Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Detroit river.
..its like good time of the year,spent with friends and families ,and best part is the parties where you get to meet some friends far n close..
all year around we have certain experiences and incidents  which is hard to forget...this time of the year we share with our friends that some are so hilarious that they make others laugh too..
...one such incident ...
This friend of us from Toronto (Canada) came for the party ... this yr and shared his ticket incident with us ...
Driving from Toronto (Canada)to Michigan (USA)which is four hours drive ...otherwise Canadian border to US is jus twenty five minutes drive,its that close!! Detroit river sets them apart .Its amazing to stand at this side of the river to see Canada on other side.
ambassador bridge
river walk(this side of Canada)

...Now this guy who was coming from Toronto couldn't reach to the party as everyone was curious and wanted to know where he was and 
as promised why he dint show up?
 he shared his experience..
he was over-speeding  by fifty miles per hour at a certain stretch.. and came to know only when he was  surrounded by two police cars as he was driving too fast.. when the cop asked him reason for driving so fast ..he dint know what to say ..and made an excuse immediately that his parents sitting behind ,his father is having pain in heart ..so he wanted to make sure he reaches hospital before its too late. 
Hearing this the cops assured him his father would be alright they would take care of that and called emergency vehicle immediately ... in few seconds paramedics reached on highway and immediately put his dad on stature ..the dad was staring at son with anger not sayin anything to save his skin...
Soon Dad was in the hospital and they told the son ...it will take a day as they have to undergo all the tests to ensure stability...sitting there in the hospital he dint know whom to call and  what to say.. so they had to wait patiently ...
It took overnight and all test were done...everything came negative and he was fine...they said they couldn't find any apparent reason as such for the pain ..and he was discharged from hospital.
The cops were informed too by the hospital authority,so this guy he got a ticket of $200 for over- speeding...and later in mail got hospital bill of $900 ...for all the lab work done and stay-in hospital SO all together a bill of 1100 in a day for a lie which he says he said accidentally..
...Later on when he brought his father home ..his dad was so pissed off for the lie he said and dint talk to him properly , a day wasted for no reason and above all a bill of $1100 straight out of his pocket!

 :) lesson learnt..Never tell a lie specially if laws of the country are that hard!
happy holidays ...and no drunk driving!


Uma's Culinary World said...

this place is so beautiful.. am definitely going to visit..

quite an expensive lie .. i feel sorry for his father who had to go through all those unnecessary tests..

Harman said...

yes I agree... no doubt ..that dad will be pissed off..
n come to Michigan Canton,,, we will take you to visit all these sight seeing s...its very close to my house..
happy holidays!!

Rahul Bhatia said...

Thanks Harman, for sharing! These episodes teach us a lesson not to lie and invite more trouble!

Renu said...

very expensive lesson he must have learnt...most of the time lies turn out like that..

Jack said...


To hide one lie, one has to tell another leading to a web of lies in which one eventually gets caught. Thanks for sharing this to show how one can land up with much more trouble on telling a small lie.

Take care

Bikramjit said...

true .. he wud have been better off telling the truth, he lied and got penalised nad made his dad go through all that.

beautiful place .. I read your reply above .. Can i come too :)


AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...


Tomz said...

Fruits of lie are certainly bitter. lesson learnt

Harman said...


Harman said...

@rahul..yes..one lie is like.. creating a web for ourself!

Harman said...

True..expensive lie ..and wastage of time!

Harman said...

@jack ..
so true uncle!
I can get you!
happy new year!

Harman said...

lolxx..I can see those smiles!!

Harman said...

very true!

dheerendra said...

आपने सही कहा सुंदर अहसास बेहतरीन..पोस्ट
नए साल की शुभकामनाए .......

मेरे पोस्ट के लिए --"काव्यान्जलि"--"बेटी और पेड़"-- मे click करे

A said...

That is so bad. Well honestly he deserved a bill of 1100 or more. Sorry I am so negative. But I am against people speeding to start with and that is a sick excuse.

Happy Holidays Harman :))

SM said...

thanks for sharing experience.
hope this happens in India

The Beautifier said...

Poor dad had to bear the brunt of his son's mistake! That was indeed an expensive lie!