebrated in the same way ...
..last night it was fun .. dinner with the relatives from Toronto..Big huge turkey ..with all side dishes and then PUNJABI food later on ..we Punjabis are like that would mix our stuff for sure.. and then midnight shopping ..this year all the major stores opened their door during mid-night .. DEALS DEALS DEALS..
I had marked my exclusive items and the stores to be shopped ..without wasting single penny here n there and jus hitting on bulls eye ...
so like a determined Beaver I landed early morning ..and picked up shoes ..knee length (leather) ..Wow!jus 20 bucks from $50 ... another pair ..from $180 to 70 bucks
another shot .. it was Guess jacket ... a steal deal ..from $200 to $80 .. wow!
..ok now I was moving aimlessly here n there but then I saw  Ralph Lauren ..sweat shirt for my dear hubby on deal .. it was from $180 to $50..super!!!grabbed it ..those who are wondering which store it is ,,,so my lovelies its MACY ..which gave some break to their customers.. those of you who love COACH ..they had  put on clearance for jus $193 from $258 ..But I dint buy cuz its still expensive and it was canvas purse .. whole damn world is carrying same kind ,, so jus left it..
these deals are available till tomorrow ..(if the good stuff is still there)..but its fun shopping in early hours ..
..hope all my friends from north America had great time
happy thanks giving

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

people and behaviour

behavior is something which is seen during adversity when behavior is erratic .. behavior is connected to ego and when ego hurts it reflects grey shades in personality. People loose temper and it unleashes the worst scenario ever thought...

temper is something where very few people have a control on it.. they jus keep in mind "judge not" and take everything in their stride good bad or ugly .. but very few only 10% of general population..
it usually said ..people who are calm and spiritually inclined have more control to their temperament due to hours of meditation.
... Awareness is something which is required to keep in control yourself and others too..

I was at work and a customer stormed inn fuming with anger ..I looked at her calmly
"yes? how can I help you?" ..
she had some issues with her work order.. she wanted a refund..I asked her to read " Company Policy no Refunds "written in bold letters on wall ..
she started yelling.. I need to get my money back....I calmly replied I cannot go against company policy after that her temper took a full swing and slammed the office door ...
"She was an Indian women"
we as Indians have a bad habit of bargaining even at the best of places cuz its in our blood ..this we get from back home (even thou scenario back home has also changed but these people are in time freeze)using and abusing the places..

1)"wear the clothes and return them" get a full refund on the bill
2) abuse the coupons and try using them again n again (shamelessly)
3)try to be a smart Ass in spite of knowing the person you are dealing with is an Indian too..
4) shamelessly requesting to  wave the tax on cash purchases..

..I wont be shy to admit this here most of Indians and Pakistanis are same in habits when it come to abuse the narrate an incident where couple of  Asian (Pakistani)girls after buying stuff started arguing to wave the tax .. on cash purchase ..she yelled at me as I dint tell her that tax has to be paid .. the argument heated up and as a result I had to raise my voice to ask her " do you ask American stores and people working there the same thing? "do you behave the same way?"
she threw the check on my desk and slammed the door ...
I am surprised by behavior ...
... We carry what we had seen in family and culture back home to evade tax, how to abuse the privileges , how to shamelessly ask for half price ... how to  ask for free stuff with purchases ..its in our blood and we cannot improve ourselves ..our currency meter starts in conversion and we end up  in arguments showing worst of our behavior .. its actually we cannot accept  this reality... spending in dollars all we we want is to spend in rupees but earn in dollars everything has to be hunky dory without using an extra penny ,,,
Recently an indian restaurant owner around our areas was held for charges of evasion of tax .. he was watched by IRS from last three years before getting him with a penalty and yrs of imprisonment .. he was trying to be a Smart Ass but unfortunately (for him) bribe doesn't work in US,... it was published in local news paper...

..Why do we do that? why...cant we improve our self??

Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy diwali

Happy Diwali
A festival of lights in India ..which stands for happiness and prosperity all over the world..
Basically its inner light that needs to be turned on enlightenment..
Diwali one of the biggest festivals of india.. shared by all the states in its own form whether its dipawali or bandi chor data (Sikhs) ..its celebrated with colors and crackers.. sparkls all over the place..
I wish all my blogger friends a very happy and prosperous dipawali..
my only request to all of you will be "please feed one hungry kid on this day .."
its a best Diwali gift to anybody and as well service to GOD
rest is all irrelevant


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Great day in AMERICA .. obama re-elected.


 It was a great day in America .. Obama has been reelected ..four more years with good president.. a person with great vision and intellectual qualities .. a class apart. People who had big time doubts that only whites can rule the country ..their dreams are shattered ..
Bush had F****the entire nation AND blame was put on black president.. its a shame .. A guy who helped millions to get a job fact created small jobs so that no one sleeps hungry.. Got the economy out of deep debts .. brought back soldiers from Iraq.. shot Osama -bin laden ..went to his den got him by neck (the movie was premiered in US day before election .)it gave me goose bumps how they tracked him for two yrs.' before finally got hold of him.

...Republicans made lot of noise during the campaign did the supporters.. people who wanted to support Romney was jus as white president more then his intellectual qualities .Paul Ryan another clever Fox in town was nothing but full of lies .. both Romney and Ryan brothers from another mother should now act in Hollywood movies .. their political career is finished .. they made a  fool of themselves by making big claims before even knowing the correct figures .. their track record was one lie per minute( they cud have said more ..but it has a time limit).. At last they had to shut -up and this was from public legally Romney n Ryan .. (enough guys go home now)

..Republican's ..statutory  warning!! ..we have a bench mark .. your candidate has to have more intellectual qualities before making big claims!

..Elections in America is great fun.. nobody discusses political issues at work places whom they would vote or what happened in debate last night but the stress can be seen .. even after vote there is no discussion if nothing happened ..all discussion's are at home I guess in four sided walls democrats or republicans who is better?.. the basic idea is the country should be in good hands .. safe future for our kids.

George Bush A Great man in America F**** the whole economy made all jobs go overseas goin in debts .. real state falling like pack of cards .. people loosing jobs .. houses sold for a $ (Detroit area)whole subs on sale foreclosures. Layoffs .. Chrysler goin bankrupt ,people moving from state to state looking for jobs .. ladies who once had  their own business selling candies door to door!
this talent was shown by our George Bush our great republican (monkey face).and guess what?? he was reelected by trash jus becuz he had white skin.. and no brain wonder we are paying for his deeds till now ..after that  a major attack by terrorists was at twin towers9/11 was like a last nail in the coffin ...A worst president ever.. "A great republican.. however for great supporters of Bush"(dumb people)

I remember one line from our Holy book (guru granth sahib ji) "ethay saacho hi saach nibday"which means its jus truth and truth that will prevail. Nothing else will matter ..and
TRUTH ALWAYS WIN.. its a clear example election nov 7th 2012 ..Obama Won!

Friday, October 26, 2012

illusion ...

 Illusions of happiness is something like a picture above ,,what you actually see is not what exactly it is ..same is happiness in life..
happiness has no limits and boundaries ..people cannot measure happiness ..every person has his own definition of happiness ..fundamentals are different not necessarily what makes us happy will make others happy too..
in the past I met many people (our clients) ..and I learned that not many are happy .. its not money ..its not family ..its not work ..then what makes them happy??
Its the inner satisfaction .. so who is satisfied??
 Jasmine 28 yrs old a physician who came to me to get some bridal stuff six months before ..I met her last week.. she was  tired.. she said" I jus wanna take a retirement ,I m totally exhausted jus wannabe be at home..its too much.. no cooking nothing jus work for two of us" I asked her retirement at the age of 28 .. ?"
she laughed ..I married a cardiologist ..he is working .. I jus want to relax.. have babies and enjoy with kids I m done with medicine n all "
... Rashmi another client .. I met at work ... a mechanical engineer .. working for GM (general motors)
said " I m sick jus sick ..wanna leave this ..and do my own stuff .. have my catering business ..I love cooking ..(she cooks very well ) "I m like what the heck! so many yrs of education and hard work and now when time to earn you guys are totally burned out.."
.. Another example .. I was in school standing there waiting in the hall.. Amy said shelly" you dint go to work??" 
Shelly " its jus same BS (bullshit ) everyday.. I dint know this MBA is actually gonna kick my ass off .."
I m jus waiting for time when I could earn my benefits and spend some time for me"its lot of work
who is happy? when we are young its studies n jus studies .. when we grow up its the career n only career that matters and now when its time to earn we are exhausted many years of studies has burnt everyone
what is important in life happiness ? where do we get happiness .. from money..nope 
from  education ... nope ...from big careers ..nope..
.. if you ask me ..I would say yes .. its monotonous life style..
where are we heading ..?
I believe there is no  fixed formula to  happiness .. its basically Peace n satisfaction ,, which comes from within.. rest is rat race!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DemocratsV/S Republicans

..Today I registered myself for vote..(dint do last year)I had been following debates of Obama and Romney .. looking at their point of view ,, always felt Obama has a reason for everything and he proved to be right showing us what he meant and how it could be done .. I don't want to to get into details of health plan or un-employment rate or deduction in taxes spread all over the channels and news,,(you can read it)
We just want a good ruler for our country .. We had seen lot of sufferings with George Bush .. who couldnt keep the economy stable and the end result was .. there was lot of suffering and people going in for bankruptcy..we definitely don't want Romney to do that he sounds to me a LIAR

we should all know .. the right to vote and vote to right person ..irrespective of caste creed or age..
please people .. vote and register yourself to vote if its not done yet... A better future

God Bless America.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Name brands.

..I am sometimes surprised by these name brands and quality they sell.... its like fainting after hearing the price..
I can write a book on those experiences and people who are crazy after these name brands .. they would click picture on these signatures styles .. ..BUT end of the day quality and only quality matters..
.... I have a denim from Mango ..(European brand) .. cost me a fortune unlike other brands ..I tried at the store the fit was perfect .. but a little itchy fabric ..I thought its new after one wash it will be smooth .. so now after several washes its still same ... that itch is still there,,
Did I pay heavily for that itch?
 A cousin of us who generally believes is living life king size came from Delhi to US for vacation.. I looked at her denims ..nice fit "A name brand ".. and very expensive ..Sitting on my light brown couch I could not understand as my couch turned blue when she got up..?? ..I told her something is wrong maybe with purse or jeans ..the navy blue colored jeans had been showing its true colors even before it was washed ;D ..she was upset she paid some three hundred ($$$)bucks for this designer brand
"yes it was worth the price  .. showing up its true colors".
 Coach purses are a rage in US every-other lady carrying fake or real.. but has to be coach ..even if there is no money to put in that coach purse,, its like to be leading herd of sheep..
.. yesterday at this high end mall I picked up a top in white ..some designer ..with a heavy price tag ..I thought ok lets try it looks good.. but they were closing in 10 mins when I tried it at home ..such weird fitting with a pregnant look ..did I pay for that?

old navy pants which everyone praises for its quality I got one still sitting in my closet ..has absolutely no shape Hopeless!! Its like pajama shape  without drawstring.

...$10 white dress shirt from kmart which I wear till date at work .. has a good fit ..  no name brand.. easy n comfortable.. 
do we really need to show these name brands? or is it the comfort that matters first...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Era has passed. in a world where everything is going at high speed ..looking back it seems like an era has passed....
 sitting on breakfast table today Dad asked " did you see that era when we had jus" Dalda "ghee and pranthas fried in that?(morning breakfast)I smiled and said ..I had eaten that stuff :P and when first time Refined oil was introduced a better and healthier version "postman "brand  people rejected it out-rightly saying has some kinda smell in it and doesn't taste that good :P ... but for health reasons later it was accepted and gradually we had many other cooking oils in the kitchen ..
.... then I had seen those pump stoves which took lives of many women ..was very inconvenient and worked with kerosene oil... those days there were no gas stoves or ranges .. it was "Anghiti "which use to work with charcoal.. (these are antique pieces now)... women used all her strength to make food for family working from scratch... I had seen my aunt who lived in small village doing  lot of work getting up early in the morning starting her day with prayer ..feeding the animals and then heating up the kitchen ...
( today women doesn't believe in cooking )
...  men were given breakfast and they went to fields for farming and work.. life was tough entertainment as televisions or computer had some kind of songs ... people slept early and woke up early.. miles of walking or cycling was natural exercise as if going to gym ..drinking  lots of water kept them hydrated..
...Going to a city was considered a big thing ..and people who came from city behaved like kings in villages ..
some of the old Indian movies depicts everything..
I sometimes feel .. growing up in a city and then traveling with dad all over India I had seen from worst to best...I remember my dad was posted in jodhpur ..(rajasthan) being a desert area where there is scarcity of water... every week there use to be tanker coming to our house to water the lawn and plants .. people from nearby places use to line up outside our house saying "saab thoda paani bhar leen" (sir can we get some water?)water was given to people first and then  lawn was watered and everyone went back happily ... I always wondered why necessity has a scarcity? ... (can humans live without water?)
posted in Mumbai ..flashy lifestyle with lights all over and city of stars ..its was one of its kind .. nothing compared to Delhi where dad was posted earlier..  every place has its own flavor...and smell :P
... small towns like bhuj and kota ..were exceptionally different When I look back and remember Army life spent with dad ..and now living out of the country I feel that was a very short span ..a dream .. like a "baby's day out " but an Era has passed.

Today I m in US where I see everything in abundance ... BUT
scarcity of love in relationships!

God keeps every place balanced I guess!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


I am surprised by these bollywood stars ,, marriage ,divorce then remarry then divorce ..MAN wht the F***
old haggard looks and father of teenage kids getting married to another B**** who is also old .. has been seasoned ..GOSH!!and look at their parents and their statements ..." it s gonna be Manish Malhotra's outfit..its stunning and blah blah blah.."Hello ..will the outfit make a difference? they need to be graceful at this age.. A buddha(old man) marrying a buddhi..(old women).. both of them have been changing partners like anything,,, look at the mature skin...(kareena and saif)
.... Karishma Kapoor ,sister of Kareena Kapoor got divorced ,her husband was an divorcee earlier he married Karishma kapoor (bollywood star) and now he is marrying some other divorcee (Vikram chatwals )wife..vikram chatwal is marrying some blonde now
and this blonde  I assume is again a divorcee...
God!!..wht a confusion... how will they ever face each other in parties ..if  they ever met... AND whos wife is married to whom? getting married again and again FOR WHT?
Its a shame on the name of marriage and the way these people jump in an out of the marriage..

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

..Do looks matter..?part 2

 Sometimes what you see and hear is not exactly as presented it s kinda delusion ..
I generally feel the aggrieved party has some role to play .. before getting hurt .. But case of Raj & kisna everything seemed like kisna was going too fast and took raj for her stride ..but so little I knew .. So I thought of going into more deeper detail knowing why Kisna was so shrewd or is there another person in the picture..

..yesterday I met  that family again...
I asked Raj's mom sitting alone in the porch .. hows everything?
she was little sad and said its all destined I guess ..I dunno why this happened to us.. we are God fearing people..Raj is my only son..I told Raj's mom why don't you talk to girls family back home in India as you come from same town...and this was an arranged marriage.
.. Before moving further with story.. Raj 's parents are not very educated both of them work in a company (night shift)and weekends does catering work from home...  ... Raj is a physio- therapist but right now he has no work is laid-off..
before raj got married ... the parents had high hopes ..thinking one of them will work as both the kids will be professionals so financially they will be Raj's mom can stay at home and help in cooking.. 
but things dint work and girl had her own plans.
... So when I asked Raj's mom talk to kisna's parents she said"..Kisna's Dad says its her wish and we have no say "..But in reality .. they are very poor and her brother had some health issues .. so kisna is sending most of her salary back home .. the same family which was very poor has a better home now and her brother is feeling much better ,,, recently got enrolled in Engineering college... so basically this move she made to get out of the family is to provide shelter and give a better life to her parents and siblings. ... but I said" this could be done here too"she said (rajs mom)she did here too ..sending money back home ..which we dint know .. but then we came to know but still we dint say anything ... but we are her parents too..but it seems its the greed of money that parents have no interest in her personal life .. she is jus 24 yrs and maybe she can remarry  once its all settled back home... according to raj 's mom it seems these dollars helped them a lot.
...I don't know who is wrong here looking at girl (kisna ) and her problems if her family  doesn't have three meals a day .. she maybe right and then  her  sick brother she might need lot of money for his treatment .. and now getting him a professional degree again needs money.. she has sacrificed her own personal life ..its a big thing.....but somewhere I feel when girls get married they have a responsibility towards their in-laws too .. it should be considered as a family too..And people who got him Visa and status .. at-least be obliged .. as this was based on trust.. 
somewhere I feel this could be handled by both partners(husband and wife) in a better way ..and negotiating with each other. ..
it would have kept the family intact...and would have a brighter future...because there is nothing like earning together and helping each other in a family.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Do looks matter?

... I have met this family couple of times.. the son I met ..he's very dark and hefty ...But very pleasant in nature ..kind and courteous ...I met his wife couple of times at first she was very quite and appeared shy to me .

she was working in IT industry as an engineer and came home in the evenings ...I met her but she dint appear pleasant to me.. talking to her mom-in -law one day I asked where kisna is ?? she said" kisna left the house and seem to be not wanting to ever come to this place .. she has her own apartment and job ..she doesn't like us ..I asked what happened ... ?? she said ..she doesn't like my son.. she was kinda little different in attitude .. I asked kisna's mom -in law ..the marriage was her choice?she said yes,, But seems like looking at white skin here in America she despises him now ..
anyways ..I met kisna one day .. she wanted to get some driving lessons and apply for license ..she inquired from me the driving school...I gave her the information ...(driving school run by cops around the corner)..may be everything is okay now I thought... she is happy... But then I came to know she left the house with her baggage .. seems like she wanted to be independent before finally saying good bye..
This family is one of our employees ... and I meet them frequently... when their son had to get married they thought of getting girl from India .. an educated and cultured one, not that American kind .. born n raised here in US ..But this girl was good for two years ..when she was at home but once she got Job and had her money she dint care after that..

Now this guy Raj was trying to improve his looks getting lean ...he is a nice educated person but unfortunately not the killer looks... 
I really feel bad when I see ..he is being rejected on his looks the looks matter that much?
do people change behavior with good/bad looks..
...I asked mom ..the same question... she said" every girl has a dream ..her wants and expectations after marriage,,may be she dint get what she thought of after coming to America "
but then why Ditch? don't get married ... jus wanting to come to US..
why play with other peoples emotions?? do you think this will not come back to you?? .but lemme tell you it will be back in the same way and same form (jus matter of time).. never underestimate others..
"he who looks at everyone from top .. will give a befitting reply one day"

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

110 yrs ...gracefully

 Its a tribute to our Uncle who died at the age of 110 yrs fondly  known as "LALAJi" live a long healthy life is dream t by many of us ..but very few get an opportunity to be that healthy n stay that long to see best of the world and family.,,, seeing all grand kids married and even their kids married .. its well deserved Adieu to family and friends in the end!
 My Uncle aged 110 yrs passed last week ..he was in India ..most of the people who hear this .. ask the first question did he live so long ?? was he bed ridden??
and my answer is "NO" ..he wasn't bed home was taken care by kids and family ...
its unusual to live that long and a healthy life without any heart problems or diabetes or blood pressure or any kind of knee or hip replacement ... to stay good and keep rocking..

My Uncle who passed was Sardar Arjun Singh  he died at ripe age of 110 years ...he lived in small village ..near Amritsar most of the family is settled in New York but he dint have any urge to move out nor did he visit US.. he lived on his ancestral property called" haveli"with his wife and older son and some friends around.. Aunt passed away ..she was around 95 or 98yrs when she died.
I met him(lalaji) couple of years ago He was called "lalaji" by the whole family.. he was very fair .. had long flowing beard with turban in afgani style with a long shirt (kurta) and a chaddar ( sarong kind)  with punjabi crocodile style shoes(crocs) (punjabi jutti)  ..he was a known personality ,,in village and around the area ..had earned lot of respect ... due to his down to earth attitude and humbleness... he had helped people in making hospital  , a school ,and a Gurudwara..for the community.
Lalaji was sick jus six mnths back and was hardly eating anything may be it was an indication ..Family took him to hospital ..Doctors said it coming to end so with few medications he will be there for few months and keep him happy at it an old age... he stopped eating and was on water only ...last few days
he had five kids all of them settled, most of the family moved to US but he said he would stay back .. so as of now the sons are old too so they came to village but the whole lot young crowd is in New york..grand daughter ,grand sons and even their kids,, they have their own businesses but make it a point to be back home every year.. now most of the family is back home for the last rites.
I couldn't go but one member from each extended family has flown back to say good bye to him...
 he lived long healthy life 110 yrs..without any medications or any chronic diseases..
..BUT service to GOD

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blonde moment

..ok this is real life story not any joke or made up kind...and please no offense to anyone..

I love these pretty looking blonde innocent  (dumb) ;) girls.

..A very beautiful blond girl entered my office..a typical blonde with no bleached hair(I can recognize those fake Blondie's) ...looking at her deep blue eyes I asked her" how may I help you?"
she ordered some designer dresses from catalog and I made her order handed her the receipt and told her to come back in two weeks...

after two weeks 

I was at my desk with my glasses ... (I wear contact lenses usually)she came inn and I looked at her "hi how are you?"
she was little hesitant..I looked at her receipt and showed her dresses online to get approval ..she said" where is the other girl I met she was giving me some deal " I was jus gonna say I am the same person but I refrained myself wanted her opinion about me ..she said "I m fine go ahead and order" ... and will come back in two weeks to pick her dresses.

after two weeks

.. she came back I was without glasses this time ..she was happy to see me and said" where were you, there was somebody else last time... I like your way of dealing ..I asked her what happened( I wanted to know her mind)she said" she is little different and you are more pleasant ,its good you are here today"
I was looking... in fact staring at her how can someone be so innocent(dumb)?? .. she smiled looking and got up saying thanks ...It was nice meeting you.

I came home was narrating this episode to my hubby nine year old son sitting next to me said"mom you should have said to that blonde  I m gonna show you a magic today should have removed your glasses and made an unpleasant girl disappear in front of her ... she would be happy  dealing  with you.:P

Trust me its a real life joke!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

shy of being an indian? in US for more then 10 yrs I never felt away from my roots or from our culture ..they are so strongly inbuilt in me ..I can never be a confused personality ..I know who I am and where I come from.. being an Indian I feel proud to be born and raised at a place where Sun rises first and sets first...BUT when I  see people of my mom n dad's age saying" we are not indians .. .." I m taken aback ..even though you are living here in US for over forty years   ..still somewhere there is connection..and what about the looks how can you deny you are not an indian...?
Anyways .. this is not the first couple I met there are many others lady I knew .. I was surprised when she said " No I m an American .. I don't visit india and I have nobody there..But my dear friend ..does that make you an American??
well this is nothing BUT hypocrisy ..every person ..whomsoever he/she might be not necessarily Indian .. should feel proud to disclose his/her identity in real terms (origin of birth)..
there are many instances if I start narrating it would be like no end .. I m surprised by the parents here too ..who sometimes don't bother what the kid is saying or trying to be when they hide their real personalities.. a mom of teenager talking to me and I accidentally asked daughter something in Hindi she stared at me as if I spoke french..and said "I dont know this language ..I jus speak English .. and also I m born and raised here I looked at mom ..she said" no we do speak hindi at home but these kids don't bother I m planning to put her in some "Bal Vihar "classes run by the hindu temple ...
she was actually her daughters statement..
.. then there are parents here too who make it a point to teach kids their mother tongue and try to keep in touch with India taking them to regular vacations...
to my mind this is all in environment we live in ...if we are shy of disclosing our identity .. wht will kids do?
Like I had a business client 
I met him couple of times at work.. to me he appeared to be Spanish ..with his looks and name.. 
I happened to get in conversation with him one-day .. he said he is an "Indian "but the third generation.. he never visited india but his grand parents were Indians and then parents ...were indians too(born and raised in US) ..but they also never visited india ..and he has seen india in Bollywood movies only (with english sub-titles) but knows about its culture and history..and yes he knew exactly where it is located on the globe :)he said proudly
I was glad to hear that ..Good !!..
I tried convincing him to visit india and should see the country personally and not jus movies ...
it doesn't matter what name you keep or what accent you use or even you even change your looks but be proud of your nationality and religion ...

 indian flag

The tri-color flag means
 The top layer this color signifies courage and selflessness. India has a history of brave and loyal freedom fighters. Saffron indicates the strength of this nation and its will to give away all for the benefit of its people. Saffron is also the color of cloth worn by holy men of india since ancient times.

White: the middle layer  this color signifies peace and truth. A nation with diverse ethnic and cultural groups. Rich history, 22 officially recognized languages and more than 300 dialects. Some people think there are only 15 official languages because the language panel on indian rupee banknotes display the denomination of the note in 15 of the 22 official languages of india.

Green: the last layer the color signifies prosperity and fertility. A country ahead in every field and industry. Has names and people known for their achievement all over the world, a country that gives the best brains and population to almost every other nations’ success. A success that isn’t shared by most.

Chakra: the wheel in the center. Very well known as Asoka chakra taken from the Asoka reign pillar signifies justice. The 24 spokes signify 24 hours of a day.

Proud to be An Indian

Thursday, August 16, 2012

anger management..

.. Sure!! ..your temper flares up and you kinda get off the hook like a .. lunatic person many times it happened to you in a year?
did ya ever check??

.. storming to my office a Dame ..with shrunk eye-brows and face like squeezed mango..she yelled,I looked at her and very courteously asked her the reason ..for being mad..
something went wrong with her order and she was kinda  frustrated...
... I told her this can be rectified in a day and everything wud be perfect delivered at her door ..bUT she dint stop ... I had to raise my voice and tell her to leave from my work place as it wud be delivered  to her address tomorrow,,later I regretted for raising my voice ..was very guilty .. even though I wasn't at fault..but my own reaction to the whole situation embarrassed me later..
rather then getting mad why not use the energy to resolve the issue.. in the heat of moment I can understand the anger escalating But what personality do you develop ?
usually its said if you suppress anger it gets into depression and anxiety ..disrupts personal relation ship ..headaches , mental problems and even skin problems helps to determine how stressed  out we are!
there are very few minutes between action and reaction ..if you can control it ,it can actually solve the problem.
anger outburst can  create a bigger problem  then it is..
be a patient listener 
try breathing  exercises .. 
keep your odd thoughts at bay..
listen to more hilarious stuff..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wisconsin Massacre...The sikhs of America...

..its very sad what happened in Wisconsin gurudwara .. a white guy in Gurudwara killing innocent people for no reason... why??
is it hatred ?? is it mistaken identity ...??
 The tragedy in Oak Creek, Wisconsin has put the spotlight on a fascinating, misunderstood religion.

I came to know from relatives and friends early morning on sunday about this shooting heart goes out ..for people who lost their loved ones.
the president of the Gurudwara passed yesterday in hospital ..he was in critical condition,,,

Lt. Brian Murphy, 51, raced to the Sikh temple that was attacked Sunday and was met with nine bullets as he stood face-to-face with the shooter..A national Hero I wud .say our sincere thanks to this brave guy.
..Sikhs have always made their mark  all over America ..I will not be shy here to say the place like Milwaukee where Darshan singh dhaliwal owns many gas stations and 1000 across US and many in milwaukee alone how come sikhs are not known in Wisconsin ?

(darshan sigh dhaliwal right)

In Michigan a major area of construction and properties are owned by sikh (Grewals)named as "Prestigious Singhs"on each property whether its apartments or assisted living or malls.. hundreds of Americans work at these places and know sikhs very well ... how sikhs are not known?

California major farming and export of fruits and dryfruits ..sikhs will be seen .. and many Americans work on these places too ..Didar Singh Bains richest sikh farmers in america!
how come sikhs are not known?

Briefly, what is Sikhism?A monotheistic religion founded in the 1400s in the Punjab region of India, based on the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev and his nine immediate successors. Sikh comes from the Sanskrit for "disciple" or "instruction." Sikhism is now the fifth largest religion in the world, with more than 27 million members, most of them living in Punjab. There are only about 314,000 Sikhs in the U.S., and some 3,000 Sikh families in southeastern Wisconsin, where the shooting took place. 

Every American sikh today is hurting, "That turban has tragically marked us as automatically suspect, perpetually foreign and potentially terrorists."
 its sad!!!
 President Obama has ordered the US flags to be flown at half mast until August 10 to honor the victims of the Wisconsin Sikh temple massacre. He also called for a "soul searching" to find ways to reduce violence in America.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

shock of my life!

its been a long time away from blogs and friends,,, hope you all are doin good ...
I missed many posts my apologies for that..I would definitely make it to that empty space left for me.
...I had been going thorough a very busy phase of my life... some personal stuff then my parents finally migrating to Canada .. so we as a whole family would be close-by now ... my both bros and me ...I havent seen my parents for long its something a dream come true...
I have been going through SATYAMEV JAYATE episodes and being a very sensitive person ..I cudnt sleep whole night thinking about the torch-er a lower class has to face picking up the shit of others... my heart goes out ... I thanked God several times my parents dint do that and I was not born in that class...I left my dinner when I heard all that the guy was narrating and the video shown..
have we progressed? what is the use of these high end malls? those high end cars ...where the filth is in minds much difference ,,in masses n classes ..why?
its sad...
Dad asked me "wht happened to you ?"you look drained out ...I said I cudnt see that they showed...
he said" imagine people who are actually doin it" try to help ...the weaker section..
it was an eye opener in india all my childhood I never knew the reason of hatred to lower class and what work they made them do!!
I am still in shock could one human be so cruel to another!!
"For a country which has been independent for 65 years, it is a matter of shame that we have not yet shaken off the tyranny of caste-based discrimination. Countless people have to live in degrading conditions, children are unable to go to school, employment avenues are closed, and even education does not open bigoted minds. No measure of progress can be true unless the question of people’s equality is factored into it. And we can only be considered a progressive nation when we refuse to accept caste differences."

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

yelling ...??

 some people have double standards or maybe they are fools have no mind of their own..they make mistakes and later instead of rectifying it ..they YELL at others..

..posting vulgar pictures on social networking.. ..with bra and scarf ...and then yelling at guys ..
being vulgar and dirty minds ..wht for?
hello .. if they are vulgar wht are you? showing backless dress upto butt and saying look at my dress from **** designer ..wht do you expect from people?? are they saints?? monk!!
I was going through a friends profile ..where I saw this picture ...
A girls dressed for party in Bra and jeans with scarf (duppatta) wrapped on her shoulders ...below there are almost hundred comments ..vulgar n cheap.. its party in india ..
this girl is yelling at everyone  to their dirty n filthy minds.. I would like to ask her..who is in fault?why did you put this picture? wht do you expect people to say?? 
your profile is your responsibility .. and as far dirty minds are concerned ... a women walking half nude ..people wont respect her on social networking.... this picture is open for everyone ... to see ..why is she complaining??
this girl is telling everyone "I m gonna delete you A******"from my friends list...lmao she should delete her picture first!!
zip it up GIRL you have no right to blame others!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

iRisone photo .

(thats my hubby n his logo)
... Irisone photo a company handled by my husband ,we help in delivering memories and making an ordinary into extra-ordinary ..
We generally deal in pictures and video ... any moment to be captured it  needs a special effort to make it more special and I guess pictures are forever.
we have couple of people hired too but its only we end up doin weekend projects..most of the time ..weekdays only if something more important or something very interesting ... cuz he has his own job during weekdays...
We have a studio for special photo shoots for models and any kind of portfolio ... this studio is a rented place which is full equipped with special lights and backdrops  of different kinds ..has all high end Camera's ,lens and  software's to make it more special...
yes we provide help online ..
..Actually photography was something which I could see my hubby in his childhood albums when he was a kid ..capturing all moments ..he was jus  twelve yrs old ... it was passion for him to learn skills of photography .. learning online ..getting formal lessons .. its been almost 15 yrs now he is so well versed with each pose and correct lighting ..
I always asked him why you dint become a photographer ? his answer was "dad being an engineer would never settle for less ..he said this could be done as hobby .. and then looking technical atmosphere at home where most of the family is in this profession of engineering I decided to be well equipped with my degree which can never be a loss even if my business is not doin well!"
... we generally do video n pictures together for any kind of requirement .. but there have been times I had to go with his camera and did some video alone men's were not allowed...:))
I was little nervous first but he gave me a week's  training at home to make sure it comes out well..."it was girls party"
the video was for jus an hour but I am happy it came out well...and I covered maximum ..later on he edited and made it look like a movie.. magic (amazing!!)
I cannot show you most of good  work here cuz of privacy thing by customers and his website is password protected but jus to show you his piece of ART which I feel so proud of ..his aesthetic sense in IRISONE are couple of them.

(dance programme)
(graduation party)

(baby shower )



(photo shoot)

(a photo shoot ..for a model)

(modelling for a commercial )

birthday party


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I found this beautiful pair of orange sandals ... with jute heels ,the color is sharp I guess but jus cudnt resist buying them...what do you think ? which colors go best with orange?
mustard yellow
olive green
I have a wedding to attend in New York next month I brought shoes ..dress is not yet decided :p
..its always like me ..pick wht you like best and arrange things accordingly later..
help me in color ...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

happiness ...

...sitting on my bed and mirror on the wall  in-front of me I looked ..YUCK my messed up hair n face ... my big wide eyes with kohl liner looked tired and my skin looked little dry with no shine ,,, I thought may be ..its late hrs working and stress past few days made me look terrible,
getting up in my tees n pjs (which I love)I pulled my hair up and cleaned my face ..trying to look fresh,..

is it time flies by? I got married few yrs back ..everyone was WOW! you look good ..blah blah ... n I couldn't believe myself with so many compliments... then when I had my first kid ..people said you have radiant skin..I was more then happy ...then with another kid I got  more positive ..people asked me how do you keep yourself so maintained... my happiness knew no bounds,,, BUT suddenly wht happened??
are we jus habitual of taking compliments ... don't want to accept any kind change,,, it fear of getting old?
...lately I had been very bsy and my schedule had been so upset ... my younger kid demanding attention all the time... N hubby bsy with his work n business it got even worse...
But amidst of all this last night I opened one of the letters from sons(Kevin) school showing up his mark-sheet.. in last quarter.. I was surprised ,,, all A 's and some remarks from the teacher sayin "he is a role model for his peers and a very hard working student in my class .. cheers!!all the best of next yr"
I called Kevin ...who started hiding saying "  my report card is still not satisfactory ?I tried my best mom ".. he was trying to hide under the bed  ;p
I pulled him out hugged him, blessed him... and looking in the mirror I felt so happy satisfied and radiant ...
I guess nothing but happiness matters!!
this makes anybody look beautiful :))

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

reflection... are reflection of your personality ..good bad or ugly ..they show their behavior and upbringing when in public..I sometimes notice moms are busy talking or having couple of drinks without noticing the kid in-front of you is seeing all this when you take a tequila shots or hard drink... what do your kids think?
recently I noticed a women in late forties wearing a small  skirt and tube top at barbeque party ..the older son is like twenty three year old sitting in the same party ... I don't blame mom here neither the kid at one point I think we should wear something agreeable with age no matter even if you carry body  like mallika sherawat (indian dancer) ... 
on other side I noticed a teenagers mom wearing a jump suit where daughter is seventeen year old (she should be wearing jumpsuit) but wearing a decent skirt with top.. ..
then the story after late night parties...
where dirty dancing starts with sexiest moves and .. hot songs ..wht culture is this?
wht are your kids learning... 
I was once at this kind of party when ..I had some nausea due to loud music so went outside to get some fresh air..
I noticed teenagers smooching outside in dark... felt so sick came inside but inside the culture was same ..dirty dancing with vulgar poses ..
I thought may be I am not meant to be here or this is  not what my parents taught me ...that was the last day in that place... 
what we do n behave actually teaches our kids ... we don't need to clarify or repent later.. .
liberal outlook doesn't mean ..wearing less clothes ... smooching in public or dancing with some other partner .. 
its Cheap!
teenage pregnancy or ..drugs or even getting into bad company is result of this ...!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

**beauty skin deep **

beauty is skin deep .....
if this women is intelligent , millionaire and very clear heart-ed does it matter how she looks?
 I need honest opinions :) only

have a great weekend ...!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

the*Winner. always has ups and downs ..A women goes through many things in life ... now you must be thinking why women ? not men...
the reason I said women cuz she is the one who leaves her family and comes to a new family and house where she has to prove her ability and always at giving end ,,mom ,daughter ,sister or wife.
some girls are very strong and come out as winners against odds .. they have lot of patience ... 
they are determined and they keep trying ..keeping a low profile focused on their work jus keeping all negative thoughts at bay.
I met her in one wedding ..she is an top executive in a company .. I had heard about her before but dint knew until I met her.
...standing quietly in a business suit ..( I think she jus arrived from airport)..I said "hi" to her ...
she is my aunts friend .. they studied together in india ..then got married and came to US... she had masters degree in english...back home...
when she came to US it was a whole lot new atmosphere ..and then living with in-laws who were not very humble and always expected one or the other thing from her .. cooking ,cleaning  and then keeping the family happy...proving to be a good daughter -in law...
I came to know they gave her hard time at home ... and sometimes situations are not in favor too..
Then she tried to get an entry level job in one of the IT firms ... it was to make an extra income and get a break from home.. fortunately the family agreed...
She was very new ,hard to get an American accent .. so it took her some time to adjust on this temporary position( the lady had gone on maternity leave) she was on customer support..
... in few months she picked the accent and it worked really well... they moved her to another group ..and gave her some training in IT ...improving her skills... 
She showed some good results .. always quite and focused on work home she took care of everything in the morning ..goin to work and helping everyone ... after a year or so the company  told her to start with college some courses to get a better position in the management ... they would help her in college tuitions  and all.. 
She started with college ,working part-time  and then living up-to everybody expectation at life became even tougher but this thought of making big was her motivation in life and it would be better with little more income plus it gave her some identity and some importance at work.
she finished her college and she was in management ..after almost four to five yrs of her work. ..she was at managerial position ..But there is one thing about this women I would say here perseverance and her dignity she never left ... she was handling major programmes now,
... There were few courses she did again some kind of programming she learned .. a constant urge to upgrade her knowledge and skills ..But now she had a strong footage in that company ... in few yrs she was at directorial position ... 
At home things took a turn -in law was surprised by her confidence and hubby who was doin some business in real-estate took advantage of her contacts and made business flourish..
she was now very successful  in her career ... Then came a major turning point when another  company offered her a president position now she was so well versed had her hands on major decisions so she made a counter offer of some percentage of her shares in the company ..which they agreed and now in California she is at one of the highest positions ... in the company
today her kids are on a verge of getting married ... a daughter as lawyer is hired by her own company and son as engineer is also working there...
in -laws cant stop praising her ( same egative people)..she settled all her relatives in India and abroad ..helped everyone financially ..even friends ... 
today when I see her I can't imagine this was a simple girl from a small city made it so big and such a pride for the family ...
do we still wish we had sons? 
girls are no less jus need an opportunity ..I am sharing with you all this because those who are disheartened please take a break and go to work may be an opportunity is waiting for you.